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The Beavers of Popple's Pond
Author: Patti Smith
ISBN: 0989310442
Pages: 284
Year: 2014-05-12
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Tucked away in a remote stream valley in Vermont, a dynasty of beavers has nearly completed the restoration of the meadows and ponds that adorned this stream in the days before the beavers of a continent were turned into top hats. Willow, Popple, and their progeny begin the night's work of dam repair, scent marking, tree felling until a soft call alerts them to the arrival of the strange honorary member of their clan, this book's author, Patti Smith. They scramble ashore and poke eagerly about her feet as she prepares to picnic and to record the events that transpire on the shores of Popple's Pond. Through the seasons, and through the years, these records-transformed into interwoven vignettes-invite the reader to enter the world of the beavers and the other inhabitants of the wetlands. Meet Terrible Jack the lonely moose, Henri the civilized goose, and the myriad small creatures that populate the night forest. The author, a native of this landscape, brings a naturalist's eye and a compassionate voice to these stories. After three years with the beavers, readers are invited to accompany the author to other worlds where different characters await. Keep this book wherever you have a moment for a short adventure- to follow the trail of a bear cub through the moonlight, enter the low-roofed world of the snowshoe hare, or to stand in the midst of a melee of migrating amphibians. These stories offer respite to those wearied by the barrage of bad news, and a chance to reconnect with the nature that perseveres around us.
The Book of Woodcraft and Indian Lore
Author: Ernest Thompson Seton
Pages: 567
Year: 1912
View: 164
Read: 668

Colour by Numbers Birds & Butterflies
Author: Arpad Olbey
ISBN: 1784286494
Year: 2017-06-15
View: 826
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Author: Patti Smith
Publisher: Putnam Publishing Group
Pages: 202
Year: 1978-02-24
View: 355
Read: 259

The Living Great Lakes
Author: Jerry Dennis
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1466882026
Pages: 336
Year: 2014-09-23
View: 635
Read: 645
If fresh water is to be treasured, the Great Lakes are the mother lode. No bodies of water can compare to them. One of them, Superior, is the largest lake on earth, and the five lakes together contain a fifth of the world's supply of standing fresh water. Their ten thousand miles of shoreline bound eight states and a Canadian province and are longer than the entire Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States. Their surface area of 95,000 square miles is greater than New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island combined. People who have never visited them -- who have never seen a squall roar across Superior or the horizon stretch unbroken across Michigan or Huron -- have no idea how big they are. They are so vast that they dominate much of the geography, climate, and history of North America. In one way or another, they affect the lives of tens of millions of people. The Living Great Lakes is the most complete book ever written about the history, nature, and science of these remarkable lakes at the heart of North America. From the geological forces that formed them to the industrial atrocities that nearly destroyed them, to the greatest environmental success stories of our time, the lakes are portrayed in all their complexity. The book, however, is much more than just history. It is also the story of the lakes as told by biologists, fishermen, sailors, and others whom author Jerry Dennis grew to know while traveling with them on boats and hiking with them on beaches and islands. The book is also the story of a personal journey. It is the narrative of a six-week voyage through the lakes and beyond as a crew member on a tall-masted schooner, and a memoir of a lifetime spent on and near the lakes. Through storms and fog, on remote shores and city waterfronts, the author explores the five Great Lakes in all seasons and moods and discovers that they and their connecting waters -- including the Erie Canal, the Hudson River, and the East Coast from New York to Maine -- offer a surprising and bountiful view of America. The result is a meditation on nature and our place in the world, a discussion and cautionary tale about the future of water resources, and a celebration of a place that is both fragile and robust, diverse, rich in history and wildlife, often misunderstood, and worthy of our attention.
The Seed Underground
Author: Janisse Ray
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
ISBN: 1603583076
Pages: 240
Year: 2012-07-06
View: 658
Read: 686
There is no despair in a seed. There's only life, waiting for the right conditions-sun and water, warmth and soil-to be set free. Everyday, millions upon millions of seeds lift their two green wings. At no time in our history have Americans been more obsessed with food. Options- including those for local, sustainable, and organic food-seem limitless. And yet, our food supply is profoundly at risk. Farmers and gardeners a century ago had five times the possibilities of what to plant than farmers and gardeners do today; we are losing untold numbers of plant varieties to genetically modified industrial monocultures. In her latest work of literary nonfiction, award-winning author and activist Janisse Ray argues that if we are to secure the future of food, we first must understand where it all begins: the seed. The Seed Underground is a journey to the frontier of seed-saving. It is driven by stories, both the author's own and those from people who are waging a lush and quiet revolution in thousands of gardens across America to preserve our traditional cornucopia of food by simply growing old varieties and eating them. The Seed Underground pays tribute to time-honored and threatened varieties, deconstructs the politics and genetics of seeds, and reveals the astonishing characters who grow, study, and save them.
Ecology of a Cracker Childhood
Author: Janisse Ray
ISBN: 1571313257
Pages: 294
Year: 2015-06-09
View: 507
Read: 1288
”A gutsy, wholly original memoir of ragged grace and raw beauty.” --Kirkus Reviews (STARRED) From the memories of a childhood marked by extreme poverty, mental illness, and restrictive fundamentalist Christian rules, Janisse Ray crafted a memoir that has inspired thousands to embrace their beginnings, no matter how humble, and fight for the places they love. This edition, published on the fifteenth anniversary of the original publication, updates and contextualizes the story for a new generation and a wider audience desperately searching for stories of empowerment and hope. Janisse Ray grew up in a junkyard along U.S. Highway 1, hidden from Florida-bound travelers by hulks of old cars. In language at once colloquial, elegiac, and informative, Ray redeems her home and her people, while also cataloging the source of her childhood hope: the Edenic longleaf pine forests, where orchids grow amid wiregrass at the feet of widely spaced, lofty trees. Today, the forests exist in fragments, cherished and threatened, and the South of her youth is gradually being overtaken by golf courses and suburban development. A contemporary classic, Ecology of a Cracker Childhood is a clarion call to protect the cultures and ecologies of every childhood.
Author: Patti Smith
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1408832305
Pages: 96
Year: 2012-05-10
View: 1147
Read: 1227
National Book Award-winner Patti Smith revisits her early years in this glittering memoir.
Author: Patti Smith
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300218621
Pages: 93
Year: 2017-09
View: 458
Read: 958
"In lyric essays, a story, poems, and photographs, Smith illuminates the whirl of chance and choice that stokes a writer's imagination, recounting her fascination on the eve of a trip to Paris with Simone Weil and an evocative, accidentally discovered film about Stalin's mass deportation of Estonians. In France, a gravestone, a televised figure-skating competition, a meal, and a garden all converge in what becomes Devotion, [a] ... fairy tale about a young, displaced Estonian skater and a solitary dealer in rare objects and arms. This ... fable about creativity and obsession, possession and freedom is followed by a meditation on how a work of art is, for other artists, a call to action"--Booklist, 08/01/2017.
Author: David Ward
Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press
ISBN: 0838636764
Pages: 244
Year: 1996
View: 1047
Read: 1029
"This book is an in-depth analysis of three of the most crucial years in twentieth-century Italian history, the years 1943-46. After more than two decades of a Fascist regime and a disastrous war experience during which Italy changed sides, these years saw the laying of the political and cultural foundations for what has since become known as Italy's First Republic. Drawing on texts from the literature, film, journalism, and political debate of the period, Antifascisms offers a thorough survey of the personalities and positions that informed the decisions taken in this crucial phase of modern Italian history."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Early Work, 1970-1979
Author: Patti Smith
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393313018
Pages: 177
Year: 1995-05-01
View: 867
Read: 1033
The poet, songwriter, and performer evokes the experimentation and longing of the pre-punk days in a collection of poems and prose culled from her previously published works, Seventh Heaven, Ha! Ha! Houdini! Witt, and Babel.
The Bird Book
Author: Holiday Eames
ISBN: 0989310426
Pages: 56
Year: 2013-10-24
View: 918
Read: 275
Each letter of the alphabet is accompanied by a hand-colored relief etching of a bird that begins with the letter as well as a rhyming couplet.
The Complete Rhyming Dictionary
Author: Clement Wood, Ronald J. Bogus
Publisher: Perfection Learning
ISBN: 0780765575
Pages: 705
Year: 1992-03-01
View: 798
Read: 1071
This authoritative, comprehensive handbook contains virtually all the rhyming words possible in the English language and is a must for anyoe who works with words. Updated to meet the needs of today's wordsmiths, this reference work is easy to use.
Life-histories of Northern Animals
Author: Ernest Thompson Seton
Pages: 1267
Year: 1909
View: 168
Read: 422

Lasting Words
Author: Claire B. Willis
ISBN: 0989983803
Pages: 127
Year: 2014-03-20
View: 1100
Read: 660
Offers to guide readers reaching the end of their lives on a journey to gratitude, hope, forgiveness, wisdom, prayer, and eventually endings through writing.

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