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Gong and Chalice
Author: Andrey Vasilyev
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 1973200570
Pages: 433
Year: 2017-11-08
View: 616
Read: 1025
I believe Vasilyev to be the only author who's achieved such a credible mix of real life and virtual reality. This alone is enough to put Fayroll in Top-5 of Russian LitRPG titles.G. Akella, the author of "Realm of Arkon."Coups, brides, and quests. A recruitment office and a Recruitment Sergeant, it's a new thing for Hagen the Warrior but nostalgia for Kif as he ponders joining a 'Free Company' heading South. But is he ready for what awaits him? And is the final Dryad worth it as the quest comes to its epic conclusion.As the Dryad Quest finally comes to an end, Kif must first start a revolution in Fayroll. Only a Palace Coup can complete the quest and change the rulers of the West. Finally, he gets to meet an old God of Fayroll, but it isn't as he expected; Kif gets drawn into an even bigger and more important quest than anyone could have imagined. Are his manners good enough to please the god so that he can do it? Probably not; but only he can decide if he continues the adventure with the knowledge that time is running out, as his Villa Bride waits for him, and his punishment if he fails to return to her in time.Meanwhile, in the real world a 'nice' visit from Vika's sister, the mysterious Elina, reveals a gaming secret and causes turmoil for Harry; not to mention troublesome work colleagues, and an expanding staff, as The Fayroll Times grows in popularity and staff. It is a busy time for Kif.Expertly mixing the real world and game world like few other books can achieve this series is a masterpiece of LitRPG. The synergy between the worlds is natural and both the in-game and real-world narratives are highly engaging and entertaining while developing the story to an exciting climax.Fayroll continues to grow as a series. With a return of good humor, excellent descriptions and its almost cinematic imagery, Vasilyev continues to demonstrate his exceptional skills as a writer. The fans of Fayroll enjoy the series with every new book. This is an excellent example of LitRPG filled with all the fantasy and sword and sorcery a reader could ask for.Translated by Jared Firth, keeping close to the original text of Vasilyev's fantasy Juggernaut, including cultural references adapted for the English mindset. This is especially beneficial when it comes to the author's sense of humor.Andrey Vasilyev's writing career began in 2013 when he had "run out of things to read." Since then, the creator of the Fayroll series has secured himself a reputation as a top author in the relatively new, yet extremely popular genre of LitRPG. A blend of sword and sorcery, cyberpunk meets Sci-Fi and a heroic fantasy at The Cutting Edge of virtual reality.
Winds of Fate
Author: Andrey Vasilyev
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 1521813981
Pages: 354
Year: 2017-11-08
View: 937
Read: 432
Harry's back! The even more anticipated third book from the best-selling Fayroll series is here. With even more epic battles, challenging quests and even rarer items. Following on from 'The Road East,' Harriton's work has been very well received, and his new bosses are pleased with him. Seemingly everything is going well, as he enjoys visiting Fayroll more and more and spending time with his new girlfriend, Vika.But is everything as it seems? Can things stay so positive with him? After a visit from his ex-girlfriend's brother and a meeting with Raidion's Security, it seems the real world might be much more of a dangerous place for him than ever before. He will begin to question how deep he is in this whole project, but with support from his new girlfriend and his team working on The Fayroll Times, maybe everything will be fine? However, this is just outside of the game.In the game, he joins 'The Hounds' on a quest through the Northern Mountains and through the mines filled with terrifying and deadly creatures to continue his quest to find the Dryad Sisters, but not before making even more in-game enemies, meeting royalty and saving kidnapped princesses.Winds of Fate continues the best-selling and ever-popular Fayroll series with the author's great sense of humor, adventure and storytelling skills. This book carries on developing the Fayroll world and also further develops life in the real world. This story has an equally seductive balance between the real world and virtual world, where both settings smoothly complement each other.Vasilyev is showing how much of a writer he is. Every Fayroll book gets better and better. His characters continue to develop and become more real to the reader. His attention to detail and cinematic descriptions have also developed giving the reader a captivating and entertaining read. Winds of Fate is certainly a boundless mix of action, dialogue, humor and colorful descriptions.Andrey Vasilyev started writing in his late thirties, because, by his own admission, "he ran out of things to read." However, after his first two books gained nearly instant critical acclaim, he had to give serious thought to giving up his banking career and went on to become one of the top authors in the relatively new, yet insanely popular, LitRPG genre that brings together cyberpunk, classic sci-fi, and fantasy. Fortunately for his readers, who had voted his debut novel More Than a Game the "Best Book of the Year 2014," he never looked back and continued working on his now-bestselling Fayroll series.
More Than a Game
Author: Andrey Vasilyev
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 1520952740
Pages: 356
Year: 2017-02-13
View: 838
Read: 1034
Step into a future, in which advanced technology creates a virtual world, with superior capabilities that allow players to experience real-world sensations. The popularity of the RPG game Fayroll is growing by the day, attracting millions of users to this alternate reality. What is the secret of Fayroll? What makes it so different from other games?Our protagonist, Harriton Nikiforov is an everyman - a binge drinking, tabloid column reporter who has settled for the humdrum of the everyday, with a job that pays the wages, a neurotic girlfriend who gives him migraines and a boss that gives him constant grief. Tasked with a new assignment, Harriton suddenly finds himself ripped away from his normal routine of Moscow society life, to a journalistic quest of sorts that leads him deep into the realm of the Virtual Gaming World of Fayroll. Given explicit orders to write a series of fluff pieces on the game and its developers, Harriton grudgingly accepts the assignment, but soon finds himself enthralled by the virtual fantasy world and its amazing quests, unpredictable challenges, and nearly endless possibilities. Harriton is reincarnated as a warrior named Hagen and becomes a full participant in the fantasy world, plunging into the exciting world full of action, quests, humor, legendary weapons and ancient secrets. He meets faithful and courageous comrades and outwits those who are trying to hunt him.In this world, the thirst for success and vanity of high-level players in pursuit of legendary objects spills into the real world, where high-stakes bets are made on the success of the virtual characters. Harriton, as Hagen, unwittingly enters into the Fayroll world, where events and decisions that he makes in the virtual space starts to affect his own reality. His unpredictable character, perseverance, and excitement attract the attention of powerful gamers and influential Moscow elite with a vested interest in Fayroll's outcome. It is not long before he realizes that this fantastic world, (created according to the best canons of cult games, Warcraft and Lineage), conceals many dangers. Can he pass all the tests?Fayroll is more than a novel; it's a brilliant synergy of fantasy fiction and online gaming. It gives the reader the best of both worlds. The first novel of the 13 part epic series Fayroll, has captivated Russian readers countrywide and was voted the 2014 new fantasy book of the year. Andrey Vasilyev's masterpiece 'More Than a Game' is now available to the English-speaking World. Join us in this breathtaking narrative that takes both its main character and the reader deep into the heart of the Virtual Gaming Universe and explore the Fantasy Series that has captured the imagination of the Slavic world.
Sicilian Defense
Author: Andrey Vasilyev
ISBN: 9925738555
Pages: 378
Year: 2017-12-21
View: 478
Read: 985
Sicilian Defense is the fifth book of the epic Fayroll series. In reality, as an attractive and flirtatious journalist appears in his editorial office as a new employee, it causes Vika, to show her teeth, then the "Consortium" appears - a powerful competitor to the Raidion bosses. In game, he must return the gods.
The Road East
Author: Andrey Vasilyev
ISBN: 9925738520
Pages: 320
Year: 2017-12-15
View: 513
Read: 423
Get ready for more epic battles and incredible quests in the second Fayroll story. As Harriton's articles spark interest, he remains Hagen the Warrior, who found a highly coveted "hidden" quest. He must save the Dryad sisters. First, Ogina in the East, but he begins to realize that the game is beginning to affect his life.
Total Immersion: Dark World
Author: S. J. Larsson
ISBN: 1925711021
Pages: 198
Year: 2017-08-23
View: 329
Read: 509
Legendary Elora Online gamer-The Seeker kills and loots Sid, destroying all of Sid's progress in the game. Infuriated, Sid makes it his personal mission to exact a humiliating revenge on Seeker for the sakes of all the players in Elora. He succeeds after months of planning, but soon, he find himself in a secret part of Elora Online, Dark World, where he can feel everything in the game with all his senses and can't access Elora or the real world anymore. As he uncovers the mysteries of Dark World while being stalked by The Seeker, his old nemesis who also now has a new race and class, he makes unusual friends who help him claim his summons for Mystic. With each summon he wins in impossible battles, he gains more power, and unlocks the secrets of what Dark World really is...what Elora Online is, and why he's there. The hits make him bleed, and the deaths are painful. He must defeat Seeker once again, and this time it'll take more than a year of planning. It'll take a worldwide war.
The Skull Throne
Author: J. Cipriano, Conner Kressley
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1546518517
Pages: 282
Year: 2017-05-09
View: 1041
Read: 324
The skull throne sits empty and the kingdom of heaven is in turmoil. Enter "iron" Jack Russo, able to drop newbs with a single headshot and the King of online games. At least he used to be before his sister got pregnant, and he was forced to take care of him. But when a particle accelerator explodes, causing Jack to get stuck in his favorite game "Kingdom of Heaven" he'll have to conqueror Heaven and seat himself on the skull throne. If not, he'll be trapped in the game forever.
Escape from Hell
Author: J. Cipriano, Conner Kressley
ISBN: 1975856899
Pages: 304
Year: 2017-08-28
View: 1081
Read: 232
The Shadow has taken control, and Kingdom of Heaven's last hope has found himself trapped somewhere else entirely.After falling victim of the evil lord Shadow's manipulations, college dropout turned reluctant gaming hero Iron Jack has been trapped in the much fabled but seldom visited lower levels of what was once his favorite video game.In a dangerous world where the rules are different and nothing is as it seems, Iron Jack must look for a way back to the world he's sworn to protect and the people he's come to care about, including the hottest angel chick in any realm,When he finds his old crew, the Avenging Angels there, he thinks he's got a leg up on the Shadow and his dastardly plans, but Iron Jack will soon find that things aren't as simple as he hoped, and even a world as complicated as Kingdom of Heaven has a dark underbellyWelcome to Hell, Iron Jack. Hope you survive the experience.
Becoming the Dragon
Author: Alex Sapegin
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 1973410230
Pages: 178
Year: 2017-12-08
View: 1234
Read: 363
From now on he's got two hearts beating in his scale-clad chest, and two mighty wings on his back. In the faraway planet of two moons, he was born again as a dragon... but would it make him any less human?The Dragon Inside, a bestselling series by Alex Sapegin, is comprised of a total of four books: - Becoming the Dragon- Taking Wing- A Tale of Violence- Three Wars It is a saga of portal traveling, bodily transformations, reincarnation and epic combat, but first and foremost a story of discovering and reclaiming one's true self.Having unwittingly stumbled into the site of a scientific experiment, Andy gets teleported to the faraway planet of Ilanta, inhabited by both human and supernatural beings. In this new world, he will encounter all kinds of exciting adventures and grim challenges, mastering his newly developed magic skills, befriending orcs, elves, and dragons, fighting the good fight, and eventually continuing on his quest for justice reincarnated as a dragon.It was obvious right from the get-go that destiny has something unique in store for Andy Kerimov, a small-town teenager who survives a direct strike from lightning which leaves him with immunity to electronic devices and extraordinary magic powers just waiting to be released.Teleported to the fairytale world of Ilanta, Andy gets no cordial welcome: he is captured, chained up and sold into slavery -- but not before he accidentally activates an ancient artifact and sets Karegar the Dragon free, who would later become his mentor and foster father. When fatally wounded, Andy chooses to undergo an ancient ritual to be reborn as a dragon, a.k.a. a Master of Heaven.He will have to go a long way before settling into his new body and mastering his newly acquired powers. On his way, he will make loyal friends and bitter enemies, going through fire and ice, defending the right and taking the weak under his wing. Little does he know that he is destined to play a central part in an epic conflict soon to break out where the future of the two planets, as well as his now-faraway homeland, would be at stake...
Author: Conor Kostick
Publisher: The O'Brien Press
ISBN: 1847174191
Pages: 320
Year: 2012-07-01
View: 740
Read: 1066
#WELCOME TO EPIC: PRESS START TO PLAY#. On New Earth, Epic is not just a computer game, it's a matter of life and death. If you lose, you lose everything; if you win, the world is yours for the taking. Seeking revenge for the unjust treatment of his parents, Erik subverts the rules of the game, and he and his friends are drawn into a world of power-hungry, dangerous players. Now they must fight the ultimate masters of the game -- The Committee. But what Erik doesn't know is that The Committee has a sinister, deadly secret, and challenging it could destroy the whole world of Epic.
The Land
Author: Aleron Kong
ISBN: 1643165674
Pages: 1150
Year: 2018-02-18
View: 360
Read: 901
Welcome to Long Awaited seventh novel of the Best Selling LitRPG Saga, Chaos Seeds, by Aleron Kong. A mesmerizing tale reminiscent of the wonder of Ready Player One and the adventure of Game of Thrones #1 in Epic Fantasy -- #1 in Cyberpunk -- #1 in Video Game Fantasy In The Land: Predators, the Mist Village has harnessed its power. Core buildings, Professional fighters and now, their own Dungeon, the settlement is primed to grow into a kingdom of true power and magic. The path to power has not been without risk, however. The MistVillage has been noticed. Evil nobles from the Kingdom of Law, bloodthirsty goblins fromthe Serrated Mountains, an undead lord with a penchant for human sacrifice and fanatical kobolds from the Depths, all plot the village's destruction. The predators are circling. Richter's people are horribly outnumbered by foes whose own power has been entrenched for thousands of years. Richter and Sion need to be stronger than ever before. Luckily, they are. New skills have been learned, stronger enchantments have been wrought and the hundreds of villagers have answered the call to adventure. The Companions do not stand alone. While many eyes have turned towards the mists, wanting to take the treasures within, the Mist Village stares back with a simple message. Come and get it!
Adventures on Terra - Book 1
Author: R. A. Mejia
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1540894983
Pages: 434
Year: 2016-12-03
View: 471
Read: 446
Armon Ellington is nineteen year old kid that always felt out of place. He's an orphan, a gamer, and a role playing game geek. When he dies after a seventy-two hour gaming marathon, instead of going to an afterlife he's transported to a new world governed by rules that are eerily similar to the RPG games he loves. On this new world, Terra, he can be anything he wants, a warrior, mage, or even a crafter. Only, Armon wants more than that, he also wants friends and family. Join Armon on his journey through this amazing new world where he'll go on adventures, explore dungeons, slay monsters and hopefully find the friends and family he never had on earth.
The Land
Author: Aleron Kong
ISBN: 1546766316
Pages: 514
Year: 2017-05-23
View: 515
Read: 340
Discover Dr. Aleron Kong, the Father of American LitRPG! #1 in Cyberpunk and Video Game Science Fiction! Over SEVENTEEN HUNDRED positive reviews on Goodreads!!!The second captivating installment of Aleron Kong's, Chaos Seeds series."We are life takers and heart breakers," Richter shouted. "Let's go!"Richter and Sion are at it again! Even more of what you loved in the first book! Leveling, world building, awesome items, and what's that you say? Sure! Why not? What's a little necrophilia between friends!?!Join your favorite Chaos Seed as he answers the call of adventure and deals with the invaders, greedy dwarves, and a wood elf that keeps telling him he has a pretty mouth!Welcome back my friends! Welcome back... to The Land!!!!
Sigil Online: Paragons
Author: Jeff Sproul
ISBN: 1540661571
Pages: 518
Year: 2016-11-27
View: 970
Read: 267
The Ebook Version will be available on December 5th. Loss was nothing new to an orphan like Riley. But when the online persona he'd spent years building, was ripped away by a monster with unbelievable power, everything changed. As a gamer who made a living from Sigil Online, losing his character meant losing his job and any means he had of paying his bills. Now, he had to start from the beginning just like any other player joining Sigil Online for the first time. All the fame and fortune of a high-level character, was gone. Experience the harrowing quest that will leave Riley changed forever, as he's molded by the pursuit of the monster that took everything from him.
The Land
Author: Aleron Kong, M.D.
ISBN: 1535020709
Pages: 252
Year: 2015-11-15
View: 645
Read: 568
Aleron Kong has written five novels in his best selling LitRPG saga, The Land. The journey of Gripping Action, Dark Humor and Epic World Building begins here. Welcome to the greatest game you've never played. When DangerZone Industries had released the latest and greatest Virtual Reality MMORPG, James, and millions of other virtual reality players, sought purpose and self-definition in this new world. The tag line "Live the life your soul was meant for," captured the hearts and minds of his entire generation."The Land," was the largest and most dynamic virtual reality game of all time. James and his friends had devoted countless hours to become one of the top teams in the game. None of that mattered after James was actually summoned to The Land. What had been an engrossing game became a daily struggle of life and death. James struggles to survive while becoming embroiled in an age old war between the sprites and goblins, avoiding the machinations of the local king and helping an enslaved woman know freedom once again. Join the sensation! Welcome... to THE LAND!

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