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Devil's Gambit
Author: Lisa Jackson
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 145929548X
Year: 2016-02-15
View: 445
Read: 815
Tiffany Rhodes's horse farm was in trouble long before she met Zane Sheridan, a breeder with a shady reputation. Yet she can't help but feel relieved when Zane offers to buy her out. Though Tiffany doesn't trust him, she's drawn to him like a magnet. What does this mysterious man want from her…and can she contain her desire long enough to find out?
Devil's Gambit
Author: Lisa Jackson
Publisher: Harlequin Books
ISBN: 0373092822
Pages: 251
Year: 1986
View: 861
Read: 731

Devil's Gambit
Author: Jhada Rogue Addams
ISBN: 0989376109
Pages: 304
Year: 2013-04
View: 959
Read: 1210
When the actions of the malevolent are judged by the truly righteous, the lines are clear. When corruption stands in judgement of evil - that's when the lines begin to blur. Can a righteous Avatar fulfill her destiny when her duty is turned against her own conscience? Jilah's about to find out. What started out as a clear path of righteous duty, develops a distressing new wrinkle. With the arrival of a mysterious new ally, Jilah now finds herself at uncomfortable odds with the covenant struck in brutal necessity. It may be her undoing.
Goddess Gambit
Author: Jim McPherson
Publisher: Phantacea Publications
ISBN: 0978134222
Pages: 378
Year: 2011-12
View: 1195
Read: 1039
In the third volume in the Thrice-Cursed Godly Glories series, Nergal Vetala, the Blood Queen of Hadd, the Land of the Ambulatory Dead, is the lone devic vampire. For 35 years she has been unable to prevent the encroachment of the living on her realm. Then her soldier falls out of the sky and she's back in the pink againNas in arterial. But that's hardly enough for her.
Devil's Due
Author: Taylor Anderson
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698162986
Pages: 496
Year: 2017-06-13
View: 1246
Read: 1259
New York Times bestselling author Taylor Anderson continues the thrilling Destroyermen series of alternate history and military strategy, as the conflict is about to become terrifyingly personal.... Captain Matt Reddy and the crew of the USS Walker have been fighting for their lives ever since their ship was swept from the Pacific to another world and they became embroiled in a deadly conflict between their Lemurian allies and the ravening Grik. But things are about to get worse. With Reddy’s family and allies held prisoner by the mad General Kurokawa, the mysterious League and evil Dominion plotting schemes of their own, and the Grik trying to build their swarm and concentrate power, Reddy faces danger on all sides. Although desperate to confront Kurokawa, Captain Reddy fears he’s subordinating the war effort for personal reasons. But Kurokawa is too dangerous to be left alone. With the mighty League battleship Savoie at his command, he plots a terrible vengeance against Reddy and his tiny, battered destroyer. The stage is set for a devastating cataclysm, and Reddy and his allies will have to risk everything to protect what they hold dear.
A Child's Book of True Crime
Author: Chloe Hooper
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439125910
Pages: 240
Year: 2013-01-29
View: 590
Read: 871
With the dark suspense of Donna Tartt’s The Secret History and the frank and shocking eroticism of Josephine Hart, this debut novel tells the story of a young teacher’s illicit affair and obsession with a historical murder. Tasmanian schoolteacher Kate Byrne is having an affair with the father of her most gifted fourth grader, Lucien. Her lover’s wife has just published Murder at Black Swan Point, a true-crime story about the brutal slaying of a young adulteress in a nearby town. Kate herself has become so obsessed with the murder and so convinced that the published account has it all wrong that she sets about writing her own version—this one for children, narrated by Australian animals. Though Lucien’s father brings Kate to life sexually in encounters of escalating eroticism, he cannot dull her obsession. Fixated on the crime of passion, Kate is becoming less and less aware of the present and of how her behavior may align her fate with that of the dead girl. Chloe Hooper chillingly captures this young woman’s unraveling in an intense, witty, superbly crafted novel.
The Ten Faces of Innovation
Author: Tom Kelley, Jonathan Littman
Publisher: Crown Business
ISBN: 0385517017
Pages: 272
Year: 2006-02-14
View: 1228
Read: 708
The author of the bestselling The Art of Innovation reveals the strategies IDEO, the world-famous design firm, uses to foster innovative thinking throughout an organization and overcome the naysayers who stifle creativity. The role of the devil's advocate is nearly universal in business today. It allows individuals to step outside themselves and raise questions and concerns that effectively kill new projects and ideas, while claiming no personal responsibility. Nothing is more potent in stifling innovation. Over the years, IDEO has developed ten roles people can play in an organization to foster innovation and new ideas while offering an effective counter to naysayers. Among these approaches are the Anthropologist—the person who goes into the field to see how customers use and respond to products, to come up with new innovations; the Cross-pollinator who mixes and matches ideas, people, and technology to create new ideas that can drive growth; and the Hurdler, who instantly looks for ways to overcome the limits and challenges to any situation. Filled with engaging stories of how Kraft, Procter and Gamble, Safeway and the Mayo Clinic have incorporated IDEO's thinking to transform the customer experience, The Ten Faces of Innovation is an extraordinary guide to nurturing and sustaining a culture of continuous innovation and renewal.
Devils Unto Dust
Author: Emma Berquist
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062642804
Pages: 496
Year: 2018-04-10
View: 563
Read: 714
Keep together. Keep your eyes open. Keep your wits about you. The desert is unkind in the best of times. And the decade since the Civil War has been anything but the best of times for Daisy Wilcox—call her Willie—and her family. This tense, heart-pounding alternate history about a young woman fighting to survive the unthinkable will keep fans of Westworld and The Walking Dead reading late into the night. A horrifying sickness has spread across the West Texas desert. Infected people—shakes—attack the living, and the surviving towns are only as safe as their perimeter walls are strong. The state is all but quarantined from the rest of the country. Glory, Texas, is a near ghost town. Still, seventeen-year-old Willie has managed to keep her siblings safe, even after the sickness took their mother. But then her good-for-nothing father steals a fortune from one of the most merciless shake hunters in town, and Willie is left on the hook for his debt. With two young hunters as guides, Willie sets out across the desert to find her father. And the desert holds more dangers than just shakes. This riveting debut novel blends True Grit with 28 Days Later for an unforgettable journey.
Mostly Mental
Author: Alan Jones
ISBN: 1291946101
Pages: 216
Year: 2014-07-10
View: 833
Read: 1270
This book is about the performance theatrical Mind Reading and Mentalism. It is written by a professional performer for professional performers. Whilst it contains what could be considered as 'effects' or 'routines' the core of this book is about the philosophy and psychology of performance. Kenton Knepper has said of this book ... "I see your work as an asset to many sincere performers. Your approach is not for the mildly curious, nor should it be."" To re-interate 'this is not for the mildly curious' and is aimed at the sincere performer. Alan Jones presents a fascinating lecture giving valuable ideas about magic and performance relating to his interests and training in NLP and education. Alan's presentation is humorous, eye opening and well worth every magician's attention. I thoroughly enjoyed it."" - Eugene Burger "I really enjoyed reading your book. The first card effect is Gangbusters. The Theory is Great Too" - Jeff McBride
Devil's Bargain
Author: Joshua Green
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0735225028
Pages: 272
Year: 2017
View: 929
Read: 584
Based on dozens of interviews conducted over six years, Green spins the master narrative of the 2016 campaign from its origins in the far fringes of right-wing politics and reality television to its culmination inside Trump's penthouse on election night.
The Devil's Teeth
Author: Susan Casey
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company
ISBN: 1466800518
Pages: 304
Year: 2006-05-30
View: 1210
Read: 380
A journalist's obsession brings her to a remote island off the California coast, home to the world's most mysterious and fearsome predators--and the strange band of surfer-scientists who follow them Susan Casey was in her living room when she first saw the great white sharks of the Farallon Islands, their dark fins swirling around a small motorboat in a documentary. These sharks were the alphas among alphas, some longer than twenty feet, and there were too many to count; even more incredible, this congregation was taking place just twenty-seven miles off the coast of San Francisco. In a matter of months, Casey was being hoisted out of the early-winter swells on a crane, up a cliff face to the barren surface of Southeast Farallon Island-dubbed by sailors in the 1850s the "devil's teeth." There she joined Scot Anderson and Peter Pyle, the two biologists who bunk down during shark season each fall in the island's one habitable building, a haunted, 135-year-old house spackled with lichen and gull guano. Two days later, she got her first glimpse of the famous, terrifying jaws up close and she was instantly hooked; her fascination soon yielded to obsession-and an invitation to return for a full season. But as Casey readied herself for the eight-week stint, she had no way of preparing for what she would find among the dangerous, forgotten islands that have banished every campaign for civilization in the past two hundred years. The Devil's Teeth is a vivid dispatch from an otherworldly outpost, a story of crossing the boundary between society and an untamed place where humans are neither wanted nor needed.
The Death of Satan
Author: Andrew Delbanco
Publisher: Noonday Press
ISBN: 0374524866
Pages: 274
Year: 1996
View: 689
Read: 934

Down and Dirty
Author: Mike Quarles
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786462574
Pages: 208
Year: 2001-01-01
View: 1166
Read: 554
Taboo breakers and trendsetters, shameless hucksters and famous directors. Exploitation filmmaking has seen it all. Fred Olen Ray made his first movie for $298. In 1936 Marijuana-Weed with Roots in Hell showed drug use and nudity on screen in an effort to "educate the public." Kroger Babb, the man behind Mom and Dad, spliced color medical footage of a baby's birth into his black and white "classic." Russ Meyer, John Waters, Andy Milligan, Doris Wishman, and many others are covered. "Classic" films such as The Immoral Mr. Teas, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Nude on the Moon are examined. Production techniques and innovations are also discussed.
The Devil's Feather
Author: Minette Walters
Publisher: Vintage Crime/Black Lizard
ISBN: 0307266052
Pages: 368
Year: 2006-08-22
View: 157
Read: 1312
A blistering new thriller about the horrors of war and the struggle to survive in the face of pure evil. Foreign correspondent Connie Burns is hunting a British mercenary that she believes is responsible for the rape and murder of five women in Sierra Leone in 2002. Two years later she finds him training Iraqi police in Baghdad. Connie is determined to expose his crimes, but then she is kidnapped and released after three days of unspeakable torture. Silently, she returns to England and attempts to isolate herself, but it soon becomes apparent that the horrors of the world and her own nightmarish past aren’t so easy to escape from. From the Trade Paperback edition.
The Devil's Cloth
Author: Michel Pastoureau
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743453263
Pages: 144
Year: 2003-06-04
View: 1150
Read: 1084
A French scholar and author of Blue: The History of a Color presents a witty cultural and social history of stripes, from the medieval prejudice against stripes to the present day, looking at the frequently negative attitude and connotations of stripes. Reprint.