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Tales from Indiana High School Basketball
Author: Jeff Washburn
Publisher: Sports Publishing LLC
ISBN: 1582614121
Pages: 183
Year: 2004
View: 314
Read: 1031
Basketball came of age in the high schools of Indiana. Washburn talks about the statistics and winning streaks, the personalities and emotions, the high-school kids who became heroes. More than a compilation of intriguing roundball stories, this shows a way of life in the Hoosier State.
Tales from the Indiana High School Basketball Locker Room
Author: Jeff Washburn
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1613211139
Pages: 208
Year: 2013-08-01
View: 665
Read: 1133
It is often said that while Dr. James Naismith invented basketball in Massachusetts, the sport was raised and ultimately came of age in the high schools of Indiana, the state where politics, religion, and sweet corn fall in line behind the game played with the round orange ball. Tales from Indiana High School Basketball, now newly revised, centers on those special people who have played the game—their stories, their passion, their drive for excellence, their laughs, and their tears. This is a book about Lebanon schoolboy hero Rick Mount, the first prep basketball player ever featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated; it’s about Gene Cato, the Indiana High School Athletic Association’s former commissioner whose father—his high school coach—would not put the young scoring phenomenon into a game until his team’s fans demanded it; it’s also about Marion’s “Purple Reign”—consecutive state championships in 1985, 1986, and 1987 when the Giants were the most important game on every opponent’s schedule. John Wooden, Bobby Plump, Steve Alford, Damon Bailey—it’s as easy for an Indiana high school basketball fan to roll the names off the tongue as it is to find the broadcast of a high school game on AM radio on any Friday night during an Indiana winter. Tales from Indiana High School Basketball is not so much about statistics and winning streaks as it is about the personalities and emotions of those who created a phenomenon that became a way of life in the Hoosier State.
Historic Hoosier Gyms
Author: Kyle Neddenriep
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 1614234973
Pages: 216
Year: 2010-12-08
View: 637
Read: 597
Kick snow from your shoes and step into the warmth of the old Hoosier high school basketball gym, where farmers in overalls line the court and students heckle referees from planks above the bleachers. Revisit a unique era when nearly every town had a high school and its own basketball team. The gyms featured here no longer host high school games, but once they were home to the Ladoga Canners, the Mecca Arabs, the Roll Red Rollers, the Arlington Purple Breezes, the Warren Lightning Five and dozens more. Now they are elementary schools, community centers, fire stations, churches. Some are homes. Sadly, others are wasting away. But once again, the ball thuds in these gyms. The screams reverberate. The whistles blow. Join the Indianapolis Star's Kyle Neddenriep on this tour of one hundred former Hoosier high school basketball gyms.
One Small Town, One Crazy Coach
Author: Mike Roos
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 0253010357
Pages: 324
Year: 2013-09-17
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In the summer of 1962, the peripatetic and irrepressible Pete Gill was hired on a whim to coach basketball at tiny Ireland High School. There he would accomplish, against enormous odds, one of the great small-town feats in Indiana basketball history. With no starters taller than 5’10", few wins were predicted for the Spuds. Yet, after inflicting brutal preseason conditioning, employing a variety of unconventional motivational tactics, and overcoming fierce opposition, Gill molded the Spuds into a winning team that brought home the town’s first and only sectional and regional titles. Relying on narrative strategies of creative nonfiction rather than strict historical rendering, Mike Roos brings to life a colorful and varied cast of characters and provides a compelling account of their struggles, wide-ranging emotions, and triumphs throughout the season.
Where the Game Matters Most
Author: William Gildea
Publisher: Little, Brown
ISBN: 0316519677
Pages: 240
Year: 1997-12-08
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Read: 1079
A personal look into the final all-state Indiana basketball championship season follows four teams and documents the desperation, agony, and competition in a sport in which only one team will emerge victorious
Hoosier High School Basketball
Author: Robert Adams, Bob Adams
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 073851991X
Pages: 128
Year: 2002
View: 621
Read: 492
Indiana is the first state that comes to mind when one thinks of high school basketball. The game itself is an important part of the history of the state. From reports of the first game in 1894 to the heyday when Hoosier high school gyms were filled beyond capacity, "Hoosierism" and basketball have had a long and eventful relationship. Towns and cities, large and small alike, all across the state, have for generations united around their high school basketball teams. Hoosier High School Basketball chronicles the long and colorful history of the players, coaches, schools, and fans that have tied the game's history to Indiana. In a collection of over 200 vintage images, author Bob Adams details the achievements and contributions made by many of the sport's great players and coaches.
The Hoosier Game
Author: James Leroy Brunnemer, James L. Brunnemer, Dr.
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 1481053426
Pages: 336
Year: 2013-06-07
View: 1157
Read: 1053
"THE HOOSIER GAME" On Friday, March 16, 1894 members of the YMCA at Lafayette, Indiana, traveled to nearby Crawfordsville to challenge their counterparts in a new game invented two years earlier by Dr. James Naismith. He called it "basket-ball". It was the first contest played outside the state of Massachusetts. Avoiding the pot-bellied stove in the middle of the gymnasium floor, the teams engaged in a spirited competition. The Crawfordsville Y won, 45-21. Hoosier Hysteria was born. The impact of the game of basketball on the culture of Indiana has been profound, affecting the customs, social institutions, and the attitudes and behaviors of the people of this uniquely Midwestern state. "The Hoosier Game" is a tale of two boys--best friends Josh and Jake--whose lives intertwine through a shared allegiance to and love for the game of basketball in the 1950s and 1960s. Through meticulous research and a nearly photographic recall of people and events, the author provides a close-up view of an event once considered to be the premier high school athletic event in America--the Indiana State basketball tournament. The IHSAA's winner-take-all format would become nationally recognized for its scope and drama. The tournament was acknowledged by observers--even beyond Hoosier borders--as the greatest high school sports attraction in the world. In its infancy basketball provided inexpensive entertainment for the masses and became a source of community pride in small Hoosier settlements. Spirited rivalries developed among neighboring villages. Hoosier farmers' social calendars in the fall and winter months came to revolve around two events: church services on Sunday and the boys' high school game on Friday nights. But the book is about more than basketball. The author, who lived through the age, captures in vivid detail significant historical and cultural changes of that era--including the repatriation of World War II veterans seeking the American Dream; the Cold War that brought the U.S. and Russia to the brink of another worldwide conflagration; the internecine struggle for civil rights; the transformation of a country torn asunder during the war in Vietnam; as well as numerous other social developments in a generation from post-war America through today. Garry Donna, a member of the Indiana High School Basketball Hall of Fame, commented, "As publisher of "Hoosier Basketball Magazine" for 43 years I have read many books about basketball in general and, specifically, about high school basketball in Indiana. None has captured the true feeling and spirit of the game's 'golden years', of the 1950s and 1960s like Jim Brunnemer's historical fiction. The insightful, behind-the-scenes look at practices, player relationships, and the emotional reactions and total involvement of the townspeople is absolutely riveting--especially the surprise ending. For basketball fans everywhere 'The Hoosier Game' qualifies as an exhilarating literary experience. Don't miss it." Retired coach and also a member of the Hall of Fame, Sam Alford, added, "'The Hoosier Game' achieves with accuracy and thoroughness one of the most interesting and popular periods in Indiana basketball history. I certainly enjoyed my trip down memory lane and recommend to every fan of Indiana basketball to read and enjoy, as much as I did, 'The Hoosier Game'." Bill Benner, author, award-winning sportswriter for the 'Indianapolis Star', and Senior Associate Commissioner for the NCAA-D1 Horizon League, said succinctly, "Short version: I love the book! Only a true Hoosier such as Jim Brunnemer could spin this uniquely Hoosier basketball tale so well." Order your copy now, and relive those days when high school basketball was unrivaled in its dominion over the inhabitants of the state of Indiana.
The Graves County Boys
Author: Marianne Walker
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 0813144183
Pages: 262
Year: 2013-12-05
View: 1242
Read: 370
In 1952, just one year after Coach Adolph Rupp's University of Kentucky Wildcats won their third national championship in four years, an unlikely high school basketball team from rural Graves County, Kentucky, stole the spotlight and the media's attention. Inspired by young coach Jack Story and by the Harlem Globetrotters, the Cuba Cubs grabbed headlines when they rose from relative obscurity to defeat the big-city favorite and win the state championship. A classic underdog tale, The Graves County Boys chronicles how five boys from a tiny high school in southwestern Kentucky captured the hearts of basketball fans nationwide. Marianne Walker weaves together details about the players, their coach, and their relationships in a page-turning account of triumph over adversity. This inspiring David and Goliath story takes the reader on a journey from the team's heartbreaking defeat in the 1951 state championship to their triumphant victory over Louisville Manual the next year. More than just a basketball narrative, the book explores a period in American life when indoor plumbing and electricity were still luxuries in some areas of the country and when hardship was a way of life. With no funded school programs or bus system, the Cubs's success was a testament to the sacrifices of family and neighbors who believed in their team. Featuring new photographs, a foreword by University of Kentucky coach Joe B. Hall, and a new epilogue detailing where the players are now, The Graves County Boys is an unforgettable story of how a community pulled together to make a dream come true.
Landon Turner's Tales from the 1980-'81 Indiana Hoosiers
Author: Landon Turner
Publisher: Sports Publishing LLC
ISBN: 1582611971
Pages: 172
Year: 2005-01
View: 665
Read: 664
The famous Hoosiers coach relates the basketball team's hard-won 1981 championship victory and his own battle back from tragedy after being paralyzed in a car wreck. 25 photos.
Tales from the Indiana Hoosiers Locker Room
Author: John Laskowski
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 1613210167
Pages: 184
Year: 2012
View: 755
Read: 446
Covers over a century of Indiana University (IU) basketball. This title explains the excitement, the disappointment, the laughter, and the celebration that has turned IU basketball into a statewide religion. It reveals the history of the Indiana program through the memories of the school's hundreds of lettermen.
Invincible, Indiana
Author: Nate Dunlevy
Publisher: Nate Dunlevy
ISBN: 0984762418
Year: 2011-11-01
View: 475
Read: 399
Dale Cooper arrived in tiny Invincible, Indiana determined to coach his way to a better job. He never bargained for a clueless principal, a bitter star, a racist point guard, and a town fiercely proud of 49 consecutive seasons of finishing exactly .500. When it becomes apparent to Dale that neither the town nor his players have any interest in winning, he devises a way to turn everyone's expectations upside down. His gambit forces Invincible to strive for greatness if only to keep their dreams of mediocrity alive. Set in 1996-1997, Invincible, Indiana explores the myths and motivations that led to the demise of the 'single class tournament' that was the bedrock of Indiana mythology. Both funny and heartbreakingly serious, Invincible, Indiana unpacks the core of the Hoosier state's love affair with basketball. Invincible, Indiana will make you laugh, cry, and cheer, but most of all it will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about the hysteria that was basketball in Indiana. Author Nate Dunlevy is already one of the most popular voices in Indiana sports coverage. His first book, Blue Blood: Tales of Glory of the Indianapolis Colts, explored the fragile history of the Colts as they fought for a place at the table and struggled to overcome the basketball bias inherent in Indiana. Now he takes on the traumatic final days of one class basketball, using the travails of fictional Invincible, Indiana to consider questions of greatness, fate, and the full court press.
Indiana High School Basketball's 20 Most Dominant Players
Author: Dave Krider
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1600080286
Pages: 253
Year: 2007-04
View: 1106
Read: 601
The single common attribute shared among the legends of Indiana high school basketball is dominance. From Fuzzy Vandivier winning three titles in a row, to Glenn Robinson¿s Gary Roosevelt Panthers winning the 1991 state title in a dream match against Alan Henderson¿s Indianapolis Brebeuf, these superstars exhibited total dominance when it mattered most. Indiana High School Basketball¿s 20 Most Dominant Players relives the passionate memories, thrilling victories, and the sheer dominance of these Hoosier hardcourt idols. With these twenty players combining to win 14 coveted Mr. Basketball awards and 28 state championships, Hall of Fame sportswriter Dave Krider truly profiles the best of the best.
Author: Dave Krider, J.R. Shelt, Scott Freeman
Publisher: Sports Publishing LLC
ISBN: 1596700424
Pages: 205
Year: 2006
View: 633
Read: 1032
Uncaged celebrates the three-peat Indiana state champion Lawrence North Wildcats, led by legendary coach Jack Keefer and All-Americans Greg Oden and Mike Conley.
Don't Put Me In, Coach
Author: Mark Titus
Publisher: Anchor Books
ISBN: 0307745384
Pages: 288
Year: 2013-03-12
View: 433
Read: 1091
An irreverent critique of big-time NCAA basketball by the author of the popular Club Trillion blog describes how his ambition to become a doctor was sidelined so that that he could join the elite Buckeyes in spite of his lesser talents, which rendered him perpetually benched and ironically scouted by the Harlem Globetrotters.
The Valley Boys: The Story of the 1958 Springs Valley Black Hawks
Author: W. Timothy Wright
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1483478513
Year: 2018-05-24
View: 714
Read: 607
In the summer of 1957, the Indiana towns of French Lick and West Baden decided to merge two high schools that had been fierce rivals for decades. It was a decision that did not go over well in those divided communities. W. Timothy Wright weaves the gripping story here, chronicling the events that followed the fateful consolidation of two schools and two basketball teams. But an extraordinary first season slowly revealed the team’s fierce determination to win, and the players became a microcosm of the two towns, teaching its citizens how to come together as one united community. As these ten boys and their coaches embarked on an epic journey, filled with valuable life lessons, they had no idea they were about to record one of the most unforgettable chapters in Indiana high school basketball. The Valley Boys shares a story of a special high school basketball team that came together for an unbelievable, unexpected, and historic season.

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