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Monster Island
Author: David Wellington
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1480495514
Pages: 288
Year: 2014-04-01
View: 852
Read: 1243
Welcome to New York City, Population Zero? The power grid has collapsed. There is no running water, no light, no heat. The massive neon signs of Times Square are dark now, and the subway trains crouch silent in their tunnels, waiting for commuters who will never return. An epidemic of staggering lethality has passed over the city and left nothing living in its wake. And yet the city is not deserted. The dead have returned to life, and they're hungry. The millions of people who once worked and lived in New York have been turned into cannibalistic monsters whose only function is to consume. No living person would dare enter the city--it would be suicide. Dekalb doesn't have a choice. He must protect his daughter's future, and that means retrieving vital medical supplies from the UN building in Midtown. A cadre of teenage girl soldiers have been recruited to help him find what he needs, and get back alive. They're well armed. They're devoted to their mission and willing to sacrifice anything to pull it off. But the odds against them are staggering. Especially when it turns out that not all zombies are created equal. Deep inside the city a medical student named Gary comes back from the dead different--his mind is intact. He can still think and feel. He's hungry, just like the rest, but unlike them he can plan, plot, and scheme. He can even lead the others, bending them to his will. Soon he has a small army at his command, a growing mob of rotting corpses all devoted to one cause: to find meat for their master. When Dekalb and Gary cross paths sparks will fly, destinies will clash--and the future of humanity will be decided, one head shot at a time.
Sculpting in Time
Author: Andrey Tarkovsky, Kitty Hunter-Blair
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 0292776241
Pages: 254
Year: 1987
View: 1045
Read: 920
A director reveals the original inspirations for his films, their history, his methods of work, and the problems of visual creativity
Flashpoint Unwrapped
Author: Geoff Johns
Publisher: DC Comics
ISBN: 1401286119
Pages: 160
Year: 2018-02-27
View: 1256
Read: 393
Read the landmark storyline that launched the New 52 as you’ve never seen it before, stripped down to artist Andy Kubert’s original pencils! Written by industry legend Geoff Johns, this volume collects the full five-issue miniseries as well as behind-the-scenes sketches and commentary in FLASHPOINT UNWRAPPED! Everything Barry Allen knows has changed in a flash. He’s the fastest man in the world, but this is not his world. The course of history has been changed, and a new reality has replaced his own. Villains have become conquerors. Heroes have become villains—or nothing at all. Humanity is on the brink of all-out destruction. And the Flash, powerless and friendless, has been brought to a standstill. To undo what’s been done to reality, Barry will need to recruit the warped versions of the heroes he knew to help him. But whether they succeed or fail, the world will never be the same! Collects FLASHPOINT #1-5.
One Piece
Author: Eiichiro Oda
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
ISBN: 1421534428
Pages: 200
Year: 2010-01-05
View: 262
Read: 592
High jinx on the high seas! Reads R to L (Japanese Style). High jinx on the high seas! As a child, Monkey D. Luffy dreamed of becoming the King of the Pirates. But his life changed when he accidentally gained the power to stretch like rubber…at the cost of never being able to swim again! Now Luffy, with the help of a motley collection of pirate wannabes, is setting off in search of the "One Piece," said to be the greatest treasure in the world!
The Politics of Time
Author: Peter Osborne
Publisher: Verso Trade
ISBN: 1844676730
Pages: 272
Year: 2011
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No Marketing Blurb
Author: Paco Roca
Publisher: Fantagraphics Books
ISBN: 160699932X
Pages: 96
Year: 2016-08-03
View: 1069
Read: 1117
Retired bank manager Emilio, suffering from Alzheimer’s, is taken to an assisted living home by his son. He befriends his roommate Miguel, an overconfident ladies’ man. Together, they employ clever tricks to keep the doctors from noticing Emilio’s ongoing deterioration ― and keep him from being transferred to the dreaded confinement of the top floor of the facility. ("Better to die than to end up there." Their determination to stay active as individuals and maintain their dignity culminates in an adventurous escape.
The Demonata #7: Death's Shadow
Author: Darren Shan
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0316003816
Pages: 216
Year: 2008-11-01
View: 1010
Read: 180
The apocalypse came and the world burned. But it wasn't the end, and out of the destruction, new life has emerged. Bec is back to face the Demonata. After centuries of imprisonment, she's more powerful than ever, but the demons no longer stand alone. Something has crawled out of the darkness with her. Lord Loss is no longer humanity's greatest threat...
El Paraíso de Elva
Author: Felicidad Ramos
ISBN: 8415747829
Pages: 384
Year: 2015-11-24
View: 218
Read: 1008
Meses después de descubrir la infidelidad de su novio, a Elva la consume una profunda depresión. La noche de los deseos se refugia en casa ahogando sus penas entre el alcohol y la lectura el fin de semana que su ex va a contraer matrimonio. Esa noche una lluvia de estrellas fugaces surca los cielos lista para conceder deseos. Ella, aunque se resiste, finalmente sucumbe a la tentación y pide un deseo, aunque no esperaba que se cumpliera: un invitado inesperado aparece en su salón.Un deseo. Una sorprendente visita que cambiará el rumbo de dos vidas separadas por el tiempo. Una promesa que iniciará un gran viaje por Escocia en busca de respuestas y un regalo que unirá pasado y presente por toda la eternidad: el amor.
Frontiers of Sociology
Author: Peter Hedström, Björn Wittrock
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 900416569X
Pages: 445
Year: 2009-01-01
View: 805
Read: 1214
The 37th World Congress of the IIS focused on theory and research at the forefront of sociology and the relationship between sociology and its neighbouring disciplines. This volume constitutes a sustained effort by prominent sociologists and other social scientists to assess the current standing of sociology. It is a stocktaking of the unique nature of sociology in the light of advances within the discipline itself and within a range of neighbouring disciplines. Some of the chapters outline institutional and professional strategies for sociology in the new millennium. Others trace scholarly advances and propose ambitious research programmes drawing on recent developments not only within traditional neighbouring disciplines such as history, political science, and economics, but also within the cognitive, cultural and mathematical sciences.Contributors include: Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Raymond Boudon, Richard Breen, Christofer R. Edling, S. N. Eisenstadt, Jack Goldstone, Philip Gorski, Peter Gärdenfors, Ulf Hannerz, Peter Hedström, Hans Joas, Dietrich Rueschemeyer, Jens Rydgren, Neil Smelser, Aage B. Sørensen, Richard Swedberg, Piotr Sztompka, Peter Wagner and Björn Wittrock.
Death and Bright Water
Author: James Mitchell
ISBN: 1909619116
Pages: 194
Year: 2014-06-19
View: 185
Read: 509
Callan, the most ruthlessly efficient member of British Intelligence's own assassination bureau known only as The Section, had made many deadly enemies within Moscow's KGB. So why were they now recommending him for job? It's not a job Callan wants, he just wants to get out of the whole sordid business, but if he doesn't take the job - rescuing a radical Greek politician's daughter from her kidnappers on Crete - then Callan might just find himself in one of the Section's infamous Red Files. 'I'm finished with you, ' said Callan. 'Finished with the Section. You know that.' 'Nobody's ever completely finished with me, ' said Hunter. First published in 1974, this was the third full-length Callan novel by his creator James Mitchell, back in print for the first time in 38 year
The art of noises
Author: Luigi Russolo
Publisher: Pendragon Pr
Pages: 87
Year: 1986
View: 740
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Exploring Issues of Identity and Belonging 2012
Author: Robert Beardwood, Rosemary O'Shea
Publisher: Insight Publications
ISBN: 1921411171
Pages: 91
Year: 2011
View: 768
Read: 249
Insight Contexts provides students with a variety of writing tips and strategies for developing excellent Context responses.
Spiritual sonnets
Author: Juan Ramón Jiménez
ISBN: 0889463867
Pages: 127
Year: 1996
View: 932
Read: 728

Tales of Common Insanity
Author: Petr Zelenka
ISBN: 8070081333
Pages: 77
Year: 2002
View: 1034
Read: 1219

Burn Before Reading
Author: Turner Stansfield
Publisher: Hachette Books
ISBN: 1401383467
Pages: 320
Year: 2005-10-01
View: 236
Read: 1243
In this "thoughtful, entertaining, and often insightful" book, a former CIA director explores the delicate give-and-take between the Oval Office and Langley. With the disastrous intelligence failures of the last few years still fresh in Americans minds--and to all appearances still continuing--there has never been a more urgent need for a book like this. In Burn Before Reading, Admiral Stansfield Turner, the CIA director under President Jimmy Carter, takes the reader inside the Beltway to examine the complicated, often strained relationships between presidents and their CIA chiefs. From FDR and "Wild Bill" Donovan to George W. Bush and George Tenet, twelve pairings are studied in these pages, and the results are eye-opening and provocative. Throughout, Turner offers a fascinating look into the machinery of intelligence gathering, revealing how personal and political issues often interfere with government business--and the nation's safety.