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Author: Ari Bach
Publisher: Harmony Ink Press
ISBN: 1627987185
Pages: 330
Year: 2014-02-13
View: 632
Read: 800
2nd Edition Valhalla: Book One Violet MacRae is one of the aimless millions crowding northern Scotland. In the year 2330, where war is obsolete and only brilliant minds are valued, she emerges into adulthood with more brawn than brains and a propensity for violence. People dismiss her as a relic, but world peace is more fragile than they know. In Valhalla, a clandestine base hidden in an icy ravine, Violet connects with a group of outcasts just like her. There, she learns the skills she needs to keep the world safe from genetically enhanced criminals and traitors who threaten the first friends she’s ever known. She also meets Wulfgar Kray, a genius gang leader who knows her better than she knows herself and who would conquer the world to capture her. Branded from childhood as a useless barbarian, Violet is about to learn the world needs her exactly as she is. 1st Edition published by Ari Bach: August 2010, March 2012.
Author: Newton Thornburg
Publisher: Diversion Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 1626817502
Pages: 337
Year: 2015-04-07
View: 377
Read: 496
"A born storyteller." —ST. LOUIS POST DISPATCH In the dystopian future, the government has collapsed, cities are burning, and roving gangs, called Mau Maus, are marauding across America. A drifter named Walter Stone finds refuge at a lakeside camp, where the survivors of a plane crash have met up with other refugees, and are struggling with a constantly changing cast of leaders, as well as limited supplies. Across the lake stands Valhalla, a house, well supplied with food and ammunition, where a junkman and his daughters live. The goal is to take control of Valhalla. The obstacles are certain death across the lake, roving bands of killers threatening the camp, and a way of life that is quickly slipping away.
Author: Jennifer Willis
Publisher: Jennifer Willis
Pages: 349
Year: 2011-04-24
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The fate of the world as we know it rests in the hands of an unwitting teenage witch and her overweight cat. In present-day Portland, the Norse gods are alive and well, and hiding in plain sight: Odin is a high school principal, blustering Thor is about to lose his job as a photocopier repairman, and the Norns are operating a psychic hotline—and they and their kin are on the hunt for the newly reincarnated World Tree as they try to prevent Ragnarok. At the same time, sixteen-year-old Sally Dahl is casting rune spells to bring about a better, happier planet, but she instead triggers the return of the legendary Berserker warriors—and their bottomless junk food cravings. When Sally finds herself the victim of her own magick, she inadvertently teams up with a power-grabbing minor deity, Managarm, who wants to capture the Tree for himself and assert his dominion over all. Can Odin rely on a new generation of Vikings—including a marching band and a biker gang—for help? Can Sally fix her magickal mistakes in time to thwart Managarm’s plan—before the Berserkers eat Voodoo Doughnuts out of business?
Author: Nathan Archer
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 147110883X
Pages: 288
Year: 2012-10-02
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Tensions caused by speculation that Cardassia is about to reoccupy Bajor are complicated by the arrival of a strange alien ship. When it's discovered that the crew is dead and the ship is carrying valuable Gamma-quadrant technology, it becomes a sought after prize, which Commander Sisko must fight to keep out of Cardassian hands. Meanwhile, Sisko also finds himself at odds with Major Kira, who believes the ship is Bajoran property. When the alien ship suddenly seizes control of Deep Space Nine™, and the Cardassians move in to try to capture it, Sisko must face off against a shipload of angry Cardassians -- and the alien being controlling Deep Space Nine!
Author: Tom Holt
Publisher: Orbit
ISBN: 0316233439
Pages: 288
Year: 2012-09-04
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As everyone knows, when great warriors die, their reward is eternal life in Odin's bijou little residence known as Valhalla. But Valhalla has just changed. It has grown. It has diversified. Just like any corporation, the Valhalla Group has had to adapt to survive. Unfortunately, not even an omniscient Norse god could have prepared Valhalla for the arrival of Carol Kortright, one-time cocktail waitress, last seen dead, and not at all happy.
Author: Paul Rudnick
Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc
ISBN: 0822220210
Pages: 76
Year: 2004
View: 273
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THE STORY: VALHALLA intertwines two stories: the life of Ludwig of Bavaria, the 1880s Mad King responsible for building a series of storybook castles inspired by Wagnerian operas, and the fictional adventures of James Avery, a wild Texas teenager o
Secrets of Valhalla
Author: Jasmine Richards
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062239112
Pages: 320
Year: 2016-01-19
View: 1296
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"Readers will clamor for more, especially those who loved Rick Riordan’s Norse-themed The Sword of Summer.” --ALA Booklist Two friends awaken a world of myth and magic in this epic middle grade fantasy perfect for fans of Rick Riordan and Anne Ursu. It’s not every day that you find a famous weatherwoman bound by magic to a tree deep in the woods. Or discover that the weatherwoman is in fact Sunna, the Norse Goddess of the Sun, and one of the seven day guardians who keep time in order. But that’s just what happens to new friends Buzz and Mary—and it’s only the start of their adventure. Now, as the people of Earth are forced to repeat the same Saturday over and over again, Buzz and Mary must journey to collect the Runes of Valhalla and awaken the other day guardians, before vengeful god Loki can get to them first.
Valhalla Rising
Author: Clive Cussler
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101204206
Pages: 720
Year: 2002-07-30
View: 162
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Marine explorer Dirk Pitt must rely on the nautical lore of Jules Verne to stop a ruthless oil baron with his sights set on political power in this #1 New York Times-bestselling series. In the middle of its maiden voyage, a luxury cruise ship using revolutionary new engines suddenly catches fire and sinks. Its alarms stay silent; its sprinkler system remains inactive. Nearby NUMA special projects director Dirk Pitt notices smoke and races to the rescue. He's too late to save the engineer behind the ship's new technology, but helps the man's daughter, Kelly Egan, escape with her father's work in a leather briefcase. While Ms. Egan strives to uncover the hidden value in her father's inventions, Pitt is hired on by maritime insurers to investigate the wreckage. Neither are prepared for the mechanical marvels they'll soon be forced to confront. The machines could only be the stuff of legend, described in the tales of Viking explorers or the accounts of Jules Verne. And they may be Pitt and Egan's only hope when an oil tycoon with a plan of his own appears on the scene. Before journey's end, Pitt will take on a power-mad millionaire, tread upon territory previously known only to Verne's illustrious Captain Nemo, and make shocking discoveries about his own past.
The Beasts of Valhalla
Author: George C. Chesbro
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1504046501
Pages: 325
Year: 2017-10-31
View: 325
Read: 1240
A detective takes on mad scientists when a D&D fantasy world turns deadly in this “ thrilling combination” of “not-quite-science-fiction and suspense” (Playboy). With a genius IQ, a past career as a circus acrobat, and a black belt in karate, criminology professor Dr. Robert Frederickson—better known as “Mongo the Magnificent”—has a decidedly unusual background for a private investigator. He also just so happens to be a dwarf. When Mongo’s sister asks him to investigate the death of his nephew, Tommy—the victim of an apparent murder-suicide—the private detective soon learns that everything’s tied to the computer game Tommy and his friends created: an elaborate quest based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. The clues send Mongo on a cross-country journey, from a painful visit to his former hometown in Nebraska and back to New York, then on to the rugged coastline of California’s Big Sur and, ultimately, the frozen depths of the Arctic Ocean, where a mad genius will stop at nothing to achieve total Armageddon. Grounded by his completely original private detective Mongo, author George C. Chesbro “writes wonderfully strange mystery novels” (Boston Sunday Herald). The Beasts of Valhalla is the 4th book in the Mongo Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.
For Magnus Chase: Hotel Valhalla Guide to the Norse Worlds
Author: Rick Riordan
Publisher: Disney Electronic Content
ISBN: 1484785991
Year: 2016-08-16
View: 1089
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So you've made it to Valhalla. Now what? This "who's who" guide to the gods, goddesses, and other important figures of Norse mythology was commissioned by Helgi, who, after more than a millennium as manager of Hotel Valhalla, became fed up with answering the same questions from newly deceased heroes at check-in. The profiles provide essential stats, interviews, and personal reflections so you can identify the gods and avoid those awkward introductions. Handy facts about other beings round out this go-to tome. You'll never see Ratatosk as a cute little rodent or confuse a dwarf with an elf ever again!
Tales of Valhalla
Author: Martyn Whittock, Hannah Whittock
Publisher: Pegasus Books
ISBN: 1681778467
Pages: 288
Year: 2018-09-04
View: 662
Read: 638
A vivid retelling of Norse mythology that explores these legendary stories and their significance and influence on the Viking world.
From Asgard to Valhalla
Author: Heather O'Donoghue
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 0857730436
Pages: 232
Year: 2008-09-30
View: 253
Read: 494
Whether they focus on Thor's powerful hammer, the wailing Valkyrie, the palatial home of the gods - Asgard - or ravenous wolves and fierce elemental giants, the Norse myths are packed with rowdy incident. But at the centre of their cosmos stands a gnarled old ash tree, Yggdrasil, from which all distances and times are measured. When the old tree creaks, Ragnarok - the end of the world and of the gods themselves - is at hand. It is from this tree that Odin, father of the gods, hanged himself in search of the wisdom of the dead: a disturbing image of divine sacrifice far removed from the feasting and fighting of his otherworld home, Valhalla. And an image so problematic for thirteenth century Christians that they left it out when they wrote the myths down. From Asgard to Valhalla is the first book to show how and why the Norse myths have so powerfully resonated from era to era: from Viking-age stories of ice and fire to the epic poetry of Beowulf; and from Wagner's Ring to Marvel Comics' Mighty Thor. Heather O'Donoghue, who is an expert on Old Norse culture, shows in what ways the Norse myths have impacted on the western mind, across the fields of literature, art, music and politics. She considers the wider contexts of Norse mythology, including its origins, medieval expression and reception in post-medieval societies right up to the present. From Asgard to Valhalla is a book that will intrigue and delight anyone who is keen to understand how the Norse myths have so profoundly shaped, and continue to shape, the western cultural heritage.
Tales of Valhalla: Norse Myths and Legends
Author: Martyn Whittock, Hannah Whittock
Publisher: Pegasus Books
ISBN: 1681779129
Pages: 288
Year: 2018-09-04
View: 1003
Read: 860
A vivid retelling of Norse mythology that explores these legendary stories and their significance and influence on the Viking world. Valhalla and its pantheon of gods and heroes have always fascinated readers, whether it is how these tales illuminate the Viking world or influence cultural touchstones like J. R. R. Tolkien, whose Middle Earth is heavily indebted to Germanic and Norse mythology, as well as Hollywood and comic-culture. In Tales of Valhalla, the Whittocks have dramatically retold these rich stories and sets them in context within the wider Viking world. Including both myths—stories, usually religious, which explain origins, why things are as they are, the nature of the spiritual—and legends—stories which attempt to explain historical events and which may involve historical characters but which are told in a non-historical way and which often include supernatural events—Tales from Valhalla is an accessible and lively volume that brings these hallmarks of world literature to a new generation.
Invitation to Valhalla
Author: Mike Whicker
Publisher: Walkure
ISBN: 0984416021
Pages: 492
Year: 2010-04
View: 878
Read: 1202
An amateur HAM radio operator intercepts a garbled shortwave transmission that indicates the Gestapo's top henchman is coming to America to kill Erika Lehmann, the Nazis' top spy.
Highgate Cemetery
Pages: 111
Year: 1984
View: 154
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