Unthinkable The Detective Jane Candiotti Series Book 4 Book PDF, EPUB Download & Read Online Free

Author: Clyde Phillips
ISBN: 1611098114
Pages: 316
Year: 2013
View: 490
Read: 1259
On a blustery San Francisco day, six strangers take shelter inside a popular neighborhood restaurant never imagining they have only minutes left to live. The gunman is merciless, and the ensuing carnage is the worst the city has witnessed in decades. It is a random act of violence no one could have foreseen. Unless it wasn t random at all. Pregnant with her first child, homicide lieutenant Jane Candiotti is under strict doctor s orders to take it easy. But when a mass shooting claims the life of her teenage nephew, all bets are off. Jane will go to any lengths to bring down the monster who did this even enlisting the help of a dangerous ex-con. And when she uncovers a chilling connection between the shooting and a decades-old murder case, she knows she cannot stop until the final horrifying piece of the puzzle falls into place. "
Fall from Grace
Author: Clyde Phillips
ISBN: 1611098122
Pages: 373
Year: 2013
View: 675
Read: 1293
While investigating the murder of an heiress in San Francisco, Homicide Inspector Jane Candiotti has an affair with the main suspect, the woman's husband. The romance clouds her perception--true he did not do it, but he knows who did.
The Detective
Author: Roderick Thorp
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1497680948
Pages: 600
Year: 2014-12-02
View: 769
Read: 1001
In this bestselling book that inspired the hit movie by the same name, starring Frank Sinatra, an apparent suicide forces a PI to reconsider his most famous case Joe Leland returned from World War II with a chest full of medals, but his greatest honor came after he traded his pilot’s wings for a detective’s shield. Catching the Leikman killer made Joe a local hero, but the shine quickly wore off, and it wasn’t long before he left the police force to start his own private agency. Years after his greatest triumph, Joe has a modest income and a quiet life—both of which may soon fall apart. When Colin MacIver dies at the local racetrack, the coroner rules that he took his own life, but his widow knows better. Because MacIver’s life insurance policy doesn’t cover suicide, his wife is left broke, desperate, and afraid for her safety. She hires Leland to find out who could have killed her gentle, unassuming husband—a simple question that will turn this humble city inside out.
The Man Who Turned Both Cheeks
Author: Gillian Royes
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1451627440
Pages: 464
Year: 2012-12-04
View: 1153
Read: 671
PICTURESQUE AND IMPOVERISHED Largo Bay is the background for this explosive novel about love and fear, the second in Gillian Royes’s mystery series featuring Shad, a Jamaican bartender-detective. With the arrival of Joseph, estranged son of Eric, the bar’s owner, hopes for the village’s future come alive but are soon to be threatened. Janna, who has returned to the island, falls for Joseph’s good looks and charm, but she isn’t the only one with an eye for this mysterious man. As questions about Joseph’s sexuality arise, Shad struggles with protecting the survival of his beloved birthplace amid the deeply ingrained culture of intolerance that surrounds him. What it means to be a man and a father raises questions within the bartender’s own home, as his longtime love, Beth, pressures him to make a commitment. In a land where religion is strong, but life is cheap and violence is often the answer, what will it take for Shad to protect Eric and his family? In this truth-telling sequel to The Goat Woman of Largo Bay, the village must confront its own darkness or lose a bright future.
Gold of Our Fathers
Author: Kwei Quartey
Publisher: Soho Crime
ISBN: 1616958049
Year: 2017-03-07
View: 1314
Read: 631
Darko Dawson, Chief Inspector in the Ghana police service, returns in this atmospheric crime series often compared to Alexander McCall Smith's The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency novels. Darko Dawson has just been promoted to Chief Inspector in the Ghana Police Service--the promotion even comes with a (rather modest) salary bump. But he doesn't have long to celebrate because his new boss is transferring him from Accra, Ghana's capital, out to remote Obuasi in the Ashanti region, an area now notorious for the illegal exploitation of its gold mines. When Dawson arrives at the Obuasi headquarters, he finds it in complete disarray. The office is a mess of uncatalogued evidence and cold case files, morale is low, and discipline among officers is lax. On only his second day on the job, the body of a Chinese mine owner is unearthed in his own gold quarry. As Dawson investigates the case, he quickly learns how dangerous it is to pursue justice in this kingdom of illegal gold mines, where the worst offenders have so much money they have no fear of the law.
Dead in the Water
Author: Peter Tickler
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 151735935X
Pages: 220
Year: 2015-09-14
View: 355
Read: 343
A BODY FOUND IN THE WATER EXPOSES DARK FAMILY SECRETS AND INFIDELITY "The best mystery I've read this year. Doug Mullen is a brilliant character. I loved the Oxford setting, and the clever story kept me guessing till the end." Chris Child A gripping British mystery full of twists and turns Private detective Doug Mullen discovers a body floating in the River Thames. He doesn't tell the police that he knows who it is, and when he is hired to investigate the dead man, matters get very complicated. Mullen is used to tracking down cheating husbands, not ruthless killers. The victim turns out to have been playing a complex game of deception with more than one woman. As Mullen gets closer to tracking down the killer, he finds himself in grave danger. Unless he can crack the case, Detective Inspector Dorkin may pin the crime on him, or those with secrets to hide may put him out of circulation. Mullen fights for his life as this fast-moving mystery reaches its stunning conclusion. If you like Angela Marsons, Colin Dexter, Ruth Rendell, or Mark Billingham you will be gripped by this compelling crime fiction writer. DEAD IN THE WATER is the first in a new series of detective thrillers featuring Doug Mullen - ex-army, ex-runaway, struggling human being - and recently set up as a private detective, with his only work coming from tracking down cheating husbands. PAST PRAISE FOR BEST-SELLING AUTHOR PETER TICKLER 'He has a wonderful gift of creating geographically factual settings for his fictional characters' -Oxford Times 'Deliciously thrilling and wildly unpredictable' - Oxford Today
Author: Sariah Wilson
Publisher: Montlake Romance
ISBN: 1503949362
Pages: 320
Year: 2018-01-16
View: 238
Read: 973
"You've done better." With one uncharacteristically sassy tweet to her longtime celebrity crush, Zoe Miller's life turns upside down. Ultrahot A-lister Chase Covington doesn't just respond to Zoe's tweet, he does the unthinkable: he messages Zoe directly. Now she must decide between walking away or meeting her crush in person. Chase knows better than to trust anyone from the Internet, but Zoe's saucy challenge has totally caught his interest--and her girl-next-door personality is keeping it. He's been burned enough to know he needs to keep his heart close. But his feelings for Zoe might be a lot more than just an online flirtation. He just has to convince her... When the press gets wind of Zoe and Chase's secret relationship, their romance turns into tabloid headlines. Will they be able to hold on to their Hollywood love story?
Author: Clyde Phillips
Publisher: HarperTorch
ISBN: 0380817632
Pages: 384
Year: 2001-05-29
View: 963
Read: 997
When a vengeful parolee begins to murder their fellow officers, police officers Jane Candiotti and Kenny Marks must put their own plans aside to save their friends and end the madman's rampage.
Author: Clyde Phillips
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061032123
Pages: 368
Year: 2004-06-29
View: 941
Read: 544
Taking on a high-profile case involving the murder of San Francisco's most beloved philanthropist, homicide lieutenant Jane Candiotti wonders if the case may be related to one involving a murdered homeless man. By the author of Blindsided. Reprint.
The Crook Factory
Author: Dan Simmons
Publisher: Mulholland Books
ISBN: 0316213470
Pages: 560
Year: 2013-02-05
View: 674
Read: 825
It's the summer of 1942, and FBI agent Joe Lucas has come to Cuba at the behest of the Director to keep an eye on Ernest Hemingway in the Caribbean. Lucas thinks of it as a demotion-a babysitting job for a famous writer who has decided to play spy, assembling a team of misfits including an American millionaire, a twelve-year-old Cuban orphan, a Spanish jai alai champion and more in a would-be espionage ring Hemingway dubs the "Crook Factory." But when Hemingway uncovers a critical piece of intelligence that both threatens his life and endangers the political landscape, the fate of the free world and the life of one of its most preeminent writers lies in the hands of the FBI's most ruthless agent.
A Darkness Descending
Author: Christobel Kent
Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd
ISBN: 0857893270
Pages: 300
Year: 2013-03-08
View: 385
Read: 917
THE FOURTH INSTALMENT IN THE SANDRO CELLINI SERIES: a dark, unsettling psychological mystery set in a Florence mired in crisis. When Niccolò Rosselli, the driven, charismatic leader of a Florentine political movement, collapses at a rally, his young party immediately comes under threat. And when it emerges that his long time partner, Flavia, has disappeared, leaving behind not only a devastated husband but their newborn son, the political becomes dangerously personal - and Sandro Cellini is drafted in to investigate. The trail leads to a tired sea-side town and a modest hotel, where Flavia chose to end her life. But Cellini isn't satisfied - why would one so young and with so much to live for, walk away from all she loves? As he digs into Flavia's secret world, however, Sandro uncovers the hidden life of a woman consumed with private passions and a deadly, dark obsession. And as the private and public realms intersect, he cannot forget that life in modern Italy has a perilous edge - fuelled as much by rage as desire.
The Goat Woman of Largo Bay
Author: Gillian Royes
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1451627424
Pages: 320
Year: 2011-09-27
View: 1218
Read: 1237
The Goat Woman of Largo Bay begins the detective series featuring Shad, a bartender in a fishing village in Jamaica, who is the community problem solver and right hand of Eric, an American who owns the bar and a hotel left in ruins by a hurricane. When Shad sees movement on the island offshore, he thinks it’s just a goat. But it turns out to be Simone, an American who has run away from her professional and personal life in the U.S., an intriguing woman who captures Eric's heart. Always keeping his ear to the ground, Shad discovers that a gunshot heard near Simone’s place late one night isn’t exactly friendly fire, but tied to a plot to harm Simone and ultimately manipulate local elections. But why does someone want to harm Simone? And what does she have to do with the elections? Only Shad can find out. An irresistible character is born in The Goat Woman of Largo Bay and Royes wonderfully blends suspense and the soul of the islands in this smart debut.
The Enduring Flame
Author: Denise Robins
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN: 1444782274
Pages: 128
Year: 2013-10-17
View: 606
Read: 955
A sweeping tale from the original Queen of Romance, originally published in 1929 and now available in eBook for the first time. Joanna is distraught when Richard leaves. It is difficult to be brave, knowing he is returning to his wife. The decision seemed right; but alone now, she writhes in the torment of separation. The vast wastes of snow and spruce stretch out into the black of the moonless Arctic night and Joanna loses herself in the overwhelming expanse... Suddenly, a sled pulls up to the cabin and stops. A man in furs jumps off and shakes back the hood to reveal a face that Joanna once knew... a face that now makes her heart beat faster in terror.
Mexican Americans in Los Angeles
Author: Alex Moreno Areyan
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 0738580066
Pages: 127
Year: 2010
View: 1023
Read: 1163
Mexican Americans established and nurtured the foundation, fiber, and fabric of Los Angeles since the first pobladores arrived in 1781. Pride in family, work, community, and religion coalesces into their legacy from East Los Angeles to the San Fernando Valley to the port areas of Wilmington and San Pedro. Men and women of Mexican heritage comprised 47 percent of Los Angeles County's Latino population in the 21st century. The modern Mexican American saga is embodied in the success of Congressman Edward Roybal, Congresswoman Lucille Roybal Allard, dynamic civic leader Dionicio Morales, and Los Angeles County supervisor Gloria Molina. Labor leader Cesar Chavez instilled passion and hope, while prizefighters Art Aragon, Paul Gonzalez, and Oscar De La Hoya and actors Anthony Quinn, Katy Jurado, Ricardo Montalban, and Edward James Olmos provided inspiration. The city's first Mexican American mayor in more than a century, Antonio Villaraigosa, was elected in 2005. This book is a distillation of a proud people's contributions to, and achievements in, a great city.
Death By Beauty
Author: Gabrielle Lord
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0733627854
Pages: 400
Year: 2012-08-28
View: 867
Read: 535
A ‘vampire’ is stalking the streets, attacking beautiful young women; some are murdered days later, others aren’t touched again. Gemma Lincoln, PI, begins to see a pattern and predicts which woman will be targeted next. But can she convince the police to take action? Meanwhile, at the salubrious Sapphire Springs Spa, a cosmetic surgery clinic that boasts the latest breakthrough in the search for eternal youth, clients are experiencing sudden onset depression and worse. Is the exclusive clinic involved in a lethal cover-up? While dealing with this brutal case, Gemma finds that her ex, Steve Brannigan, the father of her son Rafi, desperately needs her help. He is facing career destruction from a woman who also wants Gemma dead. As she moves closer to discovering the appalling truth about the murders, Rafi and Steve disappear. Confronting a mother’s worst nightmare, Gemma realises what she is prepared to do to save her son... In DEATH BY BEAUTY Ned Kelly Award winner Gabrielle Lord shows that beauty may be skin deep but evil is rotten to the bone.

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