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Pocket Guide to the Afterlife
Author: Jason Boyett
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470501286
Pages: 224
Year: 2009-07-08
View: 718
Read: 918
"Fearless, deep, and snarky. And did I mention funny? Oh my goodness this guy is funny." —Dean Nelson, author, God Hides in Plain Sight, and director, Writer's Symposium by the Sea at Point Loma Where do we go when we die? Will we have personal chats with God on fluffy clouds? What are the odds I will be devoured by a demon? Life's deepest mysteries question what happens when life is over. With Pocket Guide to the Afterlife, Jason Boyett becomes your tour guide to the Great Beyond. From the profound to the profane, from the light at the end of the tunnel to your ascension to the celestial void, here's everything you need to know this side of the everlasting Unknown, including What to expect upon arrival in destinations like Heaven, Purgatory, and the Chinvat Bridge Whether your understanding of the Christian Hell comes from the Bible or from an Italian poet Which dream scenarios you'll want to avoid because they predict your impending demise Why defibrillators are so important when it comes to having near-death experiences Pondering your eventual demise has never been so much fun.
Pocket Guide to Sainthood
Author: Jason Boyett
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 047050045X
Pages: 176
Year: 2009-06-24
View: 1250
Read: 969
"Boyett's witty, weird, and sometimes even wise Pocket Guides are proof that the best things do come in small packages." —Daniel Radosh, author, Rapture Ready! We name our cities, hospitals, and churches after them. We flock to shrines bearing their remains. We ask for their help when we lose our keys. Who are these saints, what made them so holy, and what in the world are those birds doing on St. Francis's shoulder? Jason Boyett's Pocket Guide to Sainthood takes an intriguing and unflinching look at the fascinating—and fascinatingly weird—lives of the saints. Whether you are a Catholic desperately needing a patron, or a Protestant trying to identify your cabbie's bobblehead, this may be as close as you ever come to true holiness. Make the most of it by learning How St. Denis delivered his best sermon while holding his own decapitated head Why both hair shirts and nakedness are mainstays of saintly fashion Which saints are the patrons of bowel disorders, serial killers, and other useful categories What is involved in the canonization process, should you get so lucky?or martyred With Pocket Guide to Sainthood, virtue just got a whole lot more entertaining.
Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse
Author: Jason Boyett
Publisher: Relevant Media Group
ISBN: 0976035715
Pages: 144
Year: 2005-03-01
View: 284
Read: 974
A humorous look at our culture's ongoing obsession with the "End Times", features chapters such as "Apocalyptionary: A Glossary of the End Times" and "Fun with Eschatology." Original.
Pocket Guide to the Bible
Author: Jason Boyett
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470498803
Pages: 210
Year: 2009-06-29
View: 425
Read: 1174
"Jason Boyett's Pocket Guides are smart and hilarious. And they're sneaky too: You don't realize how much you're learning because you're having so much fun." —AJ Jacobs, author, The Year of Living Biblically Americans consistently identify the Bible as the most influential book in history, but seriously: are you really reading it? Probably not. If all you know about the Bible are a few Psalms and the Christmas story, then you're missing out on a book that's wilder, weirder, and more entertaining than you ever imagined. With a stealthy combo of entertainment and insight, Jason Boyett's Pocket Guide to the Bible fills the gaps in your religious education. It introduces you to the characters you must know, reveals the thrilling development of the biblical canon, and details the less-churchy parts of Scripture (hello, sex and violence!). Don't miss out on discovering How God employs talking donkeys, mentally unstable prophets, and helpful prostitutes in his master plan Which moral failures may result in an old-fashioned smiting Why Catholic Bibles include books some Protestants refuse to recognize Whether your New International Version of the Bible may in fact be demonic With Pocket Guide to the Bible, you'll finally realize what's so good about the Good Book.
The Pocket Guide to the Afterlife
Author: Augusta Moore, Elizabeth Ripley
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
ISBN: 1596915846
Pages: 160
Year: 2008-12-23
View: 187
Read: 1180
A cleverly illustrated handbook to forty of the world’s most fascinating religions, complete with tips on how to make it to the Eternal Plane of your choosing. Are you a virtuous person with no religion to call your own? Have you finished planning your life but can’t decide what to do when it ends? Do you sometimes just get curious about Wiccan religious beliefs? I f you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re in luck. In this essential guide to the afterlife, authors Augusta Moore and Elizabeth Ripley take us through religions from Ásatrú to Zoroastrianism, outlining their views of damnation, apocalypse, reincarnation, and more. Do you long to live out eternity on your very own planet? Check out the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Would you rather just lay out on the beach until the end of time? Druidism may be for you. Are you more of a stoic, no-frills type? Nirvana may be just what you need. Filled with handy diagrams, illustrations, and fun facts about each religion, The Pocket Guide to the Afterlife is the only book you’ll need for the rest of eternity.
A Guy's Guide to Life
Author: Jason Boyett
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 1418534552
Pages: 224
Year: 2010-06-20
View: 878
Read: 916
A Guy's Guide to Life: How to Become a Man in 224 Pages or Less is a teenage guy’s handbook to becoming a man with a healthy mind, body, and soul. What does society want of teen guys? To be independent, tough, and macho? To be a sensitive, caring metrosexual? To excel in school and sports and business? The challenges are many, and we haven't even mentioned the most important-and most frightening-topic of conversation: girls. The road to manhood is a perilous one. Guys need a guidebook, one that asks and answers the questions they're reluctant to discuss. They need a book that addresses the myths of manhood with a straightforward approach teenage guys will appreciate and absorb. Author Jason Boyett understands what many fail to realize—that somewhere between the awkwardness and braggadocio, the goofiness and the developing body, there is a real person struggling to make his mark on the world.
Pocket Guide to Adulthood
Author: Jason Boyett
Publisher: Relevant Books
ISBN: 0976817500
Pages: 227
Year: 2005-10-01
View: 733
Read: 727
Boyett condenses the road to Grownupville into a highly informative, highly entertaining little package. Brimming with financial suggestions, decision-making guidelines, and practical advice, this handbook is "the" instruction manual on how to thrive as a twentysomething.
12 Major World Religions
Author: Jason Boyett
Publisher: Zephyros Press
ISBN: 1623156920
Pages: 302
Year: 2016-08-30
View: 976
Read: 564
For billions of people, having a religious belief system provides purpose in life. For some, religion serves as a guide for moral behavior. Today's world is one in which our understanding of world religions is both understatedly important, as well as increasingly complex. After many years exploring the foundations of various world religions, Jason Boyett has written this comprehensive, easy-to-understand exploration of the twelve major world religions through a meticulous, yet unbiased lens. 12 Major World Religions offers an impartial look at where each of these belief systems intersects, how they differ, and why some have been―or are currently―misunderstood.
Books in Print 2009-2010
ISBN: 0835250199
Year: 2009
View: 1322
Read: 1160

O Me of Little Faith
Author: Jason Boyett
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310563348
Pages: 224
Year: 2010-04-27
View: 450
Read: 580
In this O Me of Little Faith Ebook, author Jason Boyett brings you a transparent and personal account of his own of struggles with doubts and unbelief in living out his faith. With humor and frankness, Boyett uses personal anecdotes and a fresh look at Scripture to explore the realities of pursuing Christ through a field of doubt.After three decades of knowing God, understanding Christianity, and living a Christian life, Boyett has come to the place where he can voice the tough questions and travel the road of uncertainty with blinders off, candor on. The message along the way is one of encouragement: Relax. Rely on the grace of a merciful God, a kind father who realizes that his finite creatures must have doubts, should have questions, and will have trouble making sense of an infinite Creator. Ultimately, Boyett concludes that doubt and faith are not polar opposites, but actually work together, existing side-by-side. Uplifting, entertaining, hopeful, O Me of Little Faith will strike a chord with you and any Christian who's dealing with the uncertainties of living life in pursuit of a God who occasionally seems to disappear.
Heaven's Morning Breaks
Author: David Winter
ISBN: 0857464760
Pages: 144
Year: 2016-07-22
View: 708
Read: 1321
The Bible - especially the New Testament - has plenty to say about resurrection and heaven, but many Christians struggle to make sense of what it actually means in practice. David Winter's accessible book explores the biblical teaching on what happens after death and considers what difference this can make to our lives here and now. He also shows how we can present what we believe about eternity as a source of hope to our sceptical, anxious world.
Dancing Past the Dark
Author: Nancy Evans Bush
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 0985191708
Pages: 299
Year: 2012-04-11
View: 652
Read: 1192
The tinge of centuries colors the way we hear today’s near-death experiences and what we make of them. Why should some individuals tell of blissful heights of spiritual experience while others believe themselves at the depths, lost in the stars or consigned to hell? (Behind the scenes, every listener wonders: “And could that happen to me?”) Dancing Past the Dark: Distressing Near-Death Experiences, the first comprehensive exploration of disturbing NDEs and how people interpret them, is packed with solid information and first-person narratives that, although marked by dismaying and even terrifying features, turn out to have something vital to say about life itself. Sweeping from research findings to a review of the cultural evolution of hell through a thoughtful analysis of how individuals interpret and ascribe meaning to their near-death experiences, the author, a longtime researcher of these NDEs, brings study data and years of personal insights to the questions that swirl around the topic, providing a wealth of viewpoints and ways of thinking about the subject that will be new to many readers. “Engagingly written,” as one reviewer says, the book’s breadth makes this a landmark in the near-death literature, must reading for anyone curious about NDEs, especially readers wondering how to make sense of such an experience and caregivers in critical care, pastoral, therapeutic, and end-of-life settings. PMH Atwater says, “Dancing Past the Dark is what we have all been waiting for. ...This book is masterful—a must for any experiencer of a near-death state (no matter what kind), or a spiritual transformation, religious conversion, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, mystical and shamanic breakthroughs, or any type of encounter with the numinous. Narratives are one thing, the story experiencers tell, but understanding that story, finding meaning, is all important!"
Jitterbug Perfume
Author: Tom Robbins
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0553897926
Pages: 352
Year: 2003-06-17
View: 176
Read: 1024
Jitterbug Perfume is an epic. Which is to say, it begins in the forests of ancient Bohemia and doesn’t conclude until nine o’clock tonight (Paris time). It is a saga, as well. A saga must have a hero, and the hero of this one is a janitor with a missing bottle. The bottle is blue, very, very old, and embossed with the image of a goat-horned god. If the liquid in the bottle actually is the secret essence of the universe, as some folks seem to think, it had better be discovered soon because it is leaking and there is only a drop or two left. From the Trade Paperback edition.
The Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Matthew Joseph Bruccoli
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0684842505
Pages: 797
Year: 1998-04-15
View: 318
Read: 1311
F. Scott Fitzgerald is best known for his novels such as THE GREAT GATSBY, but during his all-too-brief literary life, he sold some 160 short stories to popular magazines. Here, noted scholar and biographer Matthew Bruccoli assembles in one volume the full scope of the best of Fitzgerald's short fiction. These 43 sparkling masterpieces are offered in a handsome Scribner Classics edition, perfect for the home library.
Heaven Is For Real Conversation Guide
Author: Todd Burpo
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 1418550698
Pages: 128
Year: 2011-11-07
View: 733
Read: 455
The best-selling book about heaven that has changed the world is now a DVD-based conversation kit for churches and small groups. In addition to learning more about what the Bible teaches about heaven, groups will hear first-hand from the Burpo family about Colton's experience in heaven and the way it has changed their lives. Each video session features Todd, Sonja, and Colton, and is filmed interview-style with Natalie Tysdal, the Denver FOX/CW News reporter whose initial interview with the family has gone viral on the internet. The Conversation Guide will take group members through key Bible passages about heaven, helping them understand more about who goes to heaven, when they go there, and what heaven is like. Features include: 5 sessions of study for group members For use with DVD sessions (ISBN 9781418550660) Conversation Guide written for both believers and non-believers in accessible language to help group members discover what the Bible teaches about heaven

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