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Nichts als die Nacht
Author: John Williams
Publisher: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag
ISBN: 3423434074
Pages: 160
Year: 2017-09-08
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Das erste Werk des Autors des Weltbestsellers ›Stoner‹ Das Leben des jungen Arthur Maxley scheint beherrscht von Müßiggang und einem nie verwundenen Trauma aus der Kindheit. Einen Abend, eine Nacht lang, folgen wir Arthur. Zunächst zu einem Dinner mit seinem Vater, den er viele Jahre nicht gesehen hat. Etwas Schwerwiegendes steht zwischen ihnen, Schuld und Scham lasten auf dieser Begegnung, deren hoffnungsloses und abruptes Ende einen Vorgeschmack gibt auf das verheerende Finale dieser Nacht. Die Straßen und Bars des nächtlichen San Francisco sind die Kulisse, vor der sich Arthurs innerer Abgrund auftut. Während er der sinnlichen Verführung durch eine fremde Schöne nachgibt, enthüllt sich Arthurs ganze existenzielle Not: Sein Begehren ist tiefer, als dass erotische oder sexuelle Erfüllung es befriedigen könnten. Mit einem Nachwort von Simon Strauß
Nothing But the Night
Author: John Williams
Publisher: University of Arkansas Press
ISBN: 1557281130
Pages: 123
Year: 1990-01
View: 168
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(John Williams') first undertaking is carried out with a success that compels admiration. Mr. Williams has an uncommonly fine ear and uncommonly sensitive perceptions. -- St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Author: John Williams
Publisher: New York Review of Books
ISBN: 1590179285
Pages: 288
Year: 2015-11-03
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"Born the child of a poor farmer in Missouri, William Stoner is urged by his parents to study new agriculture techniques at the state university. Digging instead into the texts of Milton and Shakespeare, Stoner falls under the spell of the unexpected pleasures of English literature, and decides to make it his life. Stoner is the story of that life"--Publisher description (January 2007).
The Stolen Kiss
Author: Brenna Lane
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1477221506
Pages: 168
Year: 2012-07-11
View: 1270
Read: 770
Rella Cherish, who has been brought up in a well-to-do proper English home, understands what high society expects from her. But when she goes to visit her grandmother for the summer in the city, a surprising event happens. In order to escape from pursuing lawmen, a young man swings her into his arms and steals a kiss. Before Rella can find out who this mysterious stranger is, he vanishes. She must discover who this young man, who has not only stolen a kiss but possibly her heart, is before her father unexpectedly calls her home. Will her dream of marrying for love come true or will she bow to her father’s wishes and be separated from the man she truly loves?
Dream Story
Author: Arthur Schnitzler
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141960124
Pages: 128
Year: 1999-07-01
View: 783
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This wonderful translation of Dream Story will allow a fresh generation of readers to enjoy this beautiful, heartless and baffling novella. Dream Story tells how through a simple sexual admission a husband and wife ware driven apart into rival worlds of erotic revenge.
Mademoiselle de Scudéri
Author: Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann
Publisher: Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann
ISBN: 6050478503
Year: 2016-07-12
View: 523
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E. T. A. Hoffmann's novella, "Mademoiselle de Scudéri. A Tale from the Times of Louis XIV" ["Das Fräulein von Scuderi. Erzählung aus dem Zeitalter Ludwig des Vierzehnten"], was first published in 1819 in "Yearbook for 1820. Dedicated to Love and Friendship" ["Taschenbuch für das Jahr 1820. Der Liebe und Freundschaft gewidmet"]. It later was included in the third volume of the four-volume collection of novellas and fairytales that was published between 1819 and 1821 under the title "The Serapion Brethren" ["Die Serapionsbrüder"]. The 1819 edition was an immediate commercial and critical success and led to Hoffmann's becoming a popular and well-paid author (Feldges & Stadler 1986, 153). The novella still is widely regarded as one of Hoffmann's best, not only because of its exciting, suspenseful plot and interesting descriptions of life, places, and people in late 17th-century Paris but also because of the many different levels of interpretation that it allows (Feldges & Stadler 1986, 158–167; Kaiser 1988, 75).
Butcher's Crossing
Author: John Williams
Publisher: New York Review of Books
ISBN: 1590174240
Pages: 296
Year: 2011-03-30
View: 1207
Read: 1085
In his National Book Award–winning novel Augustus, John Williams uncovered the secrets of ancient Rome. With Butcher’s Crossing, his fiercely intelligent, beautifully written western, Williams dismantles the myths of modern America. It is the 1870s, and Will Andrews, fired up by Emerson to seek “an original relation to nature,” drops out of Harvard and heads west. He washes up in Butcher’s Crossing, a small Kansas town on the outskirts of nowhere. Butcher’s Crossing is full of restless men looking for ways to make money and ways to waste it. Before long Andrews strikes up a friendship with one of them, a man who regales Andrews with tales of immense herds of buffalo, ready for the taking, hidden away in a beautiful valley deep in the Colorado Rockies. He convinces Andrews to join in an expedition to track the animals down. The journey out is grueling, but at the end is a place of paradisal richness. Once there, however, the three men abandon themselves to an orgy of slaughter, so caught up in killing buffalo that they lose all sense of time. Winter soon overtakes them: they are snowed in. Next spring, half-insane with cabin fever, cold, and hunger, they stagger back to Butcher’s Crossing to find a world as irremediably changed as they have been.
On Chesil Beach
Author: Ian McEwan
Publisher: Vintage Canada
ISBN: 0307371212
Pages: 176
Year: 2009-02-24
View: 250
Read: 521
NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE The #1 bestselling author of Saturday and Atonement brilliantly illuminates the collision of sexual longing, deep-seated fears and romantic fantasy in his unforgettable, emotionally engaging novel. The year is 1962. Florence, the daughter of a successful businessman and an aloof Oxford academic, is a talented violinist. She dreams of a career on the concert stage and of the perfect life she will create with Edward, the earnest young history student she met by chance and who unexpectedly wooed her and won her heart. Edward grew up in the country on the outskirts of Oxford where his father, the headmaster of the local school, struggled to keep the household together and his mother, brain-damaged from an accident, drifted in a world of her own. Edward’ s native intelligence, coupled with a longing to experience the excitement and intellectual fervour of the city, had taken him to University College in London. Falling in love with the accomplished, shy and sensitive Florence--and having his affections returned with equal intensity--has utterly changed his life. Their marriage, they believe, will bring them happiness, the confidence and the freedom to fulfill their true destinies. The glowing promise of the future, however, cannot totally mask their worries about the wedding night. Edward, who has had little experience with women, frets about his sexual prowess. Florence’s anxieties run deeper: she is overcome by conflicting emotions and a fear of the moment she will surrender herself. From the precise and intimate depiction of two young lovers eager to rise above the hurts and confusion of the past, to the touching story of how their unexpressed misunderstandings and fears shape the rest of their lives, On Chesil Beach is an extraordinary novel that brilliantly, movingly shows us how the entire course of a life can be changed--by a gesture not made or a word not spoken.
Barbarian Spring
Author: Jonas Lüscher
Publisher: Haus Publishing
ISBN: 1908323841
Pages: 192
Year: 2015-03-15
View: 670
Read: 1176
On a business trip to Tunisia, Preising, a leading Swiss industrialist, is invited to spend the week with the daughter of a local gangster. He accompanies her to the wedding of two London city traders at a desert luxury resort that was once the site of an old Berber oasis. With the wedding party in full swing and the bride riding up the aisle on a camel, no one is aware that the global financial system stands on the brink of collapse. As the wedding guests nurse their hangovers, they learn that the British pound has depreciated tenfold, and their world begins to crumble around them. So begins Barbarian Spring, the debut novel from Jonas Lüscher, a major emerging voice in European fiction. The timely and unusual novel centers on a culture clash between high finance and the value system of the Maghreb. Provocative and entertaining, Barbarian Spring is a refreshingly original and all-too-believable satire for our times.
Jew's Beech
Author: Annette von Droste-Hulshoff
Publisher: Alma Books
ISBN: 0714547638
Year: 2018-01-01
View: 586
Read: 966
Based on a true story, this haunting tale centers on two brutal murders--the first of a local forester and the second of a Jewish moneylender near a beech tree--and the impact these events have on the life of Friedrich Mergel, a herdsman with a turbulent family history. A prototype of the murder mystery and a thoughtful examination of village society, this intriguing novella contains hints of the Gothic and the uncanny, including ominous thunderstorms, mysterious disappearances, eerie doppelgangers and grizzly discoveries, as well as a famously ambiguous climax.
Stille Nacht
Author: Manesse Verlag
Publisher: Manesse Verlag
ISBN: 3641133270
Pages: 448
Year: 2013-10-21
View: 1279
Read: 851
Weihnachtszeit ist Klassikerzeit! Alle Jahre wieder will der Mitmensch beschenkt sein. Manesse hilft mit einem neu zusammengestellten festlichen Auswahlband aus der alljährlichen Geschenkverlegenheit. Inmitten einer Flut an Weihnachtsliteratur: Ein Buch, das feierlich auf Bethlehem einstimmt, und eine Gabe, die dem noblen Schenker ebenso zur Ehre gereicht wie dem Beschenkten. Die Sammlung bekannter und weniger bekannter Meistererzählungen aus der Weltliteratur ist eine willkommene Verlockung für jedermann. Mit 14 stimmungsvollen, feierlichen und unfeierlichen Weihnachtserzählungen u.a. von O. Henry, Guy de Maupassant, Nikolaj Gogol, Arthur Conan Doyle, Emilia Pardo Bazán und Alexander Kielland.
Marked by Midnight
Author: Lara Adrian
Publisher: Lara Adrian, LLC
ISBN: 1939193990
Pages: 100
Year: 2014-04-29
View: 1099
Read: 283
MARKED BY MIDNIGHT A Midnight Breed Novella Midnight Breed: Book 11.5 Determined to solve a string of brutal slayings in London, vampire warrior Mathias Rowan is forced to seek the help of Nova, a fiery tattoo artist who ignites an unexpected, yet undeniable, passion in the grim Order enforcer. Nova’s shadowy connections and dark talents may be Mathias’s best hope of unmasking a treacherous enemy...but falling for a woman with her dangerous past will risk both their hearts and their lives.
Fräulein Else
Author: Arthur Schnitzler
Publisher: Pushkin Press
ISBN: 1908968729
Pages: 112
Year: 1998-02-24
View: 637
Read: 1314
While staying with her aunt at a fashionable spa, Else receives an unexpected telegram from her mother, begging her to save her father from debtor's jail. The only way out, it seems, is to approach an elderly acquaintance in order to borrow money from him. Through this telegram, Else is forced into the reality of a world entirely at odds with her romantic imagination – with horrific consequences.

Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3476036510
View: 1145
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Sleepless Night
ISBN: 193993169X
Year: 2019-05-07
View: 443
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