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The Ember War
Author: Richard Fox
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1515071758
Pages: 236
Year: 2015-06-30
View: 588
Read: 1152
A dire warning. An impending alien invasion. Only one chance for survival. In the near future, an alien probe arrives on Earth with a pivotal mission-determine if humanity has what it takes to survive the impending invasion by a merciless armada. The probe discovers Marc Ibarra, a young inventor, who holds the key to a daring gambit that could save a fraction of Earth's population. Humanity's only chance lies with Ibarra's ability to keep a terrible secret and engineer the planet down the narrow path to survival. Earth will need a fleet. One with a hidden purpose. One strong enough to fight a battle against annihilation. The Ember War is the first installment in an epic military sci-fi series. If you like A Hymn Before Battle by John Ringo and The Last Starship by Vaughn Heppner, then you'll love this explosive adventure with constant thrills and high stakes from cover to cover.
The Siege of Earth
Author: Richard Fox
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1535332182
Pages: 400
Year: 2016-07-15
View: 634
Read: 1190
Only an ember of humanity survived the first Xaros invasion. Now, the Xaros return to deliver the final blow to Earth and her defenders. A moon carrying an armada of Xaros drones unleashes its deadly cargo on the solar system. Fortress Mars stands between the enemy and an ill-defended Earth. While the battle rages over the red planet, the Breitenfeld must launch a desperate mission to Pluto to cut off enemy reinforcements. Earth stands on the brink of ruin, and humanity needs every hero it can find to turn back the tide of destruction. The Ember War enters its final stages in THE SIEGE OF EARTH.
The Battle of the Void
Author: Richard Fox
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1533433984
Pages: 464
Year: 2016-06-04
View: 760
Read: 631
The Xaros drove humanity to the edge of extinction. Now, an immense alien fleet is on the way to Earth to end the human race. Earth's defenses are in shambles. The planet needs time to ready for the next invasion, time it doesn't have. The Xaros are en route to Earth, and it will take a daring mission to buy Earth the chance it needs to survive the next attack. While a fleet of brave men and women prepare to face down the Xaros, the Breitenfeld travels to an ancient world where the key to ultimate victory lies buried beneath the crimes of the enigmatic Malal. What price must be paid to secure the aide of this evil being? The fate of the Earth rests with THE BATTLE OF THE VOID.
The Queen of Sidonia
Author: Richard Fox
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1523227656
Pages: 420
Year: 2016-01-01
View: 873
Read: 780
In a galaxy controlled by massive corporations, few worlds are truly free. When explorers find a priceless wormhole near Sidonia, the hostile attention of the Aquitaine Corporation focuses on the small, backwater kingdom. To protect their world, Sidonia's royalty rush seventeen year old Princess Cosima into an arranged marriage, one that will guarantee a treaty and shield Sidonia from Aquitaine's clutches. But Cosima never asked for the honor of becoming the next queen to a man she doesn't love. With the fate the planet in the balance, a team of deadly assassins targets Cosima. The best killers money can buy will see the Princess dead before her wedding day. Cosima will need her wits to uncover the identity of the assassins targeting her, and her courage to stay alive in the middle of an interstellar power struggle. If you like space opera novels with intrigue, a fast-paced plot and a tale of survival against impossible odds, then read The Queen of Sidonia today!
The Xaros Reckoning
Author: Richard Fox
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1540663035
Pages: 356
Year: 2016-11-21
View: 747
Read: 154
The final battle begins. The Xaros Masters destroyed Bastion, the Alliance against the alien invaders has failed. Earth stands against the full force of the enemy's unending drone fleets. With their backs against the wall, Captain Valdar and the Breitenfeld must lead a last ditch mission to end the war against the Xaros. Can humanity pay the price for ultimate victory?
The Ibarra Sanction
Author: Richard Fox
ISBN: 1975885147
Pages: 398
Year: 2017-08-25
View: 1163
Read: 892
Once, the Ibarras saved Earth and all of humanity from utter destruction. Now they are fugitives and traitors hunted by the Terran Union's mightiest warriors.After fleeing with a stolen armada, the Ibarra family have finally emerged from hiding and are scouring the galaxy for an ancient alien legacy, destroying any who get in their way. For armor soldier Roland Shaw, the call to put down the Ibarra mutiny is a bitter task as he and the Iron Dragoons come face to face with the Ibarras in order to discover if they are truly their friends or their most deadly foe.THE IBARRA SANCTION is the second book in Richard Fox's Terran Armor Corps series, a military sci-fi space opera and sequel to the 2017 Dragon Award Nominated novel, IRON DRAGOONS. Read this action packed novel and brace yourself for the revelations that will change Roland's world forever!
Albion Lost
Author: Richard Fox
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1542917697
Pages: 460
Year: 2017-02
View: 1139
Read: 1143
For centuries, the Daegon waited. They plotted. And now they are ready to strike. The core worlds of settled space enjoy a tenuous peace, unaware and ill prepared for the threat building beyond the furthest reaches of humanity. The star kingdom of Albion stands as a shining light of justice and mercy in a harsh galaxy, and they will be the first to suffer the Daegon's fury. Defying his low born status, and despite his self-doubt, Commodore Thomas Gage has risen through the ranks by sheer grit and determination, defending Albion from brutal pirate clans. And when the onslaught comes, Gage and his fleet may be Albion's last hope for freedom. A new military science-fiction series for fans of Honor Harrington, Earth Alone and Old Man's War from the author of the best-selling Ember War Saga.
Earth Defiant
Author: Richard Fox
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1530155045
Pages: 482
Year: 2016-02-19
View: 962
Read: 815
Betrayed by allies. Beset by new foes. Earth faces its darkest hour since the Xaros invasion. The Toth come to the solar system with a fleet of warships, and they demand the only tool that can rekindle the human race. It falls on Marine Lieutenant Hale to negotiate a pact that will save the human race at the cost of its soul, or start a war with a race of alien predators.The latest action packed-chapter of the Ember War Saga continues with EARTH DEFIANT.
Gates of Fire
Author: Steven Pressfield
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0553904051
Pages: 400
Year: 2007-01-30
View: 715
Read: 270
BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Steven Pressfield's The Profession. The national bestseller! At Thermopylae, a rocky mountain pass in northern Greece, the feared and admired Spartan soldiers stood three hundred strong. Theirs was a suicide mission, to hold the pass against the invading millions of the mighty Persian army. Day after bloody day they withstood the terrible onslaught, buying time for the Greeks to rally their forces. Born into a cult of spiritual courage, physical endurance, and unmatched battle skill, the Spartans would be remembered for the greatest military stand in history--one that would not end until the rocks were awash with blood, leaving only one gravely injured Spartan squire to tell the tale....
A Hymn Before Battle
Author: John Ringo
Publisher: Baen Books
ISBN: 0671319418
Pages: 396
Year: 2000
View: 1317
Read: 704
This debut from a strong new talent in military science fiction tells the powerful story of military personnel chosen to battle an approaching alien force. It should appeal to fans of David Drake and David Weber.
Blood of Tyrants
Author: Naomi Novik
Publisher: Del Rey Books
ISBN: 0345522893
Pages: 431
Year: 2013
View: 1004
Read: 714
Captain Laurence washes onto the shores of Japan with limited memories about his life, a situation that tests the strength of his bond with the dragon Temeraire.
The Ruins of Anthalas
Author: Richard Fox
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1517792606
Pages: 314
Year: 2015-09-21
View: 340
Read: 998
An ancient holocaust holds the key to humanity's survival. Only a sliver of mankind survived the Xaros invasion. With Earth's defenses in ashes, nothing can stop the aliens' inevitable return. Hope arrives from a cryptic message from a long-lost alien race, promising the means to rebuild the shattered space fleet. Captain Valdar takes one of the last strike carriers, the Breitenfeld, and his shell-shocked crew on a desperate mission to the dead world. Unfortunately, humans aren't the only power that received the ancient message... THE RUINS OF ANTHALAS is the second book in THE EMBER WAR SAGA, a military sci-fi space opera. If you like David Weber and John Ringo with a touch of Isaac Asimov, then you'll love this fast-paced and captivating adventure where humanity survives at the edge of a knife.
Embers of Empire
Author: Mark Goodwin
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1717245676
Pages: 286
Year: 2018-05-04
View: 389
Read: 665
America has fallen! Ava's band of misfits is all that stands between freedom and absolute tyranny. Political division in the United States has reached the boiling point and the Second American Civil War is underfoot. Communist agitators have been successful in their efforts to intimidate voters from key states. The worst has happened. A far-left socialist candidate has stolen the reins of power, and his designs against the republic are absolute. With a sympathetic congress, he will sign in sweeping bans on firearms, criminalize free speech, and institute a new government agency to root out dissenters. Ava's group pledges to launch an insurgency campaign against the occupying force in Texas, but they'll have to watch out for those who have been tasked with purging the patriots. A handful of freedom-loving governors and congressmen take a stand against the tyrannical administration by succeeding from the Union. They represent an America who wishes to live in peace and live free. But that idea flies in the face of everything the dictatorial regime holds dear. Ava's team cannot fail in their mission to liberate Texas. If Texas falls, America's demise is all but certain. As with all books by Mark Goodwin, this book contains no profanity and no embarrassing sex scenes. However, if you're offended by conservative principles and references to Scripture, this book might not be for you.
The Crucible
Author: Richard Fox
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1539329267
Pages: 376
Year: 2016-09-30
View: 664
Read: 1133
The Xaros broke against Earth's defenses, but the war may be lost. The alien ships of former allies rule Earth's skies, threatening to obliterate cities and turn the planet into a barren wasteland if humanity refuses their demands. With their backs to the wall, the scattered crew of the Breitenfeld must work together to foil the enemy's plan before time runs out. The path to freedom leads through THE CRUCIBLE.
City of Blades
Author: Robert Jackson Bennett
Publisher: Divine Cities
ISBN: 0553419714
Pages: 496
Year: 2016-01-26
View: 963
Read: 279
The city of Voortyashtan was once the home of the goddess of death, war and destruction, but now it's little more than a ruin. General Turyin Mulaghesh is called out of retirement and sent to this hellish place to find a Saypuri secret agent who's gone AWOL in the middle of a mission. But the ghosts of past wars have followed her there, and soon she begins to wonder what happened to the souls in the afterlife when the gods were defeated by her people, the Polis. Do the dead sleep soundly in the land of death? Or do they have plans of their own?

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