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Author: Chris Clearfield, András Tilcsik
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0735222649
Pages: 304
Year: 2018-03-20
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A groundbreaking take on how complexity causes failure in all kinds of modern systems--from social media to air travel--this practical and entertaining book reveals how we can prevent meltdowns in business and life "Endlessly fascinating, brimming with insight, and more fun than a book about failure has any right to be, Meltdown will transform how you think about the systems that govern our lives. This is a wonderful book."--Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit and Smarter Faster Better A crash on the Washington, D.C. metro system. An accidental overdose in a state-of-the-art hospital. An overcooked holiday meal. At first glance, these disasters seem to have little in common. But surprising new research shows that all these events--and the myriad failures that dominate headlines every day--share similar causes. By understanding what lies behind these failures, we can design better systems, make our teams more productive, and transform how we make decisions at work and at home. Weaving together cutting-edge social science with riveting stories that take us from the frontlines of the Volkswagen scandal to backstage at the Oscars, and from deep beneath the Gulf of Mexico to the top of Mount Everest, Chris Clearfield and András Tilcsik explain how the increasing complexity of our systems creates conditions ripe for failure and why our brains and teams can't keep up. They highlight the paradox of progress: Though modern systems have given us new capabilities, they've become vulnerable to surprising meltdowns--and even to corruption and misconduct. But Meltdown isn't just about failure; it's about solutions--whether you're managing a team or the chaos of your family's morning routine. It reveals why ugly designs make us safer, how a five-minute exercise can prevent billion-dollar catastrophes, why teams with fewer experts are better at managing risk, and why diversity is one of our best safeguards against failure. The result is an eye-opening, empowering, and entirely original book--one that will change the way you see our complex world and your own place in it.
Author: Thomas E. Woods, Jr.
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1596981067
Pages: 194
Year: 2009-02-09
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With a foreword from Ron Paul, Meltdown is the free-market answer to the Fed-created economic crisis. As the new Obama administration inevitably calls for more regulations, Woods argues that the only way to rebuild our economy is by returning to the fundamentals of capitalism and letting the free market work.
Author: Patrick J. Michaels
Publisher: Cato Institute
ISBN: 1930865791
Pages: 271
Year: 2005
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Why do scientists so often offer dire predictions about the future of the environment? In Meltdown, climatologist Patrick Michaels argues that the way we do science today creates a culture of exaggeration and a political comunity that then takes credit for having saved us from certain doom.
Author: Mike Chinoy
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1429930233
Pages: 432
Year: 2010-03-22
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When George W. Bush took office in 2001, North Korea's nuclear program was frozen and Kim Jong Il had signaled he was ready to negotiate. Today, North Korea possesses as many as ten nuclear warheads, and possibly the means to provide nuclear material to rogue states or terrorist groups. How did this happen? Drawing on more than two hundred interviews with key players in Washington, Seoul, Tokyo, and Beijing, including Colin Powell, John Bolton, and ex–Korean president Kim Dae-jung, as well as insights gained during fourteen trips to Pyongyang, Mike Chinoy takes readers behind the scenes of secret diplomatic meetings, disputed intelligence reports, and Washington turf battles as well as inside the mysterious world of North Korea. Meltdown provides a wealth of new material about a previously opaque series of events that eventually led the Bush administration to abandon confrontation and pursue negotiations, and explains how the diplomatic process collapsed and produced the crisis the Obama administration confronts today.
The Meltdown
Author: Jeff Kinney
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 1743771592
Pages: 224
Year: 2018-10-30
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When a wintry blast closes Greg Heffley's middle school, it turns his neighbourhood into a battleground, complete with snow forts, alliances, betrayals, and epic snowball fights.
Melt Down
Author: Edward W. Robertson
Publisher: Edward W. Robertson
Pages: 429
Year: 2014-01-19
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In upstate Idaho, Ness Hook is run out of his mom's house by his bullying brother Shawn. In Redding, California, Tristan Carter is graduating college, but with no job and no prospects, she'll have to move back in with her parents. Then the world ends. After Ness discovers his best friend dead of disease, Shawn takes their family to the mountains to wait out the plague. As Tristan's parents fall sick, she's left to care for her younger brother Alden. Both sets of siblings dig in for the long haul. Humanity is reduced to splinters. And then the creatures who sent the virus appear in the sky. Flushed from the mountains, Shawn and Ness join a tribe at a nuclear power plant, where they plan to launch a guerrilla war against the invaders. In California, Tristan and Alden are taken prisoner. Separated from her brother, Tristan crosses the ruins of America to track him down. She will stop at nothing to get Alden back--but her fellow survivors prove even more dangerous than the monsters who broke the world. ~ Melt Down is the second book in the post-apocalyptic Breakers series. The series to date includes Outcome, Breakers, Melt Down, Knifepoint, Reapers, and Cut Off.
Money Meltdown
Author: Judy Shelton
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439188467
Pages: 412
Year: 2009-11-24
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In this analysis, Shelton calls for a unified international monetary regime—a new Bretton Woods—to lay the foundation for worldwide stability and prosperity in the post-Cold War era. Despite worldwide rhetoric about free trade and the global economy, the leading economic powers have done little to address the most insidious form of protectionism—the inherently unstable international monetary system. In outlining steps toward a new world monetary structure, Judy Shelton elevates the needs of individual producers—who actually create wealth in the global economy—over the programmes of governments.
Author: Jill Murphy
Publisher: Candlewick Press
ISBN: 0763689262
Pages: 40
Year: 2016-09-13
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An outing to the grocery store quickly devolves into a power struggle between a frustrated mother rabbit and her exuberant toddler Ruby.
Author: Paul Mason
Publisher: Verso Books
ISBN: 1844673960
Pages: 198
Year: 2009-01
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Presents a sobering account of the global financial collapse that has pushed the world economy toward a major recession, identifying what the author believes to be the sources of the collapse while making cautionary predictions about a potential rise of hyper-regulated capitalism.
Author: Andy McNab, Robert Rigby
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 039924686X
Pages: 248
Year: 2008
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Eighteen-year-old Danny Watts and his grandfather Fergus, an ex-SAS explosives expert, travel to England, Spain, and Germany, in a life-or-death race to save the population from the spread of a lethal new drug that has been unleashed by terrorists.
Author: Ben Elton
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1409085783
Pages: 480
Year: 2009-11-24
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For amiable City trader Jimmy Corby money was the new Rock n' Roll. His whole life was a party, adrenalin charged and cocaine fuelled. If he hadn't met Monica he would probably have ended up either dead or in rehab. But Jimmy was as lucky in love as he was at betting on dodgy derivatives, so instead of burning out, his star just burned brighter than ever. Rich, pampered and successful, Jimmy, Monica and their friends lived the dream, bringing up their children with an army of domestic helps. But then it all came crashing down. And when the global financial crisis hit, Jimmy discovers that anyone can handle success. It's how you handle failure that really matters.
Hockey Meltdown
Author: Jake Maddox, Chris Kreie, Sean Tiffany
Publisher: Capstone
ISBN: 1434234266
Pages: 64
Year: 2011-08-01
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Although Dylan's wrist is healing from the pre-season injury, can he be part of the team if he is stuck on the bench?
Author: Katrina vanden Heuvel
Publisher: Nation Books
ISBN: 1568584334
Pages: 336
Year: 2009-01-09
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From the leading magazine on the left, an exose of the failures, lies and misdeeds that caused the financial collapse—and a plan for rescuing the country.
Author: Paul Craig Roberts, Katharine LaFollette
Publisher: Cato Institute
ISBN: 1937184188
Pages: 280
Year: 1990-09-01
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This book describes the irrational life of Soviet producers, the monstrous deprivation of Soviet consumers, and the ideological origins of the Soviet economy that have resulted in a system unable to bear the weight of being a superpower. The authors spell out the challenges that Gorbachev and his successors face. The penultimate chapter deals with the privatization of the Soviet economy. In the last chapter they document the failure of Western experts and pundits to create a true picture of the Soviet system.
Author: Keith West
Publisher: Evans Brothers
ISBN: 0237539454
Pages: 64
Year: 2009
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ENGLISH LITERATURE: PLAYS FOR CHILDREN. "Star Plays" is a series of short plays with strong storylines, ideal for reading aloud for performance in English and Drama. "Meltdown" is a futuristic story set in a world affected by climate change - buildings are collapsing everywhere and there's civil war. Anyone without a home is being rounded up and taken to camps. Two friends try and escape capture long enough to find their families, but get caught up between the government forces and the rebels. Ages 10+.