Die Entwicklungsstufen Des Selbst Fortschritte Und Krisen Im Menschlichen Leben Book PDF, EPUB Download & Read Online Free

Die Entwicklungsstufen des Selbst
Author: Robert Kegan
ISBN: 392541200X
Pages: 392
Year: 1986
View: 165
Read: 1135

Sustainable Management
Author: Georg Müller-Christ
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642191657
Pages: 239
Year: 2011-06-17
View: 1211
Read: 343
In this book, a resource-oriented perception of sustainable management is presented. Firms that decide to act more sustainable have to bear in mind that they do not only need resources for economic activities today, but that they will need these tomorrow as well. This leads to contradictory management rationalities firms must deal with. The author presents his findings as regards the development of environmental and social responsibility and introduces a theory of management ecology. He takes a close look at the contradictions businesses have to face when governing their activity towards sustainability. Moreover, he identifies different notions of the resource term in management studies and develops a “sustainable resource management” which could help businesses redirect their economic activities from a solely profit-oriented to a resource-oriented way of operating.
The Handbook of Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Psychology
Author: Gustl Marlock, Halko Weiss, Courtenay Young, Michael Soth
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
ISBN: 1583948414
Pages: 1000
Year: 2015
View: 150
Read: 896
The Handbook of Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Psychology provides a comprehensive overview of body-centered psychotherapies, which stress the centrality of the body to overcoming psychological distress, trauma, and mental illness. Psychologists and therapists are increasingly incorporating these somatic or body-oriented therapies into their practices, making mind-body connections that enable them to provide better care for their clients. Designed as a standard text for somatic psychology courses, The Handbook of Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Psychology contains 100 cutting-edge essays and studies by respected professionals from around the world on such topics as the historical roots of Body Psychotherapy; the role of the body in developmental psychology; the therapeutic relationship in Body Psychotherapy; and much more, as well as helpful case studies and essays on the use of Body Psychotherapy for specific disorders. This anthology will be indispensible for students of clinical and counseling psychology, somatic psychology, and various forms of body-based therapy (including dance and movement therapies), and is also an essential reference work for most practicing psychotherapists, regardless of their therapeutic orientation. Contributors: Gustl Marlock, Halko Weiss, Courtenay Young, Michael Soth, Ulfried Geuter, Judyth O. Weaver, Wolf E. Büntig, Nicholas Bassal, Michael Coster Heller, Heike Langfeld, Dagmar Rellensmann, Don Hanlon Johnson, Christian Gottwald, Andreas Wehowsky, Gregory J. Johanson, David Boadella, Alexander Lowen, Ian J. Grand, Marilyn Morgan, Stanley Keleman, Eugene T. Gendlin, Marion N. Hendricks-Gendlin, Michael Harrer, Ian J. Grand, Marianne Bentzen, Andreas Sartory, George Downing, Andreas Wehowsky, Marti Glenn, Ed Tronick, Bruce Perry, Susan Aposhyan, Mark Ludwig, Ute-Christiane Bräuer, Ron Kurtz, Christine Caldwell, Albert Pesso, Michael Randolph, William F. Cornell, Richard A. Heckler, Gill Westland, Lisbeth Marcher, Erik Jarlnaes, Kirstine Münster, Tilmann Moser, Frank Röhricht, Ulfried Geuter, Norbert Schrauth, Ilse Schmidt-Zimmermann, Peter Geissler, Ebba Boyesen, Peter Freudl, James Kepner, Dawn Bhat, Jacqueline Carleton, Ian Macnaughton, Peter A. Levine, Stanley Keleman, Narelle McKenzie, Jack Lee Rosenberg, Beverly Kitaen Morse, Angela Belz-Knöferl, Lily Anagnostopoulou, William F. Cornell, Guy Tonella, Sasha Dmochowski, Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar, Jacqueline A. Carleton, Manfred Thielen, Xavier Serrano Hortelano, Pat Ogden, Kekuni Minton, Thomas Harms, Nicole Gäbler, John May, Rob Fisher, Eva R. Reich, Judyth O. Weaver, Barnaby B. Barratt, Sabine Trautmann-Voigt, Wiltrud Krauss-Kogan, Ilana Rubenfeld, Camilla Griggers, Serge K. D. Sulz, Nossrat Peseschkian, Linda H. Krier, Jessica Moore Britt, and Daniel P. Brown.
Research in Technology Education
Author: Marc J. de Vries, Stefan Fletcher, Stefan Kruse, Peter Labudde, Martin Lang, Ingelore Mammes, Charle
Publisher: Waxmann Verlag
ISBN: 383098801X
Pages: 224
Year: 2018
View: 621
Read: 739
With the increasing technology orientation in modern societies Technology Education is gaining more and more importance. It should help in developing an understanding of technology as well as skills and self-concepts to deal with technology. However, there is a lack of knowledge in how Technology Education operates and what its outcome will be. Thus, research work has to be done in different fields of Technology Education. Upcoming academics of the CETE network have dedicated themselves to such research questions. The Center of Excellence for Technology Education (CETE) is an international network consisting of six Universities (University of Missouri; University of Cambridge; University of Luxembourg; University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland; Delft University of Technology and University of Duisburg-Essen) with the mission of development work. One aim of CETE is to support the qualification of young academics in the research field of Technology Education. Thus, the present book will attempt to resolve the lack of research in Technology Education by presenting the research work of upcoming academics. In this way, CETE contributes to its development work by extending the research results in Technology Education as well as by supporting young academics. Beside two basic articles about Technology Education research, there are different studies and their results presented. Three different drafts of studies offer future prospects for research results.
Transformative Learning Meets Bildung
Author: Anna Laros, Thomas Fuhr, Edward W. Taylor
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9463007970
Pages: 400
Year: 2017-07-13
View: 400
Read: 865
This edited volume sets the groundwork for a dialogue between transformative learning and continental theories of Bildung in adulthood. Both theoretical frameworks bring meaning to the complex learning process of individuals as they develop a more critical worldview. In this volume, a variety of authors from different countries and theoretical backgrounds offer new understandings about Bildung and transformative learning through discussion of theoretical analyses, educational practices, and empirical research. As a result, readers gain greater insight into these theories and related implications for teaching for change. From the various chapters an exciting relationship between both theories begins to emerge and provides impetus for greater discussion and further research about two important theories of change in the field of adult education. /div
Kinderarmut und krisenhafter Grundschulalltag
Author: Sandro Thomas Bliemetsrieder
Publisher: Herbert Utz Verlag
ISBN: 3831607141
Pages: 298
Year: 2007
View: 983
Read: 1217

Confucianism and the modernization of China
Author: Silke Krieger, Rolf Trauzettel
Pages: 474
Year: 1991
View: 279
Read: 1005

Franziskanische Studien
Year: 1988
View: 1002
Read: 734

Wie wir leben werden
Author: Matthias Horx
Pages: 397
Year: 2005
View: 973
Read: 272

Psychologie in Erziehung und Unterricht
Year: 1987
View: 919
Read: 608

Bildungsforschung und Bildungspraxis
Year: 1988
View: 719
Read: 825

Auferstehung der Toten
Author: Werner Thiede
Pages: 437
Year: 1991
View: 273
Read: 1026

Pädagogische Rundschau
Year: 1986
View: 1199
Read: 1228

Das Argument
Year: 1988
View: 580
Read: 436

Psychobiographien Religiöser Entwicklung
Author: K. Helmut Reich
Publisher: Kohlhammer Verlag
ISBN: 3170182250
Pages: 335
Year: 2004
View: 359
Read: 798
Folgte Jesu' religiose Entwicklung Stufen, wie sie die moderne Religionspsychologie beschreibt? Wirkten hinter Luthers langem Ringen um einen gnadigen Gott psychische Erblasten aus der odipalen Phase? Hatte sich Gandhi bei einer anderen Mutter auch zum Mahatma entwickelt? Seit ihren Anfangen interessiert sich die Religionspsychologie fur die Entwicklung bedeutender religioser Personlichkeiten. Bucher bietet in diesem Buch eine Vielzahl von Psychobiographien, teils orientiert an der Psychoanalyse, teils an der Tiefenpsychologie, teils an Stufentheorien des Glaubens und des religiosen Urteils. Ausfuhrlicher beschrieben wird die religiose Entwicklung von Jesus, Paulus, Augustinus, Martin Luther, Teresa von Avila, Friedrich Nietzsche, Therese von Lisieux, Martin Buber, Rainer Maria Rilke, Jean Piaget, Edith Stein, Mahatma Gandhi. Professor Dr. Anton A. Bucher lehrt Religionspadagogik an der Universitat Salzburg. Zielgruppen: TheologInnen, ReligionspadagogInnen, ReligionswissenschaftlerInnen, PsychologInnen, theologisch-religionswissenschaftlich Interessierte.

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