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La Discipline positive pour les adolescents
Author: Jane Nelsen
Publisher: Editions Toucan
ISBN: 2810006164
Pages: 384
Year: 2014-09-03
View: 821
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Une méthode pour des ados épanouis, autonomes, responsables, et des parents plus détendus ! L’adolescence est une période de transition et de bouleversements qui inquiète souvent les parents et tourmente ceux qui la traversent. A l’ère du numérique et des réseaux sociaux, le désir d’autonomie des jeunes transforment les relations et laissent parfois les parents désemparés. Comment garder le lien et un échange de qualité avec son adolescent ? Comment le motiver ? Comment l’accompagner sans l’assister ou le contrôler ? Comment développer des relations basées sur un véritable respect mutuel, sortir des conflits du quotidien et les aider à devenir acteurs de leurs vies ? La Discipline Positive propose une démarche éducative qui allie fermeté et bienveillance. Ni punitive ni permissive, elle offre aux parents des outils concrets pour poser avec leurs ados une autorité juste fondée sur l’encouragement et le développement des compétences socio-émotionnelles
Positive Discipline
Author: Jane Nelsen
Pages: 154
Year: 1981
View: 197
Read: 1064

Grow the Tree You Got
Author: Tom Sturges
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 110151499X
Pages: 288
Year: 2011-05-05
View: 885
Read: 886
A wise and inspiring guide to parenting through the extraordinary- and at times tumultuous-journey that is the adolescent and teenage years. When Tom Sturges became a father, he decided that he wanted to be one of the greatest father that ever walked the earth. But things became a bit more complicated when his older son turned ten, and the chatty kid he'd known suddenly started locking his bedroom door. Tom realized he needed to find a way to stay on track-he needed crib notes. So, if a parenting idea of technique worked well, he wrote it down. And if he stumbled across something another parent did that was particularly ingenious or exemplary, he wrote that down, too. In Grow the Tree You Got, Tom presents "golden rules" for raising happy, healthy, and compassionate adults. His mantra? It's impossible to show our children too much respect, but it's worth the effort to try.
Positive Time-Out
Author: Jane Nelsen, Ed.D.
Publisher: Harmony
ISBN: 0307794059
Pages: 192
Year: 2011-05-18
View: 693
Read: 306
Discover the Power of Positive Time-Out Time-out is one of the most popular disciplinary techniques used in homes and schools today. But instead of being the positive, motivating, experience it should be for children, it is often punitive, counterproductive, and damaging to their gentle psyches. In this book, bestselling parenting author Jane Nelsen shows you how to make time-out a positive learning experience for children. Inside, you'll discover how positive time-out can teach children the art of self-discipline and instill such invaluable qualities as self-confidence and problem-solving skills. You'll also learn how to: ·Make time-out an encouraging experience ·Develop an attitude and action plan to avoid power struggles with children ·Empower children by involving them in the behavior changing process ·Understand the mistaken goals of negative behavior "Gives parents and teachers the encouragement and tools they need to help children handle their own behavior."—Sheryl Hausinger, M.D., Texas Children's Pediatric Associates and mother of three "Offers more than 50 ways that parents can set limits while still encouraging their kids. It should be in every doctor's waiting room."—Jody McVittie, M.D., family physician From the Trade Paperback edition.
13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do
Author: Amy Morin
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062358316
Pages: 272
Year: 2014-12-23
View: 751
Read: 326
"Kick bad mental habits and toughen yourself up."—Inc. Master your mental strength—revolutionary new strategies that work for everyone from homemakers to soldiers and teachers to CEOs. Don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself Don’t give away your power Don’t shy away from change Don’t focus on things you can’t control Don’t worry about pleasing everyone Don’t fear taking calculated risks Don’t dwell on the past Don’t make the same mistakes over and over Don’t resent other people’s success Don’t give up after the first failure Don’t fear alone time Don’t feel the world owes you anything Don’t expect immediate results
Positive Discipline in the Classroom
Author: Jane Nelsen, Lynn Lott, H. Stephen Glenn
Publisher: Harmony
ISBN: 0770436579
Pages: 250
Year: 2013
View: 397
Read: 862
From the celebrated Positive Discipline series comes a guide for teachers who wish to foster respect, civility, and engagement in the classroom. This new edition is updated with essential tools for the modern teacher.
Positive Discipline for Teenagers
Author: Jane Nelsen, Lynn Lott
Publisher: Harmony
ISBN: 0770436552
Pages: 261
Year: 2012
View: 224
Read: 698
Shows parents how to build strong bridges of communication with their teenage children while avoiding common destructive parent-teen power struggles, stressing the importance of the Positive Discipline approach to parenting teenagers.
Positive Discipline for Children with Special Needs
Author: Jane Nelsen, Steven Foster
Publisher: Harmony
ISBN: 0307589838
Pages: 258
Year: 2011-03-08
View: 335
Read: 427
Over 2 Million Positive Discipline Books Sold! A Positive Approach To Helping Children With Special Needs Realize Their Potential Every child deserves to lead a happy and fulfilling life. For parents and teachers of children with special needs, helping their child to not only negotiate daily challenges, but to live fulfilling, meaningful lives, can be the most difficult challenge they will face. Over the years, millions of parents and teachers have come to trust Jane Nelsen’s classic Positive Discipline series for its consistent, commonsense approach to childrearing. Now, the bestselling series addresses the specific challenges that parents and teachers of children with special needs face, and offers them straightforward advice for supporting them in positive ways. In these pages are practical solutions to challenges such as: Learning to look beyond diagnostic labels ● Believing in each child's potential regardless of his/her stage of development ● Helping children integrate socially and interact with their peers ● Coping with the frustration that inevitably occurs when a child is being difficult ● Strengthening a child’s sense of belonging and significance ● And Many More! Use this book to answer such questions as: • How do you accommodate a disability, while still teaching a child to try their best? • How do you help a child cope with anger they may have trouble expressing, especially when that anger may on some level be justified? • How do you teach a child who may struggle with seemingly straight forward tasks to contribute to the world around them in a way that will be meaningful to them? “If you are raising or teaching a child with special needs, this book is a must-read. As the mother of a child with autism, my hopes and dreams for my son were no different than those of other parents. I wanted a parenting approach that helped my child grow up to be self confident, happy, and prepared for success in relationships, work, and life. I also needed practical, effective methods for addressing the significant, challenging behaviors I faced on a daily basis. Finally, in this amazing book, I found both….Thank you, thank you, thank you to the authors of this groundbreaking book.” - Rachel Fink Parks, MS, PCC From the Trade Paperback edition.
L'adolescence hypermoderne
Author: Jocelyn Lachance
Pages: 148
Year: 2013
View: 1038
Read: 573

Positive Discipline: The First Three Years
Author: Jane Nelsen, Ed.D., Cheryl Erwin, Roslyn Ann Duffy
Publisher: Harmony
ISBN: 030738313X
Pages: 304
Year: 2007-03-27
View: 984
Read: 940
Make a Difference During the Most Important Years of Your Child's Life The months leading up to the birth of a child are filed with joy, dreams, plans—and a few worries. As a caring parent, you want to start your child out in life on the proper foundation. But where do you go for the answers to such questions as: How do I communicate with an infant who doesn't understand words? How can I effectively teach boundaries to my toddler? Should I ever spank my child? Over the years, millions of parents just like you have come to trust Jane Nelsen's classic Positive Discipline series. These books offer a commonsense approach to child-rearing that so often is lacking in today's world. In Positive Discipline: The First Three Years, you'll learn how to use kind but firm support to raise a child who is both capable and confident. You'll find practical solutions and solid advice on how to: ·Encourage independence and exploration while providing appropriate boundaries ·Use non-punitive methods to instill valuable social skills and positive behavior inside and outside the home ·Recognize when your child is ready to master the challenges of sleeping, eating, and potty training, and how to avoid the power struggles that often come with those lessons ·Identify your child's temperament ·Understand what the latest research in brain development tells us about raising healthy children ·And much, much more! Containing real-life examples of challenges other parents and caregivers have faced, Positive Discipline: The First Three Years is the one book that no parent should be without. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Positive Discipline A-Z
Author: Jane Nelsen, Lynn Lott, H. Stephen Glenn
Publisher: Harmony
ISBN: 0307345572
Pages: 316
Year: 2007
View: 1266
Read: 428
Alphabetically organized for easy access, a comprehensive parenting manual offers parents advice on hundreds of parenting problems, such as temper tantrums, sibling rivalry, ADD, shyness, eating problems, bedtime hassles, and school problems. Original. 15,000 first printing.
Chores Without Wars
Author: Lynn Lott, Riki Intner
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing
ISBN: 1461733685
Pages: 200
Year: 2005-08-08
View: 951
Read: 853
Realistic and useful, Chores Without Wars (Practical Press [self-pub], then Prima; total sales 20,000) includes what the family needs to "turn housework into teamwork." Instead of family members falling into stereotypes, such as the super-mom and the spoiled child, this book suggests that a family built on the principles of reciprocity and teamwork can overcome the drudgeries of housework and lead children to value life skills necessary for their futures. Through chores, skills such as cooperation, planning ahead, managing money, and contribution are learned. More than 30% new material will appear in this 2nd ed.
La Discipline positive dans la classe
Author: Jane Nelsen, Lynn Lott
Publisher: Editions Toucan
ISBN: 2810007896
Pages: 352
Year: 2018-02-14
View: 579
Read: 801
La société change, et avec elle, la relation que les élèves entretiennent avec l’école, les savoirs et l’autorité. Dans les classes aujourd’hui, l’hyper connexion et le « zapping » entraînent aussi une attention plus dispersée des élèves alors que les programmes restent exigeants. Vous avez envie d’enseigner dans une ambiance apaisée et propice aux apprentissages ? Vous aimeriez passer moins de temps à tenter de contrôler les comportements inappropriés ? Vous aimeriez que les incidents soient une source de développement de compétences sociales, émotionnelles et civiques ? Vous aimeriez avoir des élèves motivés et curieux d’apprendre ? Considérant qu’il est essentiel d’impliquer les élèves, de stimuler efficacement leurs compétences en matière de recherches de solutions et de créer avec eux un climat qui favorise les apprentissages, la Discipline Positive offre des pistes et des outils efficaces pour poser les bases d’un climat de coopération et de respect mutuel dans les classes. Utilisée par de nombreux enseignants et équipes pédagogiques de la maternelle au post-bac, la discipline positive vous propose dans ce livre, des clés pratiques et faciles à mettre en place pour : Créer un climat de classe qui stimule les apprentissages et développe le sentiment d’appartenance Utiliser l’encouragement plutôt que les éloges et les récompenses Développer les compétences sociales des élèves par la mise en place de Temps d’Echange en Classe, structurés et focalisés sur la recherche de solutions (TEC) Comprendre en quoi l’implication des élèves dans la recherche de solutions est beaucoup plus efficace que la punition Pour trouver des réponses efficaces, identifier les buts qui sous-tendent les comportements inappropriés plutôt que d’en chercher les causes. Contribuer à la formation de la personne et du citoyen.
Beyond Intelligence
Author: Dr. Dona Matthews, Dr. Joanne Foster
Publisher: House of Anansi
ISBN: 1770894780
Pages: 280
Year: 2014-07-11
View: 911
Read: 1048
From two internationally recognized experts in the field of gifted education comes this timely exploration of how best to nurture a child’s unique gifts, and set them on a path to a happily productive life — in school and beyond. What is intelligence? Is it really a have or have not proposition, as we’ve been led to believe? Are some children just destined to fall behind? Dona Matthews and Joanne Foster answer those questions with a resounding “No!” In Beyond Intelligence, they demonstrate that every child has the ability to succeed — with the right support and guidance. But how can parents provide that support? Matthews and Foster proceed from the assumption that knowledge is power, offering parents an information-packed guide to identifying a child’s ability, fostering creativity, and bolstering effort and persistence. Using case studies and anecdotes from their personal and professional experience, they explore different ways of learning; the links between creativity and intelligence; and how to best to provide emotional and social supports. They offer critical advice on how to work co-operatively with schools and educators, and address how to embrace failures as learning opportunities. Drawing on the latest research in brain development and education theory, Beyond Intelligence is a must-read for today’s parents and educators.
Tout Se Joue Avant Six Ans (Unknown-Desc)
Author: Fitzhugh Dodson
ISBN: 2221089278
Pages: 398
Year: 1998
View: 379
Read: 939

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