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Das Reich des Teufelsfürsten
Author: Silvia Stolzenburg
Publisher: Bookspot Verlag
ISBN: 3937357920
Pages: 464
Year: 2014-10-10
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Acht Jahre sind vergangen, seit Vlad Draculea seine Geliebte Zehra von Katzenstein in der Walachei zurücklassen musste. Während sie mit ihrem gemeinsamen Sohn in den Karpaten auf seine Rückkehr wartet, muss Vlad seinen Thron zurückerobern. Dabei kreuzt Zehras Bruder Utz seinen Weg - und es kommt zu einem schicksalsschweren Zwischenfall, der das Leben aller Beteiligten für immer verändert. Silvia Stolzenburg stellt mit Teil 2 der Geschichte von Vlad Draculea dem Dracula-Mythos die grausame historische Wirklichkeit gegenüber - aufwühlend und zutiefst ergreifend! Wie schon der Vorgänger "Der Teufelsfürst" ausgezeichnet mit dem Goldenen HOMER für den besten historischen Spannungs- und Abenteuerroman!
Author: Dudley Pope
Publisher: House of Stratus
ISBN: 0755124278
Pages: 352
Year: 2013-03-13
View: 808
Read: 440
1796 - sea battles raging and an attack from the French has left third-lieutenant Ramage the sole officer in charge of his frigate. With orders from Nelson to be obeyed young Ramage must rise to the challenge. This thrilling adventure is the first in Dudley Pope's popular and much-loved Ramage series.
The Wandering Harlot
Author: Iny Lorentz
Publisher: Amazoncrossing
ISBN: 1477823344
Pages: 496
Year: 2014-06-24
View: 479
Read: 815
In 1410 in Constance, Germany, the beautiful Marie Schärer's luxurious life as a merchant's daughter is destroyed when her ambitious father arranges her marriage to a lawyer from the Black Forest named Rupert Splendidus. Her childhood sweetheart warns her of the attorney's sly character and is tragically proven right the day before the wedding, when Rupert accuses Marie of unimaginable behavior and has her thrown into a dank dungeon, where she is brutally attacked by his henchmen. Unfairly condemned and banished from her home, Marie is forced to become a wandering prostitute to survive. The clever and kind Hiltrud befriends Marie, and the strong-minded pair sets out on spirited adventures—bedding counts, meeting scoundrels, and tricking foes—as Marie plots the ultimate revenge on the men who stole her honor and her family's fortune. Set against a richly detailed historical backdrop, this is the dramatic tale of one woman's quest for vengeance, redemption, and real love.
Author: Colin Falconer
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1495408744
Pages: 448
Year: 2013-06-05
View: 791
Read: 616
Colin Falconer is the best selling author of CLEOPATRA: DAUGHTER OF THE NILE and AZTEC and over twenty other novels. His books have been translated into seventeen languages. "A page-turner . . . This peek behind the walls of the seraglio will seduce lovers of large-scale historical fiction." - Booklist He had everything a man might dream of; wealth, power and the choice of hundreds of the most beautiful women in his Empire. Why then did he forsake his harem for the love of just one woman, and marry her in defiance of the centuries-old code of the Osmanlis? This is the astonishing story of Suleiman, the one they called the Magnificent, and the woman he loved. Suleiman controlled an empire of thirty million people, encompassing twenty different languages. As a man, he was an enigma; he conquered all who stood against him with one of the world's first full time professional armies - yet he liked to write poetry; he ravaged half of Europe but he rebuilt Istanbul in marble; he had teams of torturers and assassins ready to unleash at a whim - yet history remembers him as a great lawmaker. ''Harem' literally means 'Forbidden': Forbidden to men. Once the Sultan was the only man - the only complete man - who could pass through its iron-studded doors. But what was that world really like? For a woman living in the Harem the only way out was to somehow find her way into the Sultan's bed and bear him a son. But the young Sultan was often away at war and when he did return he neglected his harem for just one favourite wife. But one young Russian concubine inside his seraglio was not content to allow fate decide the course of her life. She was clever and she was ruthless. And she had a plan. Into this world are drawn two unforgettable characters; a beautiful young Italian noblewoman, captured by corsairs and brought to the Harem as a concubine; and the eunuch who loved her once, long ago, in Venice. Loved her? He still stopped loving her . From medieval Venice to the slave markets of Algiers, from the mountains of Persia to the forbidden seraglio of the Ottoman's greatest sultan, this is a tale of passion and intrigue in a world where nothing is really as it seems.
The Winter Isles
Author: Antonia Senior
Publisher: Atlantic Books (UK)
ISBN: 1782396608
Pages: 400
Year: 2016
View: 1015
Read: 213
In twelfth-century Scotland, far removed from the courtly manners of the Lowland, the Winter Isles are riven by vicious warfare, plots and battles. Into this hard, seafaring life is born a boy called Somerled. The son of an ageing chieftain, Somerled must prove his own worth as a warrior. He will rise to lead his men into battle and claim the title of Lord of the Isles - but what must he sacrifice to secure the glory of his name? The Winter Isles is an astonishingly vivid recreation of the savage dynastic battles of medieval Scotland: an authentic, emotional, powerful read.
Unterm Birnbaum
Author: Theodor Fontane
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1546573372
Pages: 114
Year: 2017-05-11
View: 455
Read: 1158
Unterm BirnbaumTheodor Fontane
The Three-Arched Bridge
Author: Ismail Kadare
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1446433498
Pages: 176
Year: 2011-04-13
View: 493
Read: 492
When the construction of a bridge built to link the Balkans to Europe is repeatedly and mysteriously sabotaged, an old ballad starts making the rounds at local taverns. The bards sing of a legend – a woman immured in a castle wall to prevent it from falling. Some say the bridge is being damaged by local ferrymen, others blame the vengeful water spirits. But this is a town where terror and superstition reign and a solution must be reached. So it is decreed: a willing person must be plastered into the bridge...
Der Schut
Author: Karl May
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1981697659
Pages: 528
Year: 2017-12-17
View: 1118
Read: 171
Die Buchausgabe der "Gesammelten Reiseromane" Mays begann 1892 mit einer sechsb�ndigen Ausgabe des Orientzyklus.Der Schut ist der sechste und letzte Band dieser Buchausgabe. Vermutlich weil die zugrunde gelegte Zeitschriftenfassung den letzten Band der Reihe nicht ganz f�llte, f�gte Karl May diesem noch einen 93-seitigen Anhang in Novellen-Form �ber den Tod seines Pferdes Rih hinzu. KurzfassungNach Abenteuern in der Teufelsschlucht und bei der Juwelenh�hle treffen Kara Ben Nemsi und seine Begleiter erst wieder den bereits bekannten Sir David Lindsay und danach endlich auf das Oberhaupt der Verbrecher, den "Schut". Manche gef�hrliche Situation wird heraufbeschworen, ehe die Jagd, die in der tunesischen W�ste begann, in Albanien zu Ende geht. Erg�nzt wurde die Buchausgabe von May noch um ein Zusatzkapitel, das den Tod des Rappen Rih schildert.

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