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Wedding Band
Author: Alice Childress
Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.
ISBN: 0573617694
Pages: 73
Year: 1973
View: 288
Read: 209
Blacks and whites during the summer of 1918 in Charleston, South Carolina.
Wedding Bands
Author: Ev Bishop
ISBN: 0993761747
Pages: 306
Year: 2015-01-13
View: 227
Read: 726
Ditched by her high school sweetheart, Callum Archer, on the night they're supposed to elope, Jo Kendall casts out on her own, brokenhearted. Over the years, Jo reels in a life she loves, centered on the outdoors, fishing (favoring a lucky wedding band lure), and her fine dining restaurant-a life that crashes away when her husband and business partner cheats her, leaving her bankrupt and alone. Then her uncle dies, bequeathing Jo and her sister, Samantha, his rural property. Jo returns to Greenridge, determined to build a new business and permanent home-without the help of a man. Unfortunately Samantha wants her inheritance in cold, hard cash and hires a lawyer to get it for her, a lawyer who turns out to be none other than Jo's long-lost love, Callum. Jo's fledgling plans-and her heart-are at risk once more. If Jo can fight her insecurities, she might end up with a wedding band that doesn't come with a sharp hook. But should she risk everything she's worked for, yet again? Before she can decide, she needs to know: can a lost love truly be reclaimed?
The Wedding Band
Author: Samuel Yellen
Pages: 170
Year: 1961
View: 1091
Read: 545

A Study Guide for Alice Childress's "The Wedding Band"
Author: Gale, Cengage Learning
Publisher: Gale, Cengage Learning
ISBN: 141034116X
Pages: 19
View: 1209
Read: 288
A Study Guide for Alice Childress's "The Wedding Band," excerpted from Gale's acclaimed Drama For Students. This concise study guide includes plot summary; character analysis; author biography; study questions; historical context; suggestions for further reading; and much more. For any literature project, trust Drama For Students for all of your research needs.
500 Wedding Rings
Author: Lark Books, Marthe Le Van
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.
ISBN: 1600590543
Pages: 420
Year: 2007
View: 981
Read: 766
Presents a wide range of creative wedding ring designs from the world's most innovative designers and jewelers, showcasing a collection of contemporary, handmade wedding bands and engagement rings for both men and women by Etienne Peret, James Kaya, and other artists.
Dog Tags & Wedding Bands
Author: Joe Rosato
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing
ISBN: 1480951358
Pages: 176
Year: 2018-01-09
View: 843
Read: 263
Dog Tags & Wedding Bands By: Joe Rosato Joe Rosato is an author with much information and experience in the military. Rosato has been enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served as a Helmsman and Lee Helmsman in the Vietnam War. He is also currently a volunteer, tour guide and liaison to the Board of Directors of the New Jersey Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Foundation. He also volunteered at the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Rosato actively speaks and volunteers at veteran groups. Rosato is a member of the group Vietnam Veterans of America, the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars. Rosato’s story shows the real-life traumatic experiences that happened to many innocent civilians during the Vietnam War. This page-turning story provides humor, romance and mystery all into one thrilling plot. With relatable and endearing characters, this tale that intertwines with the past and present will leave the reader happy and hopeful.
Marriage Is More Than Just a Wedding Band
Author: Caroline Dowdall
Publisher: Austin MacAuley
ISBN: 1788235029
Pages: 678
Year: 2018-02
View: 292
Read: 154
MARRIAGE IS MORE THAN JUST A WEDDING BAND Leads on from that traumatic evening and we get to discover what happens to Ben after his kidnapping... Will he get away in time for the wedding? Does Chloe get the wedding of her dreams and the romantic interludes she dreams of and prove everyone wrong? However, there is someone just waiting for something to go wrong. Determined to win back Ben's affections, she goes to great lengths to make sure it happens. And when Helen gets up to her devious tricks, she is delighted to finally be able to return to Ashton to live and is willing to go to any lengths for her own happiness. As Chloe fumbles her way through life, intent on making a home, she turns to her neighbour, Lynne, but suddenly has other things on her mind, especially when Lynne announces her surprise pregnancy. Fascinated by the whole 'baby' journey, Chloe follows her every move and prays for her turn to come. So with her parents hoping for great things, they are not too happy at suddenly being told they too are to become grand-parents. When life seems to be reasonable, Chloe is happy... but for how long? Ben has other ideas, especially when he has a chance meeting with an old flame, Elaine. And then there is the very charming Nigel Masters... But does he hold a dark secret? As Chloe tries to hold her life together as a young working mum, we can't fail to laugh out loud at her misfortunes, praise her for her courage and find out if their MARRIAGE can stand the test of time and IS it MORE THAN JUST A WEDDING BAND...
The Wedding Book
Author: Mindy Weiss, Lisbeth Levine
Publisher: Workman Publishing
ISBN: 0761139605
Pages: 485
Year: 2008
View: 1313
Read: 922
Provides a comprehensive guide to planning a wedding, including contract negotiations, creating a budget, planning guest lists, and obtaining a marriage license.
The Indie Band Survival Guide
Author: Randy Chertkow, Jason Feehan
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0312377681
Pages: 336
Year: 2008-08-05
View: 435
Read: 665
A comprehensive handbook for aspiring musicians explains how to achieve success in the industry, even without a record label, taking readers step by step through the process of recording, distributing, marketing, and selling music with the help of the Internet, covering everything from marketing a band on MySpace to selling music on iTunes. Original. 20,000 first printing.
The Wedding Gift
Author: Cara Connelly
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062323830
Pages: 176
Year: 2015-05-05
View: 760
Read: 627
What's the New-Jan-Plan? Discover the answer in Cara Connelly's newest Save The Date Novella, and see how mousey Jan Marone gives herself the gift of living, laughing, and finally loving … all under the hot Key West sun. She'd come to Key West for a wedding, only to discover the hotel had messed up her reservation. So although Jan Marone has to share a tiny room with sexy Mick McKenna, it shouldn't really be a problem. Mick's her best friend, and he doesn't think of her "that way" … or does he? Mick McKenna loves hard and plays hard. His thick black hair, chiseled jaw, and hard, muscled body make him irresistible. But when once-innocent Jan walks into his hotel room, Mick can't believe his eyes. Now she's wearing a sexy bikini and telling him it's time for her to "get lucky," making him protective and tantalized at the same time. Worried she might be in over her head, he decides never to leave her side … and suddenly their hotel room seems smaller—and hotter—than ever. Mick's always been hands-off with Jan—but has the right woman been under his nose the whole time?
Cincinnati Wedding
Pages: 160
Year: 2001
View: 1277
Read: 247
Cincinnati Wedding provides everything an engaged couple needs to know about planning a wedding in Cincinnati USA, including the region’s most comprehensive guide to reception venues, gown galleries showcasing the latest trends in bridal wear and countless ideas direct from real life, local weddings.
Caravans and Wedding Bands
Author: Eva Petulengro
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 1447213017
Pages: 384
Year: 2012-06-21
View: 636
Read: 621
For Romany Eva Petulengro, marrying outside her culture was a big step to take. And now she had to adapt to living with a gorger - and her husband had to adapt to living with her! In this charming sequel to The Girl in the Painted Caravan, she describes their first eventful years of married life in Brighton, and the birth of their four children She also reveals how she became famous as a clairvoyant, the advice her clients needed, and the attack from an enraged wife who assumed her husband's meetings with Eva meant he was having an affair. In the Swinging Sixties, a sheltered Romany girl could easily find herself out of her depth, and Eva's innocence led her into some strange situations, including a narrow escape from a notorious duchess. She also weaves in the story of her wider family, from her brother Nathan's romance and the adventures of her charming brother Eddie to her aunts and cousins in Blackpool. Funny and heartwarming, Caravans and Wedding Bands is a poignant reminder of a time when life was changing irrevocably for the Romany, and yet their spirit remained the same.
Author: Sheila Whalum
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 146285186X
Pages: 73
Year: 2011-04-25
View: 1251
Read: 716
Sheila Whalum’s book The Stimulus Package: Why Men Cheat is a must read, especially for Men! She asks the question of men: Have you ever wanted to be a guest of Hugh Hefner’s at his Playboy Mansion? History seems to suggest that some men apparently want more than one woman in their lives at a time, other than their wives. She gives many reasons as to Why Men Cheat.
Brass Baja
Author: Gregory Booth
ISBN: 0199474907
Pages: 344
Year: 2017-05-25
View: 234
Read: 582
Anyone who has seen a wedding procession in northern India would have heard and seen the band of professional musicians accompanying the procession. Surrounded by bright lamps and dressed in uniforms reminiscent of military finery, these are the men who herald the arrival of the groom. Inspite of the singing, dancing, and the ornately clad gathering of family and friends in the procession, it is the band that is often its most noticeable element. This book is a detailed and colourful study of India's wedding bands. It argues that while music performed by the wedding bands helps generate emotions of ecstasy and joy, the bandsmen who play it are in the fringes of the social events they herald. Musically and socially, and by birth andprofession, bandsmen at weddings are ascribed low social status.Booth's analysis of bands and bandsmen is rich in symbolism and facts surrounding South Asia's complex and diverse musical history. He explains the band trade as a syncretic component of popular culture constructed during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in both colonial and independent India.This book tells stories of change witnessed in Indian wedding processions and bands over time. The relationship of musical traditions to the colonial past and India's culture, as also the metaphorical association between musical and cultural changes are also explored.
The Best Wedding Reception Ever!
Author: Peter Merry
Publisher: Sellers Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 141620606X
Pages: 240
Year: 2010
View: 793
Read: 938
In a book with 150 color photos, a renown wedding entertainer explains how to have a fun and exciting reception by finding the right vendors, mapping out a plan for pacing the event and personalizing the reception so that guests will have a night they will never forget.

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