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The Complete Guide to Option Strategies
Author: Michael Mullaney
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470471298
Pages: 576
Year: 2009-04-29
View: 949
Read: 767
Important insights into effective option strategies In The Complete Guide to Option Strategies, top-performingcommodity trading advisor Michael Mullaney explains how tosuccessfully employ a variety of option strategies, from the mostrisky--selling naked puts and calls--to more conservativestrategies using covered positions. The author covers everythingfrom options on stocks, exchange-traded funds, stock indexes, andstock index futures to essential information on risk management,option "Greeks," and order placement. The book provides numeroustables and graphs to benefit beginning and experienced traders.Written by a CTA who has successfully employed various optionsstrategies to generate market-beating returns, The Complete Guideto Option Strategies will be an important addition to any trader'slibrary. Michael D. Mullaney (Jacksonville, FL) is a high-ranking commoditytrading advisor who specializes in option selling strategies.
Introduction to Derivatives and Risk Management
Author: Don M. Chance, Roberts Brooks
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1305688082
Pages: 640
Year: 2015-01-01
View: 1286
Read: 399
Coupling real business examples with minimal technical mathematics, market-leading INTRODUCTION TO DERIVATIVES AND RISK MANAGEMENT, 10e blends institutional material, theory, and practical applications to give students a solid understanding of how derivatives are used to manage the risks of financial decisions. The book delivers detailed coverage of options, futures, forwards, swaps, and risk management as well as a balanced introduction to pricing, trading, and strategy. New Taking Risk in Life features illustrate the application of risk management in real-world financial decisions. In addition, the financial information throughout the Tenth Edition reflects the most recent changes in the derivatives market--one of the most volatile sectors in the financial world. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
Profiting from Weekly Options
Author: Robert J. Seifert
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118980581
Pages: 304
Year: 2015-02-23
View: 1090
Read: 1041
Generate consistent income with a smart weekly options strategy Profiting From Weekly Options is a clear, practical guide to earning consistent income from trading options. Rather than confuse readers with complex math formulas, this book concentrates on the process of consistently profiting from weekly option serials by utilizing a series of simple trades. Backed by the author's thirty years of experience as a professional option trader and market maker, these ideas and techniques allow active individual traders and investors to generate regular income while mitigating risk. Readers will learn the fundamental mechanisms that drive weekly options, the market forces that affect them, and the analysis techniques that help them manage trades. Weekly options are structured like conventional monthly options, but they expire each week. Interest has surged since their inception three years ago, and currently accounts for up to thirty percent of total option volume, traded on all major indices as well as high volume stocks and ETFs. This book is a guide to using weekly options efficiently and effectively as income-generating investments, with practical guidance and expert advice on strategy and implementation. Discover the cycles and market dynamics at work Learn essential fundamental and technical analysis techniques Understand the option trading lexicon and lifecycle Gain confidence in managing trades and mitigating risk Weekly options can be integrated with any existing options strategy, but they are particularly conducive to credit spread strategies and short-term trades based on technical patterns. For investors looking for an easy-in/easy-out method of generating consistent income, Profiting From Weekly Options provides the wisdom of experience with practical, actionable advice.
High-Powered Investing All-In-One For Dummies
Author: Amine Bouchentouf, Brian Dolan, Joe Duarte, Mark Galant, Ann C. Logue, Paul Mladjenovic, Kerry Pechter, Barbara Rockefeller, Peter J. Sander, Russell Wild
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118052102
Pages: 792
Year: 2011-02-08
View: 696
Read: 1063

Stock Index Futures & Options
Author: Susan Abbott Gidel
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 0471295396
Pages: 254
Year: 1999-11-02
View: 769
Read: 1271
Praise for Stock Index Futures & Options "Everything you wanted to know about global stock indexes in one place." -Tom Basso CEO, Trendstat Capital Management "With twenty years of professional experience behind her, Susan Abbott Gidel is the perfect person to present this intricate overview of today's futures and options markets. Included is everything a beginner needs to know to understand the world of derivatives." -Robert R. Prechter Jr. President, Elliott Wave International
Trading Options, + Website
Author: Greg Harmon
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 111867913X
Pages: 240
Year: 2014-02-17
View: 871
Read: 907
A thorough guide to technical analysis methods applied for success in the options market Though still not widely practiced or accepted in the options market, technical analysis is becoming increasingly common. As the practice spreads, traders are discovering how useful technical analysis is for determining clear entry and exit signals. Trading Options: Using Technical Analysis to Design Winning Trades takes the standard technical analysis approach and applies it to the options market. Author Greg Harmon combines technical analysis with a deep understanding of the options market to explain how to design technically created trades that lead to outsized gains with low costs of entry and managed risk. The book covers trend determination, security identification and selection, tools and trade design, and executing, hedging, and adjusting trades. Ideal for individual investors and options traders Identifies and applies mainstream technical analysis methods to the volatile options market Perfect for stock traders that wish to delve in to technical analysis and options Written by the founder of Dragonfly Capital Management, which provides daily technical analysis of securities markets and trade ideas, and CIO of Presidium Capital Management which provides money management for clients
Essential Option Strategies
Author: J. J. Kinahan
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119291518
Pages: 336
Year: 2016-09-07
View: 652
Read: 1213
Learn the ins-and-outs of options trading with clear, practical guidance Essential Option Strategies is an introductory guide to options trading, designed to help new options traders better understand the market and the potential opportunities that exist. This book is designed to bring you up to speed with current practices and help you implement your own option trading strategies. You'll create a plan, track indicators, and understand underlying instruments, then apply that central investing knowledge directly to the options market. The discussion on pricing determinants and probabilities uses an intuitive approach to complex calculations, providing clear examples with no advanced math required, and extensive explanation of spreads, butterflies, and condors brings advanced strategies down to earth. Easy-reference appendices clarify the Greek terms and technical analysis charts, while focused discussion and expert insight throughout provide a highly informative crash course on options trading. Options trading has undergone a rapid evolution beyond stocks and commodities into asset classes including fixed-income, precious metals, energy, and more. This book helps you build a solid foundation in the fundamentals, giving you a knowledge base that applies no matter how the instruments change. This book is designed to help you: Understand the options market inside and out Avoid common mistakes Learn some basic positions, and trades Read charts and interpret probabilities Once the domain of the elites, the options market has been thrown wide open thanks to real-time price quotes, through brokerages, and the free flow of information online. The process of buying and selling options contracts is faster and more efficient than ever, and Wall Street is facing stiff competition from independent analysts and financial websites. As much as the market has changed, the fundamentals are the same—and Essential Option Strategies aims to provide expert guidance throughout the learning process.
The Index Trading Course
Author: George A. Fontanills, Tom Gentile
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470047364
Pages: 480
Year: 2007-04-18
View: 1149
Read: 853

Beyond Smart Beta
Author: G?khan Kula, Martin Raab, Sebastian Stahn
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119315247
Pages: 240
Year: 2017-05-30
View: 545
Read: 441
Delve into ETFs for smarter investing and a weatherproof portfolio Beyond Smart Beta is the investor's complete guide to index investing, with deep analysis, expert clarification and smart strategies for active portfolio management. From the general to the obscure, this book digs into every aspect of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) including ETCs and ETNs to break down the jargon and provide accessible guidance on utilising the indices as part of a more productive investment strategy. Succinct explanations of terms and concepts help you better grasp ETP anatomy, mechanics and practices, while examples, charts and graphs provide quick visual reference for total understanding. The expert author team examines the risks and benefits associated with various indexing approaches, sharing critical review of next-generation methods to help you make well-informed investment decisions. ETFs provide a solid foundation within mature and well-researched markets, allowing investors to focus on areas where active management has the potential to reap higher returns. This book shows you how to take full advantage of the growth of this market to strengthen your portfolio for the long term. Assess the current landscape and the anatomy of ETFs/ETPs Understand ETP handling, costs, trading, and investment Evaluate the pros and cons of next-generation indexing approaches Avoid risk while incorporating indices into an active portfolio management strategy Index concepts have evolved from basic, passive investments through Smart Beta, and are evolving into a third generation of products that will quickly become an important element of investor portfolios. Key benefits have propelled ETFs to surpass hedge funds in global capital, and the growth shows no sign of slowing. Beyond Smart Beta provides a primer for investors seeking to understand — and take advantage of — these lucrative new products.
Trading VIX Derivatives
Author: Russell Rhoads
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470933089
Pages: 272
Year: 2011-08-09
View: 485
Read: 986
"Trading VIX Derivatives will be a comprehensive book covering all aspects of the Chicago Board Options Exchange stock market volatility index. The book will explain the mechanics and strategies associated with trading VIX options, futures, exchange trading notes and options on exchange traded notes. Known as the "fear index" the VIX provides a snapshot of expectations about future stock market volatility and generally moves inversely to the overall stock market. As such, many market participants look at the VIX to help understand market sentiment and predict turning points. With a slew of VIX index trading products now available, there are a variety of strategies traders use to speculate outright on the direction of market volatility or to use the products in conjunction with other instruments to create spread trades or hedge their overall risk. A top instructor at the CBOE's Options Institute, the author will reflect the wide range of uses associated with the VIX and will make the book useful to both new traders and seasoned professionals"--
Sentiment in the Forex Market
Author: Jamie Saettele
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118428803
Pages: 196
Year: 2012-06-29
View: 307
Read: 1212
Crowds move markets and at major market turning points, the crowds are almost always wrong. When crowd sentiment is overwhelmingly positive or overwhelmingly negative ? it's a signal that the trend is exhausted and the market is ready to move powerfully in the opposite direction. Sentiment has long been a tool used by equity, futures, and options traders. In Sentiment in the Forex Market, FXCM analyst Jaime Saettele applies sentiment analysis to the currency market, using both traditional and new sentiment indicators, including: Commitment of Traders reports; time cycles; pivot points; oscillators; and Fibonacci time and price ratios. He also explains how to interpret news coverage of the markets to get a sense of when participants have become overly bullish or bearish. Saettele points out that several famous traders such as George Soros and Robert Prechter made huge profits by identifying shifts in crowd sentiment at major market turning points. Many individual traders lose money in the currency market, Saettele asserts, because they are too short-term oriented and trade impulsively. He believes retail traders would be much more successful if they adopted a longer-term, contrarian approach, utilizing sentiment indicators to position themselves at the beginning points of major trends.
Getting Started in Advanced Options
Author: Michael C. Thomsett
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118343689
Pages: 300
Year: 2013-10-10
View: 674
Read: 939
An illustrated, easy-to-read guide to advanced options trading In Getting Started in Advanced Options, Illustrated Edition, bestselling author Michael C. Thomsett uses nontechnical, easy-to-follow language to demystify the options markets, distinguishing the imagined risks from the real ones and arming investors with the facts they need to make more informed decisions. This illustrated edition includes colourful illustrations, including charts and graphs that make complex subject matter easy to understand. Fully updated to cover the latest changes in the markets, the book introduces advanced strategies and concepts that every successful trader needs. It covers how options can reduce risk, spread strategies, hedges and straddles, swing trading with options, options on futures and indexes, synthetic positions based on options, risks and taxes, choosing stocks for options trading, and more. An ideal illustrated companion volume to Michael C. Thomsett's Getting Started in Advanced Options Updated to include the latest changes and newest information on the markets Loaded with easy-to-understand graphs, charts, and other illustrations This new illustrated addition to the Getting Started In series makes advanced options trading easy to understand with clear examples, handy illustrations, and plain-English explanations.
The Secret of Writing Options
Author: Louise Bedford
Publisher: Wrightbooks
ISBN: 187662714X
Pages: 176
Year: 2012-02-13
View: 150
Read: 547
An introduction to trading options, written by a very successful trader with many years' experience in the market. It focuses on the practical rather than the theoretical and describes, step-by-step, basic strategies for successful trading. The book includes real-life examples of the author? trades. It is invaluable for both novices and more experienced traders.
Trading Option Greeks
Author: Dan Passarelli
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons
ISBN: 047088519X
Pages: 330
Year: 2010-05-13
View: 1244
Read: 825
Veteran options trader Dan Passarelli explains a new methodology for option trading and valuation. With an introduction to option basics as well as chapters on all types of spreads, put-call parity and synthetic options, trading volatility and studying volatility charts, and advanced option trading, Trading Option Greeks holds pertinent new information on how more accurate pricing can drive profit. Most options traders focus on strategies such as covered calls, vertical spreads, butterflies and condors, and so on. But traders often don't know how to use the "greeks"—the five factors that influence an option's price—to trade more effectively. The "greeks" (Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, Rho) are tools to measure minute changes in an option's price based on corresponding changes in: Interest rates Time to expiration Price changes in the underlying security Volatility Dividends Using the greeks can lead to more accurate pricing information that will alert an option trader to mispriced derivatives that can be exploited for profit. In straightforward language and making use of charts and examples, Passarelli explains how to use the greeks to be a better options trader.
The Option Trader Handbook
Author: George Jabbour, Philip H. Budwick
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470579978
Pages: 448
Year: 2010-01-06
View: 398
Read: 736
Strategies, tools, and solutions for minimizing risk and volatility in option trading An intermediate level trading book, The Option Trader Handbook, Second Edition provides serious traders with strategies for managing and adjusting their market positions. This Second Edition features new material on implied volatility; Delta and Theta, and how these measures can be used to make better trading decisions. The book presents the art of making trade adjustments in a logical sequence, starting with long and short stock positions; moving on to basic put and call positions; and finally discussing option spreads and combinations. Covers different types of underlying positions and discusses all the possible adjustments that can be made to that position Offers important insights into more complex option spreads and combinations A timely book for today's volatile markets Intended for both stock and option traders, this book will help you improve your overall trading skills and performance.

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