Vermisst Monika Trautners Erster Fall Rother Bergkrimi Book PDF, EPUB Download & Read Online Free

Author: Irmgard Braun
Publisher: Bergverlag Rother GmbH
ISBN: 3763301151
Pages: 224
Year: 2016
View: 646
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Liam Pratzke ist verliebt, aber seine Angebetete ist nach einem Kletterkurs spurlos verschwunden. Ein Unfall? Selbstmord? Hat der Bergführer etwas damit zu tun? Die Polizei hat die Suche aufgegeben, aber Liam verfolgt weiter Susis Spuren in den Tannheimer und Ammergauer Bergen und macht sogar einen Kletterkurs für Fortgeschrittene, obwohl er vom Klettern keine Ahnung hat. Seine Großmutter Monika Trautner lehrt ihn die Grundlagen – und zeigt dabei Eigenschaften, die man kaum von einer älteren Dame erwartet hätte.
Author: Irmgard Braun
Publisher: Bergverlag Rother GmbH
ISBN: 3763301453
Pages: 231
Year: 2017
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Die kletternde Seniorin Monika Trautner wird wieder als Detektivin engagiert: Bei einem Fest in einem Wochenendhaus am Tegernsee wurde Oliver Baudel ermordet. Der begeisterte Kletterer war gerade zum Geschäftsführer einer Outdoor-Ladenkette ernannt worden. War der Mörder ein Konkurrent in der Firma? Ging es um das Erbe seiner todkranken Mutter? Oder um Olivers bildhübsche Freundin Nicole? Und wie ist die Kletterin Dora in den Fall verstrickt, mit der Oliver viel Zeit am Fels verbrachte? Um Klarheit zu gewinnen, schleust sich Monikas Enkel Liam bei „Outdoorfun“ ein. Schnell bekommt er erste Einblicke. Dann verfehlt ihn bei einem Kletter-Fotoshooting am Gardasee um Haaresbreite eine Steinlawine: Galt sie ihm? Oder Nicole? War es Zufall oder hat Dora sie ausgelöst, die mit Nicole zerstritten ist? Monikas Ermittlungen unter Olivers Bekannten in der Kletterszene führen sie unterdessen in die bayrischen Berge, in den Frankenjura und in die Dolomiten. Immer wieder stößt sie auf neue Fragen, immer tiefer wird sie in die Verstrickungen gezogen – bis sie in den Bergen angeschossen wird. Ihr ist klar, dass sie dem Täter dicht auf der Spur sein muss. Monika beschließt, ihm eine Falle zu stellen – und enthüllt schließlich ein tragisches Drama um Besitzgier, Leidenschaft, Hass und Neid – und Liebe.
Of Louisiana Blood
Author: L. D. Ridgley
Publisher: L.D. Ridgley
ISBN: 0981473547
Pages: 358
Year: 2009
View: 1066
Read: 208
Two evil men surface in the same area, years apart, unknown to each other, yet connected by the same goal--kill Nathan Hawk.
The Ascent
Author: Ronald Malfi
Publisher: Medallion Media Group
ISBN: 1605422622
Pages: 376
Year: 2010-09-01
View: 959
Read: 1282
Having lost himself in extreme sports since the death of his wife, sculptor Tim Overleigh joins a team of men bent on climbing the Godesh Ridge in Nepal in order to stop his downward spiral, only to find what was supposed to be a journey based in Tibetan mysticism to be an experiment in terror.
Costa Blanca
Author: Gill Round
Publisher: Bergverlag Rother GmbH
ISBN: 3763348379
Pages: 160
Year: 2013-10-01
View: 801
Read: 1195
Introduces 50 routes which include details of the cultural history and reveal culinary delights. This walking guide features a fact-file of the important information, a detailed walk description, a small map showing the line of the route and an easy-to-read height profile, for each walk introduced.
Author: Roger Büdeler
Publisher: Bergverlag Rother GmbH
ISBN: 3763348212
Pages: 157
Year: 2003
View: 338
Read: 470
The Spanish Central Pyrenees in the province of Huesca form perhaps the most multifaceted mountain and valley landscape of the entire Pyrenees. The heart of this hiking region is Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park, which was added to the World Cultural Heritage list by UNESCO in 1997. It offers hikers an enormous bounty of striking natural images, with its fantastic canyon valleys and mountain basins, directly adjacent to high-lying plateaus studded with flowers, rolling mountain chains and the wildly deformed limestone masses of the three-thousand metre mountains, with Monte Perdido as the outstanding summit destination. Just as fascinating and varied are the neighbouring valleys around Benasque and Panticosa. Countless mountain lakes, mighty granite peaks, bizarre limestone chains and romantic mountain meadows dominate the scenery, as does the prominent glacier massif of Maladeta in the Posets-Maladeta Natural Park, with its Pico de Aneto as the highest peak of the entire Pyrenees range. The diversity of the countryside is matched by a variety of hiking options: Isolated valley paths, challenging summit climbs, panoramic bridle paths, airy ledge belts and impressive canyon tours invite walkers to discover and enjoy a mountain terrain that has remained largely unscathed by mass tourism and its consequences. In 50 routes, this walking guide offers a selection of walks which does justice to the unique countryside, while taking into consideration the various needs and abilities of hikers.
GTA Grande Traversata Delle Alpi
Author: Iris Kürschner
Publisher: Bergverlag Rother GmbH
ISBN: 3763348395
Pages: 256
Year: 2012-12-03
View: 353
Read: 351

Fast and Loose
Author: Stuart Woods
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0399574212
Pages: 368
Year: 2017-04-18
View: 1209
Read: 921
In this explosive thriller from #1 New York Times–bestselling author Stuart Woods, Stone Barrington’s newest foe has a short fuse...and it’s just been lit. Stone Barrington is enjoying a boating excursion off the Maine coast when a chance encounter leaves him somewhat the worse for wear. Always able to find the silver lining in even the unhappiest circumstances, Stone is pleased to discover that the authors of his misfortune are, in fact, members of a prestigious family who present a unique business opportunity, and who require a man of Stone’s skills to overcome a sticky situation of their own. The acquaintance is fortuitous indeed, for as it turns out, Stone and his new friends have an enemy in common. He’s the sort of man who prefers force to finesse, and who regards any professional defeat as a personal and intolerable insult. And when Stone’s sly cunning collides with his adversary’s hair-trigger-temper, the results are sure to be explosive...
The Stranger
Author: Melanie Raabe
Publisher: Text Publishing
ISBN: 1925410404
Pages: 320
Year: 2017-10-02
View: 744
Read: 1047
A fast, twisty read for fans of Paula Hawkins and Gillian Flynn.’ Booklist on The Trap She doesn't know him. But he knows everything about her. Philip Petersen, a wealthy businessman, disappears without trace on a trip to South America. His wife, Sarah, is left to bring up their son on her own. Seven years later, out of the blue, Sarah receives news that Philip is still alive. But the man who greets her before a crowd of journalists at the airport is a stranger—and he threatens Sarah. If she exposes him, she will lose everything: her house, her job, her son...her whole beautiful life. Melanie Raabe began her working life as a journalist but secretly wrote books by night. Her debut novel, The Trap, was an international bestseller. Her second, The Stranger, remained on Der Spiegel’s bestseller list for almost six months when it was first published in 2016. ‘Another unsettling and slippery psychological thriller that keeps you guessing up to the last page.’ Readings ‘The tables turn and turn again, while the reader’s trust in the narrator’s credibility is tested to the max.’ Sydney Morning Herald on The Trap ‘The fear is palpable... You’ll be engrossed every step of the way.’ Better Reading ‘Raabe cleverly sets up her story, inserting twists and red herrings so that the reader is kept guessing until the final, staggering reveal. Flawlessly translated from German by Imogen Taylor, this page turner is even better than Raabe’s debut.’ BookMooch
Prescription for Abuse
Author: Dana Fitzgerald, Jr.
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1492993050
Pages: 406
Year: 2013-09-13
View: 1032
Read: 219
Toronto is now highlighted in the news, with everyone focusing on the mayor, his drug use, and addictive tendencies. It seems nothing ever changes. This is a story about the drugstore cowboy craze that exploded in Toronto from 1972-1986. With a lot of insane acts and scams, this is a hilarious look at what was considered a normal method to get drugs. It describes a young boy's journey from a normal suburban lifestyle to an enforced existence he did not deserve, a move that changes his outlook on life, and irrevocably alters his family situation forever. A productive drugstore cowboy, his tales border on lunacy, with a super-sized side order of madness. These tales are based on real stories, with the names changed to protect the guilty. Addiction and moxy got them inside pharmacies, while insanity got them out. Full of life, the book satirizes sanity, while each page spoofs the sublime. Full of crazy stunts, this narrative is funny and thought provoking as it examines both sides of the street, and discovers many similarities. Addiction is universal; sobriety is one detox away from retox.
The Devil
Author: Ken Bruen
Publisher: Minotaur Books
ISBN: 1429965002
Pages: 288
Year: 2010-08-31
View: 812
Read: 792
America—the land of opportunity, a place where economic prosperity beckons: but not for PI Jack Taylor, who's just been refused entry. Disappointed and bitter, he thinks that an encounter with an overly friendly stranger in an airport bar is the least of his problems. Except that this stranger seems to know much more than he should about Jack. Jack thinks no more of their meeting and resumes his old life in Galway. But when he's called to investigate a student murder—connected to an elusive Mr. K—he remembers the man from the airport. Is the stranger really who he says he is? With the help of the Jameson, Jack struggles to make sense of it all. After several more murders and too many coincidental encounters, Jack believes he may have met his nemesis. But why has he been chosen? And could he really have taken on the devil himself? Suspenseful, haunting, and totally unique, The Devil is Bruen at his very best.
Penn State Altoona
Author: Lori J. Bechtel-Wherry, Kenneth Womack
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 0738565997
Pages: 127
Year: 2009
View: 404
Read: 397
Founded in 1939, Penn State Altoona began its life as the Altoona Undergraduate Center, owing its genesis to an inspired group of local citizens who built, financed, and nurtured the college through the economic woes of the Great Depression, an enrollment collapse engendered by World War II, and the rise and fall of the region's railroad fortunes. After relocating to the site of an abandoned amusement park in the late 1940s, Penn State Altoona enjoyed a rapid postwar growth spurt that culminated in 1997 with its newly minted charter as a four-year college in the Penn State University system. Using lively period photographs from the school's archives, Penn State Altoona chronicles the school's transformation into a flourishing teaching and research institution of national acclaim.
The Snow Empress
Author: Laura Joh Rowland
Publisher: Minotaur Books
ISBN: 1429991208
Pages: 304
Year: 2008-11-04
View: 592
Read: 1249
Japan, 1699: On a moonlit night on the northern frontier island of Ezogashima, a woman is running through the forest when an arrow strikes her dead. Meanwhile, in the city of Edo, the young son of Sano Ichiro, the samurai detective who has risen to power in the shogun's court, vanishes during a moon-watching festival. When one of Sano's political rivals hints that the boy was kidnapped—and may be in Ezogashima—he and his wife, Reiko, begin a desperate journey to find their son...only to discover that the local ruler, Lord Matsumae, is holding the entire province hostage for another crime: The murder of his mistress. So Sano strikes a deal: He will solve the mistress's murder if Matsumae will free the hostages and return his son. Soon, however, Sano and Reiko find themselves caught up in a dangerous scheme that includes clan warfare, bitter jealousy, and murderous betrayal as they race to unravel the mystery of THE SNOW EMPRESS, from acclaimed author Laura Joh Rowland.
The End of the World in Breslau
Author: Marek Krajewski
Publisher: Melville House
ISBN: 1612191789
Pages: 304
Year: 2013-04-30
View: 391
Read: 692
The second installment in the darkly intelligent series that The Independent called “As noir as they get.” 1927, Breslau, Poland: Two elaborate and sadistic murders are discovered within days of each other. The body of an unknown musician, bound and gagged, is found behind a false wall in a shoemaker’s workshop. The victim had been sealed in alive. Elsewhere in the city, the horrifically mutilated body of a locksmith is found. Next to each victim is a torn-out calendar page, with the day of the death marked in blood. Nothing else seems to connect the cases. It falls to Criminal Councillor Eberhard Mock to solve the case, the mystery taking him still further into the Breslau underworld he knows only too well. Meanwhile, his hard-drinking nocturnal habits soon threaten his volatile marriage, and prompt some strange behavior from his wife ... and before long, Mock and his team will be investigating not only two of the grisliest murders in the city’s history, but the councillor’s own wife. From the Hardcover edition.
Change Leadership in Higher Education
Author: Jeffrey L. Buller
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118762037
Pages: 272
Year: 2015-01-12
View: 469
Read: 1143
Initiate innovation and get things done with a guide to the process of academic change Change Leadership in Higher Education is a call to action, urging administrators in higher education to get proactive about change. The author applies positive and creative leadership principles to the issue of leading change in higher education, providing a much-needed blueprint for changing the way change happens, and how the system reacts. Readers will examine four different models of change and look at change itself through ten different analytical lenses to highlight the areas where the current approach could be beneficially altered. The book accounts for the nuances in higher education culture and environment, and helps administrators see that change is natural and valuable, and can be addressed in creative and innovative ways. The traditional model of education has been disrupted by MOOCs, faculty unions, online instruction, helicopter parents, and much more, leaving academic leaders accustomed to managing change. Leading change, however, is unfamiliar territory. This book is a guide to being proactive about change in a way that ensures a healthy future for the institution, complete with models and tools that help lead the way. Readers will: Learn to lead change instead of simply "managing" it Examine different models of change, and redefine existing approaches Discover a blueprint for changing the process of change Analyze academic change through different lenses to gain a wider perspective Leading change involves some challenges, but this useful guide is a strong conceptual and pragmatic resource for forecasting those challenges, and going in prepared. Administrators and faculty no longer satisfied with the status quo can look to Change Leadership in Higher Education for real, actionable guidance on getting change accomplished.