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Tief im Herzen und fest an der Hand
Author: Anna Jakob, Klara Lenzen, Sigrid Frank
Publisher: Anika Flieger-Hinrichs
ISBN: 3837045250
Pages: 320
Year: 2008
View: 363
Read: 682
Dieses Buch erzhlt die ergreifenden Geschichten dreier Mtter, deren Erstgeborene zwischen der 29. und 41. Schwangerschaftswoche tot zur Welt kamen - als sogenannte "Sternenkinder." Bewusst offen, gefhlvoll und eindringlich schildern diese Mtter ihre Erlebnisse und sehr persnlichen Sichtweisen und bieten damit anderen Betroffenen - und nicht nur ihnen - auf vielfltige Weise die Mglichkeit, sich in den Erzhlungen wiederzufinden. Die Eltern von Sternenkindern" sind nicht alleine - das ist die Botschaft der Autorinnen an ihre Leser. Sie mchten zudem Mut und Hoffnung fr die Zukunft geben, denn jede von ihnen hat mittlerweile ein Folgekind, obwohl keine von ihnen unmittelbar nach der stillen Geburt ihres Kindes daran glauben konnte. Unzensiert und ehrlich berichten sie ber ihren schmerzvollen und steinigen Weg durch die Trauer. Und davon, dass es durchaus mglich ist, mit einem Sternenkind TIEF IM HERZEN bewusst zu leben, ohne die Hoffnung auf eine Zukunft mit einem Folgekind FEST AN DER HAND aufgeben zu mssen. Ein Buch von Betroffenen fr Betroffene! Ja, man muss weinen - sehr viel sogar - auch wenn man selbst keine Totgeburt hatte. Das Buch erzhlt sehr ehrlich, schonungslos offen und eindrcklich, drei Schicksale, von drei unterschiedlichen Frauen, die ein schreckliches Erlebnis verbindet und die sich offenbar durch diese Gemeinsamkeit auch als Freundinnen gefunden haben. Gleichzeitig macht das Buch Mut, es nach einer Totgeburt, trotzdem noch mal zu versuchen, mit allen ngsten und natrlich auch allen Hoffnungen, die dazu gehren. Saskia Schring, ZDF-Redakteurin: Die drei Autorinnen haben es geschafft, jede hat ihr Schicksal unterschiedlich verarbeitet, ohne ein Blatt vor den Mund zu nehmen, erzhlt jede auf ihre eigene Weise, was ihr widerfahren ist und vor allem, wie sie und das Umfeld reagiert haben. Man ist geschockt, emprt, gerhrt und leidet und hofft mit, erkennt aber auch, das ganz normale Leben in diesen Erfahrungsberichten wieder. Ein
Alle Dinge sind im Herzen
Author: Ryokan (Meister)
ISBN: 3451065797
Pages: 157
Year: 2013-02
View: 464
Read: 435

Author: C. C. Hunter
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1250044618
Pages: 400
Year: 2014-10-28
View: 947
Read: 430
When a deadly virus forces Della to be reborn, she is bonded to the vampire Chase, despite her attraction to shapeshifter Steve, and meanwhile her latest case reveals shocking secrets about her father.
Help, Comfort, And Hope After Losing Your Baby In Pregnancy Or The First Year
Author: Hannah Lothrop
Publisher: Da Capo Press
ISBN: 0786729929
Pages: 144
Year: 2009-04-13
View: 582
Read: 874
Through her own experience with miscarriage as well as through the voices of other parents who have suffered the devastation of their baby's death, psychologist Hannah Lothrop guides parents through the experience of bereavement, from shock and disbelief to renewal and growth. This warm, insightful book also provides specific information for caregivers: hospital staff, clergy, relatives, or counselors. Thoughtful questions throughout help readers assess their emotions and identify their needs, and an extensive list of resources provides additional sources of support.
Crow Mountain
Author: Lucy Inglis
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 0545904080
Pages: 368
Year: 2016-05-31
View: 484
Read: 517
A sweeping tale of love, legacy, and wilderness set between the present day and 1867 in the dramatic landscape of modern-day and territorial Montana. While on a trip to Montana with her mom, British teen Hope meets local boy Cal Crow, a ranch hand. Caught in a freak accident, Hope and Cal take shelter in a cabin, where Hope makes a strange discovery in an abandoned diary. More than a hundred years earlier, another British girl--Emily--met a similar fate. Her rescuer, a horse trader named Nate. In this rugged place, both girls learn what it means to survive and to fall in love, neither knowing that their fates are intimately entwined.
Taking Chances
Author: Molly McAdams
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062267671
Pages: 464
Year: 2012-10-16
View: 1182
Read: 726
Her first year away is turning out to be nearly perfect, but one weekend of giving in to heated passion will change everything Eighteen-year-old Harper has grown up under the thumb of her career marine father. Ready to live life her own way and to experience things she's only ever heard of from the jarheads in her father's unit, she's on her way to college at San Diego State University. Thanks to her new roommate, Harper is introduced to a world of parties, gorgeous guys, family, and emotions. She finds herself being torn in two as she quickly falls in love with both her new boyfriend, Brandon, and her roommate's brother, Chase. Despite their dangerous looks and histories, both men adore Harper and would do anything for her, including taking a step back if it would mean she'd be happy.
The Christmasaurus
Author: Tom Fletcher
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 1524773328
Pages: 384
Year: 2018-10-23
View: 1046
Read: 1092
Why settle for a pony or a puppy for Christmas when you could have a dinosaur? A rollicking adventure from singer-songwriter and YouTuber Tom Fletcher. Once upon a time--long, long ago, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth--an egg rolled away from its mother and landed in the ocean, where it froze solid and stayed peacefully for thousands of years. Then one day Santa and his elves discover the frozen egg, and Santa sits on it to see if it will hatch. But he can't guess what's inside. . . . A dinosaur! Meanwhile, a young boy named William Trundle has only ever wished for one thing for Christmas: a dinosaur! So when Santa accidentally gives William the real Christmasaurus instead of a stuffed replica, it's the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! Until an evil man known as the Hunter decides a dinosaur will be the perfect addition to his collection. A wild and hilarious adventure ensues. An instant Christmas classic!
Look at Me
Author: Mareike Krügel
Publisher: Text Publishing
ISBN: 1925626393
Pages: 288
Year: 2018-02-26
View: 195
Read: 947
Katharina’s husband isn’t coming home for the weekend—again—so she’s on her own. When their chaotic daughter Helli has a nosebleed, Kat has to dash off to school to pick her up. Then their son, Alex, announces he’s bringing his new girlfriend home for the first time. Kat’s best friend from college is coming around tonight too, and she’s wondering if she should try to seduce him—but first she needs to do the shopping, the vacuuming and the laundry, deal with an exploding clothes-dryer, find their neighbour’s severed thumb in the front yard and catch a couple of escaped rodents. When she’s got all that sorted, perhaps she’ll have time to think about the thing she’s been trying not to think about—the lump she’s just found in her breast. Because you can’t just die and leave a huge mess for someone else to clean up...can you? And wasn’t there supposed to be more to life than this? Mareike Krügel lives in Schleswig-Holstein with her husband and their two children. She has received numerous literary awards, including the Friedrich Hebbel Prize. Look at Me is her fourth novel, and the first to be translated into English.
The Wise Heart
Author: Jack Kornfield
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0553905058
Pages: 448
Year: 2008-04-29
View: 665
Read: 345
You have within you unlimited capacities for love, for joy, for communion with life, and for unshakable freedom—and here is how to awaken them. In The Wise Heart, one of the leading spiritual teachers of our time offers the most accessible and illuminating guide to Buddhism’s transformational psychology ever published in the West. Trained as a monk in Thailand, Burma, and India, Jack Kornfield experienced at first hand the life-changing power of Buddhist teachings: the emphasis on the nobility and sacredness of the human spirit, the fine-grained analysis of emotion and thought, the precise techniques for healing, training, and transforming the mind and heart. In contrast to the medical orientation of most Western psychology and psychiatry, here is a vision of radiant human dignity, and a practical path for realizing it in our own lives. The Wise Heart is the fruit of a life’s work that includes such classics as A Path with Heart and After the Ecstasy, the Laundry. Filled with stories from Kornfield’s Buddhist psychotherapy practice and portraits of remarkable teachers, it also includes a moving account of his own recovery from a violence-filled childhood. For meditators and mental health professionals, Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike, The Wise Heart offers an extraordinary journey from the roots of consciousness to the highest expression of human possibility. From the Hardcover edition.
The History of Bees
Author: Maja Lunde
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501161393
Pages: 352
Year: 2017-08-22
View: 717
Read: 1181
“Imagine The Leftovers, but with honey” (Elle), and in the spirit of Station Eleven and Never Let Me Go, this “spectacular and deeply moving” (Lisa See, New York Times bestselling author) novel follows three generations of beekeepers from the past, present, and future, weaving a spellbinding story of their relationship to the bees—and to their children and one another—against the backdrop of an urgent, global crisis. England, 1852. William is a biologist and seed merchant, who sets out to build a new type of beehive—one that will give both him and his children honor and fame. United States, 2007. George is a beekeeper fighting an uphill battle against modern farming, but hopes that his son can be their salvation. China, 2098. Tao hand paints pollen onto the fruit trees now that the bees have long since disappeared. When Tao’s young son is taken away by the authorities after a tragic accident, she sets out on a grueling journey to find out what happened to him. Haunting, illuminating, and deftly written, The History of Bees joins “the past, the present, and a terrifying future in a riveting story as complex as a honeycomb” (New York Times bestselling author Bryn Greenwood) that is just as much about the powerful bond between children and parents as it is about our very relationship to nature and humanity.
Stress-Free Parenting in 12 Steps
Author: Christiane Kutik
Publisher: Floris Books
ISBN: 0863159710
Pages: 96
Year: 2012-10-25
View: 335
Read: 392
When a child is born parents feel on top of the world, but stress and exhaustion can soon take over, leaving nerves frayed. In this concise, practical book Christiane Kutik highlights twelve simple steps for bringing some peace, composure and enjoyment back into everyday family life. She bases her approach on providing a solid underlying structure to family life, with clear roles, rules, routine and respect. She goes on to show how your family can grow together through incorporating enjoyable rituals, being responsive to your children, giving them the support they need and the space to develop their own abilities. She discusses ways to introduce moments of calm and spiritual connection into everyday life. She also stresses the importance of parents trying to make a little time for themselves to reflect on life and relax. This is a book written specifically for parents with no time and little energy -- short, easy-to-absorb and easy-to-implement steps to quickly improve family life.
Things We Know by Heart
Author: Jessi Kirby
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 006229945X
Pages: 304
Year: 2015-04-21
View: 652
Read: 322
In this unforgettable novel, Quinn Sullivan falls for the recipient of her boyfriend’s donated heart. Printz Award winner John Corey Whaley calls it “not just a love story, but one with a ferocious pulse.” After Quinn’s boyfriend, Trent, dies in an accident their junior year, she reaches out to the recipients of his donated organs in hopes of picking up the fragments of her now-unrecognizable life. But whoever received Trent’s heart has chosen to remain silent. The essence of a person, Quinn has always believed, is in the heart. If she finds Trent’s, then in a way, she will still have a piece of him. Risking everything to get closure once and for all, Quinn goes outside the system to track down nineteen-year-old Colton Thomas, whose life has been forever changed by this priceless gift. But what starts as an accidental run-in quickly develops into something more, sparking an undeniable attraction. She doesn’t want to give in to it—especially since he has no idea how they’re connected—but the time Quinn spends with Colton makes her feel alive again. No matter how hard she’s falling for Colton, though, each beat of his heart reminds her of all she’s lost . . . and all that remains at stake. Perfect for fans of Sarah Dessen, this unique and emotional story about an unexpected bond between two strangers will leave no heart untouched.
The Challenge of Marriage
Author: Rudolf Dreikurs
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 113505861X
Pages: 300
Year: 2013-08-21
View: 665
Read: 272
First Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
Creepy & Maud
Author: Dianne Touchell
Publisher: Fremantle Press
ISBN: 1921888962
Pages: 220
Year: 2012-10-01
View: 1237
Read: 798
Hilarious and heartbreaking, Creepy & Maud charts the relationship between two social misfits, played out in the space between their windows. Creepy is a boy who watches from the shadows keenly observing and caustically commentating on human folly. Maud is less certain. A confused girl with a condition that embarrasses her parents and assures her isolation. Together Creepy and Maud discover something outside their own vulnerability — each other's. But life is arbitrary; and loving someone doesn't mean you can save them. Creepy & Maud is a blackly funny and moving first novel that says; 'You're ok to be as screwed up as you think you are and you're not alone in that.'
Words in Deep Blue
Author: Cath Crowley
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 1101937661
Pages: 288
Year: 2017-06-06
View: 674
Read: 430
“One of the loveliest, most exquisitely beautiful books I’ve read in a very long time. . . . I didn’t just read the pages, I lived in them.” —Jennifer Niven, New York Times bestselling author of All the Bright Places A beautiful love story for fans of Jandy Nelson and Nicola Yoon: two teens find their way back to each other in a bookstore full of secrets and crushes, grief and hope—and letters hidden between the pages. Years ago, Rachel had a crush on Henry Jones. The day before she moved away, she tucked a love letter into his favorite book in his family’s bookshop. She waited. But Henry never came. Now Rachel has returned to the city—and to the bookshop—to work alongside the boy she’d rather not see, if at all possible, for the rest of her life. But Rachel needs the distraction. Her brother drowned months ago, and she can’t feel anything anymore. As Henry and Rachel work side by side—surrounded by books, watching love stories unfold, exchanging letters between the pages—they find hope in each other. Because life may be uncontrollable, even unbearable sometimes. But it’s possible that words, and love, and second chances are enough.

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