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The Professor
Author: Robert Bailey
Publisher: Watkins Media Limited
ISBN: 190922359X
Pages: 400
Year: 2014-01-28
View: 1005
Read: 239
A retired Professor of Law who hasn’t tried a real case in forty years teams up with a former student who’s yet to trial a case at all, in order to clear both of their names… The Professor introduces Thomas Jackson McMurtrie, a longtime law professor at the University of Alabama, who, 40 years after giving up a promising career as a trial lawyer to teach law students at the request of his mentor, Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant, retires to his farm an angry and bitter man, betrayed by both a Board member he mistook for a friend and his own failing health. Meanwhile, the young family of one of Tom’s oldest friends is killed in a tragic collision with an 18-wheeler. Believing his career is over, Tom refers his friend to a brilliant, yet beleaguered, former student, Rick Drake, who begins to uncover that the truth behind the tragedy is buried in a tangled web of arson, bribery and greed. When a key witness is murdered on the eve of trial, the young attorney, in over his head and at the end of his rope, knows he needs help…and there’s only one man who can help him. The Professor is the first in a series of tense legal thriller featuring the unusual and compelling legal team of McMurtie & Drake, combining the thrills and authenticity of a John Grisham novel for the audience that flocked to Friday Night Lights. From the Trade Paperback edition.
The Last Trial
Author: Robert Bailey
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
ISBN: 1503953149
Pages: 444
Year: 2018-05
View: 871
Read: 1233
Former law professor Tom McMurtrie has brought killers to justice, and taken on some of the most infamous cases in Alabama's history. Now he's tackling his greatest challenge. McMurtrie's old nemesis, Jack Willistone, is found dead on the banks of the Black Warrior River. Willistone had his share of enemies, but all evidence points to a forgotten, broken woman as the killer. At the urging of the suspect's desperate fourteen-year-old daughter, McMurtrie agrees to take the case. But as seasoned as McMurtrie is, even he isn't prepared for how personal and dangerous this case is going to get. With the trial drawing near and his sharp young partner, Rick Drake, dealing with a family tragedy, he recruits his best friend, Bocephus Haynes, to help investigate. As key witnesses disappear and old demons return, time becomes McMurtrie's most fearsome opponent. Soon loyalties will be tested and the boundaries of law will be broken as McMurtrie fights to save his legacy--and his client's life--before the truth is buried forever in the muddy waters of the Black Warrior.
Between Black and White
Author: Robert Bailey
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
ISBN: 1503953076
Year: 2016-03-01
View: 189
Read: 1264

A Criminal Defense
Author: William L. Myers, Jr.
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
ISBN: 1503943429
Year: 2017-04-01
View: 1234
Read: 306
Losing the trial of his life could mean losing everything. When a young reporter is found dead and a prominent Philadelphia businessman is accused of her murder, Mick McFarland finds himself involved in the case of his life. The defendant, David Hanson, is Mick's best friend, and the victim, a TV news reporter, had reached out to Mick for legal help only hours before her death. Mick's played both sides of Philadelphia's courtrooms. As a top-shelf defense attorney and former prosecutor, he knows all the tricks of the trade. And he'll need every one of them to win. But as the trial progresses, he's disturbed by developments that confirm his deepest fears. This trial, one that already hits too close to home, may jeopardize his firm, his family-everything. Now Mick's only way out is to mastermind the most brilliant defense he's ever spun, one that may cross every legal and moral boundary.
Ultimate Verdict
Author: Michael Winstead
ISBN: 0999242105
Pages: 374
Year: 2017-12-15
View: 1051
Read: 409
Judge Raleigh Westlake has dedicated his career to the pursuit of justice. For a decade he toils within a broken system, until a notorious murder case lands in his court. A young woman has been murdered on a snow-covered mountain, and her killer has confessed. The killer is convicted and sentenced to the ultimate verdict-death. But the appellate court reverses the conviction on a technicality because the killer was deaf at the time of his arrest. A confessed murderer goes free. This miscarriage of justice launches Judge Westlake and four colleagues on a quest for justice despite the system. With the cooperation of two determined lawyers and two dedicated US marshals, Westlake creates his own mobile courtroom, hidden within a semi-trailer. The most perverse and arrogant criminals are tried secretly and given the final, unappealable verdict. The sentences are harsh, and swift executions are disguised to look like accidents or suicide. Judge Westlake needs more. He must send a message with one final verdict. A traitor among them informs US Attorney Caroline Bannister about the secret court. With Bannister in pursuit, Westlake is forced to confront his lawless actions and test his dedication to true justice.
The Senator's Daughter
Author: Robert L. Bailey
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595142192
Pages: 176
Year: 2000-10-01
View: 578
Read: 363
Homicide Sergeant Jack Bowden is stuck in a job he never wanted and doesn't like. He doesn't have a clue that his life can get worse. Senator Brian McKeon is found dead floating in his swimming pool and Jack is assigned to the case. He travels to Washington State to join up with the senator's daughter, Kathleen Mckeon who has hard evidence of corruption and treason in the highest levels of the federal government. They are attacked in her mountain home and flee across the country barely staying ahead of agency assassins. In just a short week he is witness to the special talents and abilities of the senator's daughter as they go head on against the professional killers. They share a dangerous adventure on their journey and share frustration at how slow romance develops between them.
Beach Lawyer
Author: Avery Duff
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
ISBN: 1503943925
Year: 2017-05-01
View: 735
Read: 1186
After five grueling years, Robert Worth is just days away from making partner at a powerful Santa Monica law firm. When a client confides in him that senior partner Jack Pierce sexually assaulted her, Robert breaks two of his mentor's cardinal rules: Never let yourself get emotional about clients. And never make an enemy of Jack Pierce. Robert crosses Pierce and is fired on the spot, losing not only his job but also his reputation. Advised to go quietly, Robert vows revenge against the ruthless man who betrayed him. But his investigation uncovers a twisted shadow world of sex, infidelity, and deception, where nothing is as it seems and no one can be trusted. Only one thing is clear: Pierce will go the limit to keep his secrets. This straight shooter will need to use every angle if he hopes to win. But could victory come at too high a price?
The Good Lawyer
Author: Thomas Benigno
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1548602833
Pages: 278
Year: 2017-07-05
View: 545
Read: 1260
The Good Lawyer: A Novel By Thomas Benign
Hick Lawyer
Author: Corey Burns
ISBN: 1983140694
Pages: 194
Year: 2018-06-12
View: 358
Read: 690
Dexter Smith has muddled his way through life, and law school. And he has found a small Nebraska town to hide out in and do as little as possible, handling simple court appointed cases while life passes him by. Now, Donald Birch has been charged with three counts of first degree murder. With the other lawyers in the county conflicted out of the case for various reasons, Dexter is now in way over his head. Is Dexter up to the challenge, or is he the simple, half-assed hick lawyer he has always thought himself to be?
Author: Peter McLean
Publisher: Watkins Media Limited
ISBN: 085766512X
Pages: 320
Year: 2016-01-05
View: 901
Read: 833
Hitman Don Drake owes a gambling debt to a demon. Forced to carry out one more assassination to clear his debt, Don unwittingly kills an innocent child and brings the Furies of Greek myth down upon himself. Rescued by an almost-fallen angel called Trixie, Don and his magical accomplice The Burned Man, an imprisoned archdemon, are forced to deal with Lucifer himself whilst battling a powerful evil magician. Now Don must foil Lucifer’s plan to complete Trixie’s fall and save her soul whilst preventing the Burned Man from breaking free from captivity and wreaking havoc on the entire world.
The Hanging Judge
Author: Michael Ponsor
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1480441902
Pages: 492
Year: 2013-12-03
View: 651
Read: 868
From the author of The One-Eyed Judge: A New York Times–bestselling novel about a federal death penalty trial from the perspective of the presiding judge. When a drive-by shooting in Holyoke, Massachusetts, claims the lives of a drug dealer and a hockey mom volunteering at an inner-city clinic, the police arrest a rival gang member. With no death penalty in Massachusetts, the US attorney shifts the double homicide out of state jurisdiction into federal court so he can seek a death sentence. The Honorable David S. Norcross, a federal judge with only two years on the bench, now presides over the first death penalty case in the state in decades. He must referee the clash between an ambitious female prosecutor and a brilliant veteran defense attorney in a high-stress environment of community outrage, media pressure, vengeful gang members, and a romantic entanglement that threatens to capsize his trial—not to mention the most dangerous force of all: the unexpected. Written by judge Michael Ponsor, who presided over Massachusetts’s first capital case in over fifty years, The Hanging Judge explores the controversial issue of capital punishment in a dramatic and thought-provoking way that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It is “a crackling court procedural” (Anita Shreve) and “gripping legal thriller” (Booklist) perfect for fans of Scott Turow.
Bodily Harm
Author: Robert Dugoni
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439100616
Pages: 384
Year: 2010-05-25
View: 1058
Read: 209
New York Times bestselling author Robert Dugoni returns with his most exhilarating legal thriller to date, a pulse-pounding story of corporate greed, espionage, and the lengths one man is willing to go for justice. Bodily Harm opens with a big win for David Sloane and his new partner, Tom Pendergrass, in a malpractice case centered on the death of a young child. But on the heels of this seeming victory, an unlikely character—toy designer Kyle Horgan— comes forward to tell Sloane that he’s gotten it all wrong: Horgan’s the one who’s truly responsible for the little boy’s death and possibly others—not the pediatrician Sloane has just proven guilty. Ordinarily, Sloane might have dismissed such a person as a crackpot, but something about this case has always troubled him—something that he couldn’t quite pinpoint. When Sloane tries to follow up with Horgan, he finds the man’s apartment a shambles— ransacked by unknown perpetrators. Horgan has vanished without a trace. Together with his longtime investigative partner Charles Jenkins, Sloane reexamines his clients’ son’s death and digs deeper into Horgan’s claims, forcing him to enter the billion-dollar, cutthroat toy industry. As Sloane gets closer to the truth, he trips a wire that leads to a shocking chain of events that nearly destroys him. To get to the bottom of it all and find justice for the families harmed, Sloane must keep in check his overwhelming desire for revenge. Full of nail-bitingly tense action scenes as well as edge-of-your-seat courtroom drama, Bodily Harm finds Robert Dugoni at the very top of his game.
Justice Redeemed
Author: Scott Pratt
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
ISBN: 1503950549
Pages: 310
Year: 2015-11-17
View: 1283
Read: 541

Changing Fate Through Reincarnation
Author: Gerald Sze
Publisher: Hillcrest Publishing Group
ISBN: 193869015X
Pages: 328
Year: 2012-11-30
View: 1119
Read: 1252
Who am I? Why am I here? In "Changing Fate Through Reincarnation," author Gerald Sze explores the theory of reincarnation connectivity. He provides a philosophical survey of the implications of reincarnation as they pertain to human responsibility, freedom, karma, fate and spirituality. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach, the book challenges us to re-evaluate what we are doing at any moment, to re-think what is our purpose in life, and ultimately, to re-live our very existence! While Changing Fate Through Reincarnation delves into many philosophical underpinnings behind our thirst for “Who Am I?” and “What is Fate?” it is also a practical self-help book, using the simple technique of instant self-reflection to raise readers' awareness of their own thoughts and emotions for self-understanding and growth.
Dead Peasants
Author: Larry D. Thompson
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1250018005
Pages: 304
Year: 2012-10-02
View: 354
Read: 374
"Just terrific... As real as a heart attack, and every bit as suspenseful." --John Lescroart, New York Times bestselling author of A Plague of Secrets, on The Trial Veteran trial lawyer Larry D. Thompson has decades of courtroom experience in his home state of Texas on controversial and important trials. Now, in Dead Peasants, Thompson has delivered a fast-moving and suspenseful legal thriller featuring a retired lawyer whose life gets turned upside down when a stranger asks for help. Jack Bryant, exhausted after a high-profile career as a lawyer, takes an early retirement in Fort Worth, Texas, where he plans to kick back, relax, and watch his son play football at TCU. But then an elderly widow shows up with a check for life insurance benefits and that is suspiciously made payable to her dead husband's employer, Jack can't turn down her pleas for help and files a civil suit to collect the benefits rightfully due the widow. A chain of events that can't be stopped thrusts Jack into a vortex of killings, and he and his new love interest find themselves targets of a murderer. Gripping, engaging, and written with the authority that only a seasoned lawyer could possess, Dead Peasants is a legal thriller that will stun and surprise you.

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