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Successful Lace Knitting
Author: Donna Druchunas
Publisher: Martingale
ISBN: 1604681128
Pages: 112
Year: 2010-05-11
View: 581
Read: 181
This book presents not only a beautiful collection of patterns but also a fascinating biography of Dorothy Reade, arguably the mother of modern lace knitting. It's a must-have for any knitter who appreciates lace! Discover techniques and patterns developed by Reade in the 1960s as you create gorgeous projects featuring completely modern designs. Offers more than 20 exquisite patterns for everything from scarves and stoles to sweaters and socks to items for home decor Features a wide range of styles from top designers such as Annie Modesitt, Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer, and Evelyn A. Clark Presents a "now I get it" approach to using charts and knitting lace
Beaded Lace Knitting
Author: Anniken Allis
Publisher: Stackpole Books
ISBN: 0811714578
Pages: 160
Year: 2015-05-15
View: 333
Read: 362
Create delicate knitted lace fashions, and then kick them up a notch with beautiful beaded embellishments, led by lace expert Anniken Allis. • 24 original beaded lacework patterns for shawls, sweaters, vests, cowls, ponchos, and more • Step-by-step color photos accompany tutorials on the basics of knitting lace (including reading charts) and how to create stunning embellishments with beads • Patterns offer the chance to indulge in luxury yarn, as most of them require only a single skein
Knitting Lace
Author: Susanna E. Lewis
Publisher: Taunton
ISBN: 0942391527
Pages: 209
Year: 1992
View: 955
Read: 436
The 91 motifs presented in this book were taken from a 19th century lace sampler in the Brooklyn Museum. Lewis dissects and charts each pattern to make them accessible to lace knitters of all skill levels. In this book, you will find complete written and charted instructions for all 91 patterns in the sampler. Full instructions for four lace projects: a shawl, a sweater, a girl's dress, and socks/stockings. Detailed directions to design and chart your own lace patterns. Information for machine knitters to convert hand-knitting charts to machine.
New Heights in Lace Knitting
Author: Andrea Jurgrau
Publisher: Interweave Press
ISBN: 1632502313
Pages: 144
Year: 2016-06-24
View: 1031
Read: 961
Offers seventeen patterns for knitted lace projects inspired by mountain climbing and the world's tallest peaks.
Irish Crochet
Author: Priscilla Publishing Co
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486247058
Pages: 48
Year: 1984
View: 1248
Read: 444
This excellent turn-of-the-century introduction to Irish crochet is a well-planned guide to all levels of skill and experience. The work includes step-by-step, illustrated directions for dozens of classic motifs, borders, and medallions — plus ways to combine them into bonnets, purses, gowns, and other clothing and accessories. 117 black-and-white illustrations.
Lavish Lace
Author: Carol Rasmussen Noble, Cheryl Potter
Publisher: Martingale
ISBN: 1604683929
Pages: 80
Year: 2014-02-11
View: 1076
Read: 1123
Does lace have to be knit on size 0 needles and take years to complete? No! Let this primer on knitted lace put any worries to rest. Go from a skein of fiber to a fantastic finished piece with this unique approach. Simple techniques, helpful hints, and an extraordinary palette of colorways will inspire you to play with the possibilities of hand-painted yarns. Create over a dozen scarves and shawls that guarantee no hassles with fitting or shaping--one size fits all Have fun with an incredible variety of exotic textures, colors, and fibers Catch on to techniques quickly with a bounty of specialized tips for patterns from beginning to advanced
How to Knit Socks That Fit
Author: Donna Druchunas
Publisher: Storey Publishing
ISBN: 1612125425
Pages: 128
Year: 2015-11-03
View: 769
Read: 602
Whether you’re working socks from the toe up or from the cuff down, designer Donna Druchunas’s complete, step-by-step instructions make sock knitting easy, enjoyable, and successful. You’ll learn several approaches for getting started, and you’ll also discover how to shape comfortable toes, create heels that fit, and ensure stretchy cuffs that can be counted on to keep your socks up. Druchunas’s useful tips and tricks include working confidently with double-pointed needles, knitting socks on one or two circular needles, and even knitting two socks at the same time. Once you’ve mastered these basic techniques, you can adapt them to create your own custom sock designs.
Knitting Scarves from Around the World
Author: Kari Cornell
Publisher: Voyageur Press (MN)
ISBN: 0760340641
Pages: 144
Year: 2011-10-17
View: 1333
Read: 1047
Here are 23 patterns for scarves from around the globe—including stylish traditional projects from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, the British Isles, the Americas, and Asia. Pattern introductions provide a background of knitting techniques from that part of the world, including schematics and charts.
The Knitter's Life List
Author: Gwen W. Steege
Publisher: Storey Publishing
ISBN: 1603429964
Pages: 320
Year: 2011
View: 801
Read: 632
Presents an introduction to knitting, discussing the basics of yarn selection, techniques, design, and stitch variations that can be implemented for scarves, shawls, hats, gloves, and socks, with tips from expert knitters.
Sock-Yarn Shawls II
Author: Jen Lucas
Publisher: Martingale
ISBN: 1604684771
Pages: 80
Year: 2015-01-06
View: 1013
Read: 1057
Best-selling author Jen Lucas presents an all-new selection of striking patterns for luscious sock yarns, following the overwhelming success of Sock-Yarn Shawls. Discover designs for everyone from confident beginners to advanced knitters. Patterns range from small shawlettes to large circular shawls, and many are made from a single skein. 16 pretty new patterns for single-colored and multicolored shawls--enjoy lots of options Shawl constructions include top down, bottom up, crescent, short row, and circular Begin with the basics and move on to create designs with attach-as-you-go lace borders
Beautiful Knitting Patterns
Author: Gisela Klopper
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.
ISBN: 1402722265
Pages: 128
Year: 2005
View: 1303
Read: 439
This huge collection of more than 250 of the most popular and attractive patterns is indispensable to knitters. Find the perfect pattern for any project. Each one comes with easy to follow knitting charts, patterns, and advice on needles and combining stitches.
Mosaic & Lace Knits
Author: Barbara Benson
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0811765415
Pages: 128
Year: 2017-04-01
View: 196
Read: 778
Combine mosaic and lace in your knitting for easy colorwork with impeccable style The impact of two-color knitting made while knitting with only one color yarn per row--yes, please! Add in a dash of lace to keep the fabric flexible, and what you end up with are knockout colorful knits with beautiful and comfortable drape. Barbara Benson has been experimenting with the fusion of mosaic knitting and lace stitches over the past few years, and has created this breathtaking collection of 20 shawls, cowls, scarves, hats, and other accessories. To make the patterns accessible to any knitter, she has added a helpful instructional section that covers the basics of knitting slip stitches, how to read lace and mosaic charts, how to work mosaic in the round, and tips and tricks to help you avoid potential pitfalls. The book has projects for all level knitters. Start with a project in which the mosaic and lace are worked in different sections, such as a hat with alternating bands of mosaic and lace. Then progress to more complex patterns where the slip stitch and lace stitches are worked at the same time. Each stitch plays an important role--these patterns will keep the interest of even the most experienced knitter!
Wendy Knits Lace
Author: Wendy D. Johnson
Publisher: Clarkson Potter
ISBN: 0307586677
Pages: 144
Year: 2011
View: 178
Read: 1139
Collects 20 original patterns for lace shawls, sweaters, gloves and other wearables for various times of year, providing in-depth instructions for specific techniques while sharing tips for beginners on how to avoid common challenges. Original.
Arctic Lace
Author: Donna Druchunas
Publisher: Nomad Press (Company)
ISBN: 0966828976
Pages: 192
Year: 2006
View: 358
Read: 869
Qiviut, or musk ox down, is a world-class fiber—luxurious, warm, and lightweight. People who experience it become obsessed. Qiviut makes perfect hand-knitted lace, as demonstrated by the Alaskan artisans of Oomingmak Musk Ox Producers' Co-op. This book presents how-tos for knitting and designing lace, projects suited to new as well as experienced lace knitters, yarn sources, and comprehensive cultural background.
Brother Success Machine Knitting Tutorial
Author: Marjorie J. Mcdonald
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 153490963X
Pages: 72
Year: 2016-06-28
View: 1020
Read: 518
In this Brother Success Machine Tutorial I will be covering Thread Lace. The schematic for the cover garment is included in the book. Although it's named "lace," Thread Lace (aka Punch Lace), is not a traditional knitted lace. No stitches are transferred and it doesn't utilize the lace carriage. Rather it is a technique that simultaneously knits with two yarns that match in color-one of the yarns being very, very fine (basically thread) and the other being fine to medium. It gives the resulting knit fabric a lacy look, hence the name "Thread Lace." It is a technique that can be done on certain models of the 'Japanese' machine brands (Brother, Studio, Toyota), but not on the European double bed machine brands (Passap, Superba). The user guide of any specific model will tell you if it is capable of doing thread lace, although the rule of thumb is if it can do plaiting (plating, platting), it can probably do thread lace. This book includes 20 pages where you can record your own knitting information so you have your steps that can be repeated when you find a design you like.

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