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Masterbuilt Smoker Cookbook
Author: Bob Jensen
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1515286525
Pages: 136
Year: 2015-07-29
View: 498
Read: 1028
NEW UPDATED EDITION: Thank you to our readers for submitting your comments. We've listened to you and fixed our mistakes and will always continue to do so. If you own a Masterbuilt electric smoker, this cookbook is the perfect guide to help you use your new machine. Electric smoker recipes make your life simpler than ever since electric smokers are basically "set it and forget it" type machines. We collected 100 of the best Masterbuilt Smoker Recipes for you to enjoy and show off to your friends and family. If you've ever wondered why your brisket isn't as good as one made by a true BBQ maestro, this book is for you. The truth is -- there is no magic secret!If you ever believed that all you needed was that one magic ingredient, special sauce, or secret temperature that will make your barbecue taste like heaven, then this book is not for you. The only secret to great BBQ is the passion to keep improving your recipe and technique over time. All great chefs know this, and that is why everything they touch tastes incredible. ANYONE can make excellent BBQ. It can be hard work if you don't know what you're doing. You need a guide that will hold your hand walk you through the process step-by-step. Most people are stunned at the fact that the pros follow a ridiculously simple smoking and grilling process: 1. It doesn't matter what smoker you use 2. Use decent wood 3. Using prime cuts of meat will instantly bring you better results 4. Salt-and-pepper are the only seasoning you need 5. 275° is the ideal temperature smoking meat You may be thinking that we just gave away all the "secrets" to incredible BBQ, so why do I need to buy this book? I could tell you that it includes 101 mouthwatering backyard recipes covering: - every type of meat you can think of - delicious smoked appetizers and small plates you can't find anywhere else - classic comfort foods with a twist (like Four Cheese Smoked Mac 'n' Cheese) - incredible desserts like Smoked Pineapple Sundae and Nutella smores - cold smoked artisanal cheeses If you think you can cook incredible BBQ with free recipes and information from the Internet, then why did you read this far? This book breaks down all the essential BBQ terms, smoking safety tips, smoking times and temperatures for various meats, how to select the best cuts of meat, and much more. Have you ever wondered how to smoke salmon? How to grill steaks? If you want to impress your friends and family, then you need this book.
Masterbuilt Smoker Cookbook
Author: James Houck
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1718884532
Pages: 66
Year: 2018-05-09
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Smoking is an integral part of cooking which elevates the taste of your food and makes it more intense. A Smokey dish can do wonders for you, when you want to cook something interesting and something new for your loved ones. Moreover, who does not like smoked and juicy meat? The smell of Smokey meat will surely motivate your loved ones to come and join hands together to enjoy the meal. So, with the help of Masterbuilt electric smoker, be a chef of everyone's choice and show the magic of your hands. This book will guide you all about the recipes which could be made with the Masterbuilt electric smoker; be it smoked Poultry, Seafood, Pork, or Beef. Within a few hours, your dining table will be decorated of Smoked delicacies without much of hassles. Give this treat to your family and see how a Masterbuilt smoker does the wonders.
Dadgum That's Good
Author: McLemore, John
Publisher: Time Inc. Books
ISBN: 0848756398
Pages: 96
Year: 2017-06-01
View: 727
Read: 1192
Since 1973, the McLemore family business, Masterbuilt, has developed cooking products and recipes to make your life simple. Dadgum That's Good! brings you more than 125 professionally-tested smoking, grilling, frying, boiling and steaming recipes, including 16 of John McLemore's signature recipes. Plus you'll find tips on: how to choose cuts of meat, fish, and poultry, keeping your pantry stocked with essential items, and getting the most out of your ingredients.
Smoke It Like a Pit Master with Your Electric Smoker
Author: Wendy O'Neal
Publisher: Ulysses Press
ISBN: 1612436331
Pages: 144
Year: 2016-10-18
View: 433
Read: 778
TIPS, TRICKS, AND SECRETS FOR USING AN ELECTRIC SMOKER TO ENHANCE THE TASTE OF MEATS, SEAFOOD, VEGGIES, FRUITS, CHEESE, NUTS AND MORE Create an authentic smokehouse taste in your own backyard with this step-by-step primer and flavor-filled cookbook. Follow its pro tips to become a true pit master. Then turn up the heat at your next barbecue with its mouthwatering recipes, including: • Sweet & Tangy Baby Back Ribs • Citrus Chicken Fajitas • Killer Stuffed Potato Skins • Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Jalapeños • Homemade Pastrami • Classic Texas Brisket • Cast-Iron Baked Beans • Cumin-Lime Shrimp Skewers Packed with 70 inspiring color photos, this book provides everything you need to satisfy family and impress guests, including wood chip pairings, temperature guidelines and finishing techniques. Your electric smoker is the most convenient and affordable appliance for effortless, delicious barbecuing, and this book is its must-have manual.
Masterbuilt Smoker Recipes for Smoker Cooking
Author: Assistant Professor of Religion Jack Downey, Jack Downey
ISBN: 1532957254
Pages: 116
Year: 2016-04-28
View: 395
Read: 373
Enjoy beautiful full color photos. "Masterbuilt Smoker Recipes Cookbook" is for beginners or advanced backyard chefs wanting to smoke beef, pork, poultry, fish or wild game. These smoker recipes are for mouth watering smoke flavored meats that will have you smoking like a pro in no time at all. The smoker cooking recipes can be used for electric smoker recipes, butane smoker recipes, charcoal smoker recipes and pit smoker recipes. Included are numerous special rub recipes and sauce recipes for endless variations of wood flavor smoked meats. The Types of Wood and Measurement Equivalent charts will make preparation simple and easy. Be sure buy the Masterbuilt Smokers Recipes Cookbook For Smoked Vegetables. Bonus book at the rear of the Wild Game Recipes.
The Unofficial Masterbuilt® Cookbook 2
Author: Smokin' Bob Jensen
Publisher: Cooking with a Foodie Press
ISBN: 1944797009
Pages: 224
Year: 2016-05-10
View: 647
Read: 1244
The Unofficial Masterbuilt Smoker Cookbook
The Complete Electric Smoker Cookbook
Author: Bill West
Publisher: Rockridge Press
ISBN: 162315877X
Pages: 198
Year: 2017-09-26
View: 1140
Read: 714
The ultimate guide to a smokin' good BBQ--The Complete Electric Smoker Cookbook heats the party up for you. Electric smokers make it easier than ever to perfect the age-old art of smoking meat, but how do you figure out the right timing, temperature, and wood pairings? Packed with expert tips and over 100 mouthwatering recipes for your preferred brand of electric smoker, The Complete Electric Smoker Cookbook is all you need to master the A-Zs of BBQ. The Complete Electric Smoker Cookbook contains: Expert Techniques--for every electric smoker including temperatures, times, wood types, rack placement, and more Over 100 Finger Lickin' Recipes--specifically designed for your brand of electric smoker, from popular meat and seafood recipes to side dishes and dessert Handy Guides--for the perfect BBQ from start to finish with menus, recipe pairings, and whiskey recommendations The Complete Electric Smoker Cookbook includes recipes such as: Buffalo Chipotle Wings, Smoked Beer Can Chicken, Hickory-Smoked Pork Loin, Fireball Whiskey Meatballs, Bourbon-Marinated Beef Roast, Cajun Shrimp, Peppercorn Tuna Steaks, Smoked Mac and Cheese, Smoked Brie with Brown Sugar and Pecans, and much more! Get ready to have a smokin' good time with The Complete Electric Smoker Cookbook.
Dadgum That's Good, Too!
Author: McLemore, John
Publisher: Time Inc. Books
ISBN: 0848756428
Pages: 96
Year: 2017-06-01
View: 532
Read: 361
With equal parts of Southern charm and tenacity, John McLemore has traveled the world over to show folks how to share the experience of making dadgum good food together at home. His best-selling cookbook, Dadgum, That's Good!, is still the resource for kickbutt recipes for smoking, grilling, frying, steaming and boiling. In Dadgum, That's Good, Too!, John brings even more mouthwatering food to the table, and introduces us to the heartbeat of his home his family and friends. Detailed smoking and grilling charts, signature brine and seasoning recipes, more tips, more stories, and even more dadgum good food make Dadgum, That s Good, Too! a must-have resource. You'll love meeting the folks who have influenced John's cooking and his life. With over 125 new recipes for smoking, grilling and frying, there's something for everyone.
Southern Living Ultimate Book of BBQ
Author: The Editors of Southern Living
Publisher: Time Home Entertainment
ISBN: 0848746546
Pages: 368
Year: 2015-04-14
View: 1128
Read: 856
The Ultimate Book of BBQ builds on the expertise of Southern Living magazine to create the definitive barbecue and outdoor grilling guide. The book features more than 200 of the highest-rated Southern Living recipes for barbecued meats and sides, plus pit-proven tips, techniques, and secrets for year-round smoking, grilling and barbecuing. With full color, step-by-step photos and mouthwatering recipes, this book includes everything the home cook needs to achieve first-rate backyard barbecue. Proven cooking techniques and equipment, expert advice from award-winning pitmasters, and a Rainy Day BBQ chapter with stovetop, oven, and slow-cooker options make this Southern Living's most definitive book on barbecue.
Real BBQ: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Smoker Cookbook
Author: Will Budiaman
Publisher: Callisto Media Inc.
ISBN: 1623156017
Pages: 172
Year: 2015-05-12
View: 649
Read: 1150
Prep It, Smoke It, Savor It--A Start-to-Finish Meat Smoking Guide There is no tried-and-true formula to smoke mouthwatering barbecue, which is part of the fun and part of the challenge. Don't be fooled, though. With Real BBQ, mastering your smoker may take time and patience, but it won't be complicated. Insider advice from celebrated pitmasters, step-by-step guidelines, and plenty of barbecue lore and wisdom demystify the art of smoking meat. With over 95 recipes to start cooking up your very own brisket, ribs, pulled pork, and other incredibly delicious barbecue, this trusty guide also boasts: Handy smoker illustrations and dozens of invaluable tips for smoking beef, pork, poultry, seafood, and other meatsBeginner, intermediate, and advanced recipe labels so that you can start simple and work your way to a challengeInspired ideas for amazing barbecue sides to round out your meals, including Summer Bean Salad, Dijon Potato Salad, and Southern-Style Collard GreensAll the sauces, rubs, brines, and marinades you need to move beyond a recipeA closer look at the regional barbecue styles of Texas, the Carolinas, Memphis, and Kansas CityWhether you are just breaking in your new smoker or looking to go beyond the basics, Real BBQ will give you the tools and tips you need to start smoking some brag-worthy 'cue. Recipes include: Beer Can Chicken, Hickory-Smoked Pork Belly, "All Day Long" Smoked Beef Brisket, Beach Barbecue Lobster Tails, Coffee-Rubbed Buffalo Steak
Masterbuilt Smoker Cookbook
Author: Mark Yothers
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1986715183
Pages: 66
Year: 2018-03-22
View: 999
Read: 964
I take immense pleasure to announce that I have come up with another handy guide full of recipes relating to Masterbuilt electric cookbook. This book includes some refined and picked recipes for each food group, that is, poultry, seafood, pork, and beef, providing you the fun to prepare and enjoy the delicious smoked meals with friends and family. Each recipe involves a handful of easily available ingredients put together to make a delicious meal. Each food category contains about 5-6 recipes for you to choose and select from. The recipes also include preferred sides to be served for better taste and flavors. The Masterbuilt electric smoker is one of the best innovations in the culinary world as it has made smoked meals a comfort food. Now you can easily smoke your favorite meat and enjoy it quickly. The book also explains the specifications of using an electric smoker and the right method to use it, with preferred wood chips. You have to go through a lot of varieties to choose from. Using this book, you can easily prepare anything ranging from quick starters or snacks to elaborate lunch or dinner meals. Explore the book, experiment with the food, and receive appreciation from your loved ones.
Cool Smoke
Author: Tuffy Stone
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1250137853
Pages: 288
Year: 2018-05-15
View: 1142
Read: 1077
Five time Barbecue World Champion Tuffy Stone’s complete guide to barbeque Flame, smoke, and meat—these simple elements combine to make great barbecue. Creating the perfect bite of tender, spicy, smoky barbecue is a science and an art form, and Tuffy Stone—five time World Champion Pitmaster, co-host and judge of Destination America’s BBQ Pitmasters, and co-owner of the award-winning Q Barbecue restaurants—has mastered it. Cool Smoke is the distillation of all his years of experience and wisdom. Inside you’ll find a wealth of barbecue information including: - How to choose the right cooker - The best way to trim a cut of meat - How to prepare your own brines, rubs, and sauces - Insider tips and hints for taking on the competition circuit - Over 100 creative, delicious recipes to make you a barbecue master The recipes include classic barbecue dishes with updated preparations like Smoked Ribs with Cherry Barbecue Sauce, Dove Breasts with Crispy Bacon and Chipotle White Sauce, and even the Holy Grail of barbecue: the Whole Hog. As no plate of ‘cue is complete without a generous helping of sides, there are also recipes for Corn Pudding with Poblano Pepper, Collard Greens with Pepper Relish, and Pineapple Hot Pot, along with delicious desserts like Frozen Coconut Lime Pie. For backyard barbecuers who are interested in taking on the competition circuit, Cool Smoke offers tips and tricks from one of the best in the business. Stone’s competition secrets—gleaned from more than a decade of success on the circuit—have never before been shared beyond the walls of his cook school in Richmond, Virginia. Cool Smoke gives an insider’s look behind the scenes and offers advice on creating perfect competition turn-ins that have made Stone a World Champion five times over. With mouthwatering recipes, over 200 hundred color photos, essential guides to cookers and equipment, and expert advice, Tuffy Stone’s Cool Smoke is the definitive guide to all things barbecue.
Electric Smoker Cookbook
Author: George Mills
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1983972614
Pages: 128
Year: 2018-01-17
View: 896
Read: 364
Do you own an exciting Electric Smoker? Are you getting the very most out of it or are you cooking the same old thing every weekend? Do you need a fresh approach to what you are cooking with it? Electric Smokers are a great invention and can produce amazing food. But, as with anything, you have to know what you are doing, otherwise you won't get the best out of it. Now, with Electric Smoker Cookbook: The Ultimate Electric Smoker Cookbook - Simple and Delicious Electric Smoker Recipes for Your Whole Family, you can start to produce delicious food like: Cajun smoked chicken Spicy smoked chicken thighs BBQ smoked baby back ribs Smoked beef brisket Lemon garlic crab legs Buttery smoked artichokes Smoked shrimp kabobs And more... Gone will be the days of just cooking sausages and burgers. Now, you can produce exciting and memorable food for the whole family and your friends to enjoy. And with sections that include rubs and sauces and even desserts, Electric Smoker Cookbook will help you create whole meals that everyone will love. Get a copy today and start cooking great food!
The Bradley Smoker Cookbook
Author: Lena Clayton
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1632207931
Pages: 176
Year: 2015-04-07
View: 266
Read: 1095
More and more people are turning away from fast and frozen foods and moving toward increased time cooking at home, farm to table concepts, and discovering that they can cook restaurant-quality food without a culinary degree. This book takes the art of smoking, a process that can be intimidating to the beginner, and demonstrates just how accessible it is. The Bradley Smoker Cookbook offers such recipes as: Sesame smoked duck over soba noodles Smoky peach cobbler Bacon—with three different finishes Smoked buffalo chicken potpie And much more! In partnership with world-renowned Bradley Smokers, which produces a range of smokers in various sizes, five of its online bloggers/pro staff will produce a cornucopia of recipes that anyone can duplicate with their own smoker—vegetables; appetizers; wild game; components that work in other stove-top, grilled, and oven-baked dishes; and a number of recipes for foods you wouldn’t normally associate with smoking. Skyhorse Publishing, along with our Good Books and Arcade imprints, is proud to publish a broad range of cookbooks, including books on juicing, grilling, baking, frying, home brewing and winemaking, slow cookers, and cast iron cooking. We’ve been successful with books on gluten-free cooking, vegetarian and vegan cooking, paleo, raw foods, and more. Our list includes French cooking, Swedish cooking, Austrian and German cooking, Cajun cooking, as well as books on jerky, canning and preserving, peanut butter, meatballs, oil and vinegar, bone broth, and more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.
Franklin Barbecue
Author: Aaron Franklin, Jordan Mackay
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
ISBN: 1607747219
Pages: 240
Year: 2015-04-07
View: 1002
Read: 859
A New York Times best selling complete meat- and brisket-cooking education from the country's most celebrated pitmaster and owner of the wildly popular Austin restaurant Franklin Barbecue. When Aaron Franklin and his wife, Stacy, opened up a small barbecue trailer on the side of an Austin, Texas, interstate in 2009, they had no idea what they’d gotten themselves into. Today, Franklin Barbecue has grown into the most popular, critically lauded, and obsessed-over barbecue joint in the country (if not the world)—and Franklin is the winner of every major barbecue award there is. In this much-anticipated debut, Franklin and coauthor Jordan Mackay unlock the secrets behind truly great barbecue, and share years’ worth of hard-won knowledge. Franklin Barbecue is a definitive resource for the backyard pitmaster, with chapters dedicated to building or customizing your own smoker; finding and curing the right wood; creating and tending perfect fires; sourcing top-quality meat; and of course, cooking mind-blowing, ridiculously delicious barbecue, better than you ever thought possible. From the Hardcover edition.