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My First Murder
Author: Leena Lehtolainen
Publisher: Amazoncrossing
ISBN: 1612184375
Pages: 242
Year: 2012
View: 640
Read: 741
Maria Kallio has just been assigned her first murder investigation. To prove to herself and her squad that she has what it takes to be a detective, she'll have to solve the death of Tommi Peltonen. Found floating facedown at the water's edge of his Helsinki villa, Tommi had invited his choir group to spend a weekend at his retreat. But beneath the choir's seemingly tight-knit bonds seethed bitter passion and jealousy. As Maria sets out to determine the difference between friends and foes, she uncovers the victim's unsavory past - and motives for all seven suspects. Now it's up to her to untangle a complex set of clues before the killer strikes again.
Snow Woman
Author: Leena Lehtolainen
Publisher: Amazoncrossing
ISBN: 1477826513
Pages: 331
Year: 2014-12-09
View: 1047
Read: 916
When the well-known director of a women's retreat center goes missing, Espoo Police Detective Maria Kallio is called to investigate. As the missing woman's friends and family quickly become the pool of suspects, Maria must soften her tough interrogation style to uncover the information she needs to solve the crime. Meanwhile, a killer Maria put in prison escapes and sets out to take revenge. As the missing persons case—and Maria's personal life—become increasingly complicated, the Espoo Police work to track down the escaped killer before it's too late.
Before I Go
Author: Leena Lehtolainen
Publisher: Maria Kallio
ISBN: 1477822992
Year: 2017-04-25
View: 721
Read: 989
A fierce detective risks everything to unravel a tangle of secrets and corruption protecting a killer in this spellbinding seventh mystery in the tension-filled Maria Kallio series. When Petri Ilveskivi is murdered in the street on his way to a city-planning meeting, Maria Kallio, commander of Espoo’s Violent Crime Unit, and her team are first on the scene. Almost immediately, her focus is on the band of skinheads who brutally attacked the Finnish commissioner and his husband three years earlier. Did they finally finish the hate crime they started? But the trail soon reveals a web of lies—secrets Petri was keeping from even those closest to him—and a long list of suspects. As she juggles her obligations as a wife, mother, and detective, Maria suggests to her superiors that what first appears to be a random assault may actually be something more sinister. When she’s met with silence and higher-ups take her off the case, she disobeys orders and investigates on her own, putting both her family and herself at risk. In this captivating tale in the Maria Kallio series, someone is protecting a killer. Can Maria track them down before the next victim falls?
The Nightingale Murder
Author: Leena Lehtolainen
Publisher: Maria Kallio
ISBN: 1503901114
Pages: 320
Year: 2018-03-27
View: 1033
Read: 1145
Award-winning author Leena Lehtolainen's heart-stopping series continues as investigator Maria Kallio's hunt for a killer gets dark, dangerous, and dirty... A grievously mutilated young woman arrives at the hospital in Espoo, Finland--only to vanish without a trace. Though the victim refused to identify herself, Violent Crimes Unit Commander Maria Kallio suspects she's connected to the city's sex-worker underworld. The next day her suspicions grow when celebrity call girl Lulu Nightingale is murdered during a live television broadcast. The victim's clients included some of the top names in Finnish society, but the list of suspects is even longer: her infatuated bodyguard, a suicidal TV producer, and a talk-show host with political aspirations. But how is Lulu's murder connected to the tortured woman's disappearance? As the body count keeps rising, Maria plunges into the dark demimonde of the sex trade. And this time, searching for answers may shatter all that she has.
Below the Surface
Author: Leena Lehtolainen
Publisher: Maria Kallio Series
ISBN: 1542048745
Pages: 314
Year: 2017-11-07
View: 1254
Read: 968
When a woman's body turns up in a lake--a bullet to the back of her head--Violent Crime Unit commander Maria Kallio, freshly back from maternity leave, is fast to get on the case. The victim is ID'd as Annukka Hackman, wife of a prominent publisher and author of an upcoming unauthorized tell-all book on Sasha Smeds, Finland's celebrated racing rally driver. Almost as soon as the inquiry starts, it goes off the rails, as those connected to Annukka--and to Smeds--seem to have more secrets than they have alibis. Was the journalist about to reveal a bombshell that someone was desperate to keep quiet? Or will it take some reading between the lines? The clues may be few, but the list of suspects is long. As she struggles to balance her home life, run a department tainted by career-threatening allegations, and catch a killer, Maria is shocked to find just what someone was willing to do in the name of love...or revenge.
Season of the Witch
Author: Arni Thorarinsson
Publisher: Amazoncrossing
ISBN: 1611091039
Pages: 364
Year: 2012-08-28
View: 339
Read: 1118
"Season of the witch was first published in 2005 by Forlagin as Timi nornarinnar. Translated from Islandic by Anna Yates"--T.p. verso.
The Bodyguard
Author: Leena Lehtolainen
Publisher: Amazoncrossing
ISBN: 1477826602
Pages: 319
Year: 2014-12-09
View: 1036
Read: 796
As a professional bodyguard, Hilja Ilveskero rarely loses her cool. But one day, she and a client have an argument in a Moscow fur salon, and Hilja quits on the spot. When the client turns up dead, Hilja quickly discovers thatshe is a suspect. In an attempt to clear her name and find the killer, she uncovers ever-deeper layers of subterfuge. Amid all the covert treachery and intrigue, Hilja finds herself falling in love with a suspicious yet irresistibly sexy man—but is her heart clouding her judgment? In this tale of political romance populated by Russian oligarchs, Finnish politicians, and undercover cops, no one is what they seem and no one can be trusted. A fast-paced, tightly woven tale of love, murder, betrayal, and high-stakes deal-making, The Bodyguard—the first in a gripping trilogy by internationally acclaimed Nordic crime author Leena Lehtolainen—exposes the delicacy and dark underbelly of international relations on both a human and global scale.
The Hitman's Guide to Housecleaning
Author: Hallgrimur Helgason
Publisher: Amazonencore
ISBN: 161109139X
Pages: 249
Year: 2012
View: 239
Read: 352
When assassin Tomislav Bokšić, or Toxic, kills the wrong person in a botched assassination, he flees to Iceland and is forced to come to terms with his bloody past and reevaluate his future in a country with no tradition of contract killing.
Meet Me in Malmö
Author: Torquil McLeod
Publisher: Robert Hale
ISBN: 0709094507
Pages: 224
Year: 2010-12-01
View: 1020
Read: 816
Second-rate journalist Ewan Strachan is delighted when he is invited to interview old university friend, Mick Roslyn—now one of Sweden's leading film directors. Upon arrival in Malmö, however, Ewan makes a shock discovery—the lifeless corpse of Roslyn's glamorous film star wife. Ewan is deeply shaken—but his world is about to be turned upside down when the beautiful Inspector Anita Sundström arrests him for the murder. Will he be able to convince her of his innocence?
As White As Snow
Author: Salla Simukka
Publisher: Hot Key Books
ISBN: 1471403130
Pages: 224
Year: 2015-03-05
View: 467
Read: 883
The second story in the thrilling Nordic crime series The Snow White Trilogy, an international success published in 52 territories worldwide and soon to be a Hollywood film. 'Fans of Nesbø and Larsson won't be disappointed' Publishers Weekly Lumikki Andersson may be innocent, but she's no Snow White . . . Three and a half months have passed since Lumikki was left for dead in a snowdrift, a bullet wound in her thigh and frostbite creeping into her skin. But the scorchingly hot streets of Prague in summer provide a welcome contrast to that terrifying time, and now Lumikki just wants to move on - forget the events of the past year - and escape her parent's oppressive concern. She's alone again, which is just how she likes it. But Lumikki's peaceful solitude is about to be shattered. She is approached on the street by a nervous young woman, who, unbelievably, thinks she might be Lumikki's long-lost sister. Lumikki is unconvinced - although Zelenka's story seems to ring true, there's something weird about her. Something jumpy, and suspicious. And it turns out Lumikki is right to be wary, as Zelenka is part of a dangerous religious cult. On the run for her life again, Lumikki must once more draw on her all her powers of resolve and strength if she is to survive.
Author: Liza Marklund
Publisher: Vintage Canada
ISBN: 0307358615
Pages: 400
Year: 2014-10-14
View: 762
Read: 374
"It's obvious why Liza Marklund is such a popular writer, and so beloved by her loyal fans. Her voice is crisp and clean, and she has a knack for building beautifully elaborate and suspenseful plots. Her storytelling captivates readers, keeping them guessing right to the end with twists and turns you never see coming....I am but one member of a steadily growing group of loyal fans." Karin Slaughter Borderline is the ninth novel featuring crime reporter Annika Bengtzon. One afternoon, a young woman is found dead and covered with snow behind a nursery school in a Stockholm suburb. She is the fourth victim in a short time with the same characteristics: a young mother, stabbed from behind. In the editorial offices of Kvällspressen they sense a serial killer, but crime reporter Annika dismisses it as wild fantasies. Meanwhile, her husband, Thomas is attending an international conference in Nairobi, Kenya. During a reconnaissance trip to the Somali border the entire delegation of seven European envoys is kidnapped. As the murder spree in Stockholm continues and speculation of a serial killer arises also in the Police Department, Annika is dragged into a violent hostage situation that shakes both Europe and East Africa. The demands from the kidnappers are impossible and unreasonable. When the demands are rejected, the kidnappers begin to execute the hostages, one by one. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Thin Ice
Author: Quentin Bates
Publisher: Constable
ISBN: 1472121503
Pages: 288
Year: 2016-03-03
View: 1282
Read: 995
Snowed in with a couple of psychopaths for the winter... When two small-time crooks rob Reykjavik's premier drugs dealer, hoping for a quick escape to the sun, their plans start to unravel after their getaway driver fails to show. Tensions mount between the pair and the two women they have grabbed as hostages when they find themselves holed upcountry in an isolated hotel that has been mothballed for the season. Back in the capital, Gunnhildur, Eiríkur and Helgi find themselves at a dead end investigating what appear to be the unrelated disappearance of a mother, her daughter and their car during a day's shopping, and the death of a thief in a house fire. Gunna and her team are faced with a set of riddles but as more people are quizzed it begins to emerge that all these unrelated incidents are in fact linked. And at the same time, two increasingly desperate lowlifes have no choice but to make some big decisions on how to get rid of their accidental hostages...
Names in Focus
Author: Terhi Ainiala, Minna Saarelma, Paula Sjöblom
Publisher: BoD - Books on Demand
ISBN: 9522223875
Pages: 288
Year: 2018-03-16
View: 1269
Read: 294
Names in Focus delves deep into the vast field of Finnish onomastics, covering place names, personal names, animal names, commercial names and names in literature. It provides the history and current trends in this area of research, and also supplements international terminology with the Finnish point of view on the subject. Brimming with examples and clear explanations, the book can be enjoyed by the most studious of researchers as well as the casual reader who has a genuine interest in the study of names.
Breathing Into Marble
Author: Laura Sintija Cerniauskaite
ISBN: 0995560005
Pages: 183
Year: 2016
View: 423
Read: 263

Vintage Knits
Author: Sarah Dallas
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743224566
Pages: 128
Year: 2002-08-20
View: 730
Read: 469
Clear, detailed instructions, accompanied by full-color and black-and-white photographs, introduce thirty knitting patterns, updated and reinterpreted versions of vintage designs from the Yesterknits Museum. Original. 20,000 first printing.