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The Fairy Mythology
Author: Thomas Keightley
ISBN: 1365619788
Pages: 562
Year: 2016-12-18
View: 800
Read: 962
The Fairy Mythology - The World Guide to Gnomes, Fairies, Elves, and Other Little People. A great collection of folklore regarding fairies from all over the world. "The book looks at fairy traditions from across the globe: Scandinavia, the British Isles, Germany, with folklore tales and the histories behind legends of such mythic creatures as the Kobolds, Korrigans, and the beloved brownie. For a true fairy enthusiast, folklore buff, this makes an excellent additional to any folklore collection." "One of the most researched and trustworthy sources of information on global folklore."
The Athenaeum
Year: 1847
View: 1151
Read: 1169

The Athenæum
Year: 1847
View: 1098
Read: 459

General Catalogue of Printed Books
Author: British Museum. Dept. of Printed Books
Year: 1965
View: 1000
Read: 451

A Bibliography of the Writings in Prose and Verse of George Henry Borrow
Author: Thomas J. Wise
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1532769865
Pages: 214
Year: 2016-04-17
View: 335
Read: 927
The object of the present Bibliography is to give a concise account, accompanied by accurate collations, of the original editions of the Books and Pamphlets of George Borrow, together with a list of his many contributions to Magazines and other Publications. It will doubtless be observed that no inconsiderable portion of the Bibliography deals with the attractive series of Pamphlets containing Ballads, Poems, and other works by Borrow which were printed for Private Circulation during the course of last year. Some account of the origin of these pamphlets, and some information regarding the material of which they are composed, may not be considered as inopportune or inappropriate.Notice: This Book is published by Historical Books Limited ( as a Public Domain Book, if you have any inquiries, requests or need any help you can just send an email to [email protected] This book is found as a public domain and free book based on various online catalogs, if you think there are any problems regard copyright issues please contact us immediately via [email protected]
The Phonology of Norwegian
Author: Gjert Kristoffersen
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 0198237650
Pages: 366
Year: 2000
View: 502
Read: 456
A the end of the fourteenth century, Norway, having previously been an independent kingdom, became by conquest a province of Denmark and remained so for three centuries. In1814, as part of the fall-out from the Napoleonic wars, the country became a largely independent nation within the monarchy of Sweden. By this time, however, Danish had become the language of government, commerce, and education, as well as of the middle and upper classes. Nationalistic Norwegians sought to reestablish native identity by creating and promulgating a new language based partly on rural dialects and partly on Old Norse. The upper and middle classes sought to retain a form of Norwegian close to Danish that would be intelligible to themselves and to their neighbours in Sweden and Denmark. The controversy has gone on ever since. One result is that the standard dictionaries of Norwegian ignore pronunciation, for no version can be counted as 'received'. Another is that there has been considerable variety and change in Norwe
Årskatalog over norsk litteratur
Year: 1902
View: 539
Read: 871

The Horse, the Wheel, and Language
Author: David W. Anthony
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 069114818X
Pages: 568
Year: 2010-08-15
View: 709
Read: 753
Roughly half the world's population speaks languages derived from a shared linguistic source known as Proto-Indo-European. But who were the early speakers of this ancient mother tongue, and how did they manage to spread it around the globe? Until now their identity has remained a tantalizing mystery to linguists, archaeologists, and even Nazis seeking the roots of the Aryan race. The Horse, the Wheel, and Language lifts the veil that has long shrouded these original Indo-European speakers, and reveals how their domestication of horses and use of the wheel spread language and transformed civilization. Linking prehistoric archaeological remains with the development of language, David Anthony identifies the prehistoric peoples of central Eurasia's steppe grasslands as the original speakers of Proto-Indo-European, and shows how their innovative use of the ox wagon, horseback riding, and the warrior's chariot turned the Eurasian steppes into a thriving transcontinental corridor of communication, commerce, and cultural exchange. He explains how they spread their traditions and gave rise to important advances in copper mining, warfare, and patron-client political institutions, thereby ushering in an era of vibrant social change. Anthony also describes his fascinating discovery of how the wear from bits on ancient horse teeth reveals the origins of horseback riding. The Horse, the Wheel, and Language solves a puzzle that has vexed scholars for two centuries--the source of the Indo-European languages and English--and recovers a magnificent and influential civilization from the past.
Aarskatalog over norsk litteratur
Year: 1901
View: 502
Read: 425

My Name Is Knoph
Author: Olaf Bull
Publisher: FlokkPress
ISBN: 8299934710
Pages: 126
Year: 2014-12-22
View: 409
Read: 617
Scandinavian Nordic Noir and Norwegian crime novels are very popular in the English speaking world. The bestselling Norwegian author Jo Nesbø has received the most excellent reviews in The New York Times Book Review. We will introduce to the crime lovers a Norwegian crime classic, which has inspired the best modern Scandinavian crime authors. The author of this classic is Olaf Bull. He is said to be the Norwegian Edgar Allan Poe. Olaf Bull was also a famous poet. Like Agatha Christie’s brilliant detective Hercule Poirot, we have here his Norwegian counterpart. Our detective, like Poirot, solves crime by the use of his mind. Embezzlement and a murder have taken place in Kristiania in the beginning of the 20th century. Welcome to the dark and cold streets in Norway’s capital.
An Introduction to Norwegian Dialects
Author: Olaf Husby
Publisher: Tapir Academic Press
ISBN: 8251923409
Pages: 108
Year: 2008
View: 486
Read: 836

Teutonic Mythology
Author: Jacob Grimm
Pages: 1887
Year: 1888
View: 1078
Read: 1050

Acoustical Analysis and Perception of Tonemes in Some Norwegian Dialects
Author: Knut Fintoft
Pages: 342
Year: 1970
View: 528
Read: 1223

Norsk bogfortegnelse
Year: 1912
View: 920
Read: 897

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