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Cornwall College 2: Wem kann Cara trauen?
Author: Annika Harper
Publisher: Carlsen
ISBN: 3646928042
Pages: 272
Year: 2017-03-24
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Das Nobelinternat „Cornwall College“ in England - und ein Mädchen mit einem Geheimnis ... Das altehrwürdige Cornwall College: Hier sind sie alle, die Kinder der Reichen und Schönen: protzige Prinzen und Glitzergirls, echte Stars und Dramaqueens ... Cara Winter hat sich auf dem Internat eingelebt. Ahnt Moritz, was sie verbirgt? Kann sie ihm vertrauen? Für Cara beginnen aufregende Zeiten: Zwischen verwöhnten Glamour-Girls, zuckersüßen Flirts und Matheunterricht muss sie lernen, ihren eigenen Weg zu gehen – und kommt einem dunklen Familiengeheimnis auf die Spur ... Endlich da: der zweite Band der beliebten Internatsreihe! Internat, Geheimnisse, Freundinnen, Spannung und Humor - Willkommen im Cornwall College!
Cornwall College 02: Wem kann Cara trauen?
Author: Annika Harper
ISBN: 3551652821
Pages: 320
Year: 2017-03
View: 615
Read: 1302

Moon Princess
Author: Barbara Laban
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 1338118560
Pages: 208
Year: 2017-07-25
View: 730
Read: 622
Sienna is unhappy. Her mother has disappeared and she feels alone in Shanghai. Her only friend is Rufus--a sarcastic invisible dog with a VERY clear idea of how things should be done. When their mean housekeeper starts acting suspiciously, Sienna decides to investigate. She follows a trail of clues that leads her to a new friend, Feng, who also has an invisible animal friend and has lost a family member. Together they embark on a hunt through China that leads them to new friends, even more invisible animals, and a mysterious moonlit temple where Sienna's mother and Feng's brother were last seen. Are the disappearances linked to a priceless statue of the famous moon princess? And can they discover the dangerous truth?
Surprised by the Voice of God
Author: Jack S. Deere
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310873924
Pages: 384
Year: 2010-06-15
View: 596
Read: 1069
If You Believe Miraculous Gifts Have Ceased, You’re in for a Big Surprise! What caused a former Dallas Seminary professor to believe that the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit are being given today? What convinced someone skeptical about miracles that God still speaks and heals? A dramatic change took place in Jack Deere’s life when he took a fresh look at the Scriptures. He discovered that his arguments against miraculous gifts were based more on prejudice and lack of personal experience than on the Bible. As soon as Deere became a seeker instead of a skeptic, the Holy Spirit revealed himself in new and surprising ways. In Surprised by the Power of the Spirit, Deere provides a strong biblical defense for the Spirit’s speaking and healing ministries today. He also describes several reliable cases of people who were miraculously healed or who heard God speak in an unmistakable way. Finally, he gives sound advice for using spiritual gifts in the church. Written in a popular style, with the care of a scholar but the passion of personal experience, this book explores: - The real reason Christians do not believe in miraculous gifts - Responding to Charismatic abuses - Were miracles meant to be temporary? - Why God still heals "‘Must’ reading for all Bible-believing Christians. I wish with all my heart I could place it in the hands of every conservative evangelical." - James Robison, Life Outreach International
Amber to Ashes
Author: Gail McHugh
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476766045
Pages: 480
Year: 2015-06-09
View: 1291
Read: 1101
From the New York Times bestselling author of Collide and Pulse comes a gritty new novel about a shattered young woman who unexpectedly falls for two best friends. They were a storm I never saw coming, an unforeseen heartbreak on the edge of a dangerous cliff. Amber Moretti’s life changes in the span of minutes. An orphaned outsider, she is desperate to start fresh the moment she walks onto campus. In the time it takes to cross the university’s dining hall, she meets two men who bring color, air, and light to her darkened world. They became my addiction, each a needle to my next hit, my high. Brock Cunningham’s appeal is dizzying, a potent force Amber can’t deny. A green-eyed smooth talker, he instantly attracts Amber. It doesn’t take long for him to consume her every thought, her every breath. Ryder Ashcroft, a blue-eyed, tattooed, and pierced bad boy, turns Amber off immediately—that is, until he kisses her, stealing a piece of her heart, her soul. They were as opposite as fire and ice, yet I ached for them equally. Never knowing she could be broken down in so many unexpectedly beautiful yet petrifying ways, Amber finds herself falling for both men. Immoral? Maybe. I say undeniable. Uncontained. But one devastating event changes everything, shattering each of their lives...and Amber isn’t sure she can recover from it.
Theory and Reality in Public International Law
Author: Charles De Visscher
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400875021
Pages: 398
Year: 2015-12-08
View: 717
Read: 848
This edition of the work regarded as a modern classic in the field of international law corresponds to the third French edition in which the author updates his attempt "to increase the authority of international law by bringing back into it the values upon which it was founded." While this edition remains faithful to the ideas expounded in earlier versions, the author included new currents of thought in judicial practice and doctrine. These relate chiefly to the development of international organization, to the progress of codification, and to the decisions of the International Court of Justice. Originally published in 1968. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.
Mona Lisa Overdrive
Author: William Gibson
Publisher: Spectra
ISBN: 0307831191
Pages: 320
Year: 2012-11-07
View: 1268
Read: 513
William Gibson, author of the extraordinary multiaward-winning novel Neuromancer, has written his most brilliant and thrilling work to date . . .The Mona Lisa Overdrive. Enter Gibson's unique world--lyric and mechanical, erotic and violent, sobering and exciting--where multinational corporations and high tech outlaws vie for power, traveling into the computer-generated universe known as cyberspace. Into this world comes Mona, a young girl with a murky past and an uncertain future whose life is on a collision course with internationally famous Sense/Net star Angie Mitchell. Since childhood, Angie has been able to tap into cyberspace without a computer. Now, from inside cyberspace, a kidnapping plot is masterminded by a phantom entity who has plans for Mona, Angie, and all humanity, plans that cannot be controlled . . . or even known. And behind the intrigue lurks the shadowy Yazuka, the powerful Japanese underworld, whose leaders ruthlessly manipulate people and events to suit their own purposes . . . or so they think.
Kiss Me Like This
Author: Bella Andre
ISBN: 1938127463
Pages: 308
Year: 2014-06-11
View: 474
Read: 884
Sean Morrison, one of six siblings and the top college baseball player in the country, is reeling from a heartbreakingly painful loss. Nothing seems to matter anymore ... until the night Serena Britten unexpectedly ends up in his arms. Serena is a world-famous model who has only ever wanted to be normal, even though her mother has always pushed her to become a superstar. Though it isn't easy to try to leave everyone and everything she knows behind, Serena is determined to enroll in college. More than anything, she wants to turn her love for books into a new career that she actually loves. Only, she never expected to meet someone like Sean on campus -- or to be instantrly consumed by their incredible chemistry and connection.
Seven Years
Author: Peter Stamm
Publisher: Other Press, LLC
ISBN: 1590513940
Pages: 264
Year: 2010
View: 1234
Read: 492
"Alexander is torn between two very different women. Sonia, his wife and business partner, is everything a man could want: intelligent, gorgeous, charming, and ambitious. But when the seven-year itch sets in, Alexander soon finds himself rekindling an affair with his college lover, Ivona. The young Polish woman who worked in a Catholic mission is the polar opposite of Sonia: dull, passive, taciturn, and plain. Despite having little in common with Ivona, Alexander is inexplicably drawn to her while despising himself for it. Lost between his highbrow marriage and his lowbrow affair, Alexander is stuck in a spiraling threesome."--From front jacket flap.
Cream Buns and Crime
Author: Robin Stevens
Publisher: Puffin
ISBN: 0141376562
Pages: 288
Year: 2017-04-06
View: 490
Read: 673
Daisy and Hazel invite you to discover their untold stories . . . Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are famous for the murder cases they have solved - but there are many other mysteries in the pages of Hazel's casebook, from the macabre Case of the Deepdean Vampire, to the baffling Case of the Blue Violet, and their very first case of all: the Case of Lavinia's Missing Tie. Packed with brilliant mini-mysteries, including two brand-new and never seen before stories, and peppered with Daisy and Hazel's own tips, tricks and facts, this is the perfect book for budding detectives and fans of the award-winning, bestselling Murder Most Unladylike series.
Author: Charles Lewinsky
Publisher: Atlantic Books (UK)
ISBN: 1848877676
Pages: 656
Year: 2016-02-04
View: 1132
Read: 350
1871. Cattle-dealer Solomon Meijer has made a reputation for himself as one of the few honest Jews in Endingen, a rare Swiss town in which Jews are allowed to reside. He leads a largely untroubled life, rewarded by his work and comforted at home by his wife and two daughters. But all of this is set to end when he answers a knock at the door in the middle of the night. On the doorstep stands his young distant cousin, Janki, half-dead and begging for refuge. The pitiful figure is invited in and given a coveted place in the bosom of the family, but when Janki recovers and regains his ambition and his fine-looks, he will change the Meijer family's lives for generations to come. In the tradition of the great family romances of the 19th century, Melnitz is the saga of the Swiss-Jewish Meijer family, spanning five generations from the Franco-Prussian War to World War II. It is a novel of fate, fortune and great falls; a homage to the sunken world of Yiddish culture and a celebration of the enduring spirit of biting Jewish humor.
Covet Me
Author: Geneva Lee
Publisher: EverAfter Romance
ISBN: 1635765323
Pages: 272
Year: 2018-05-15
View: 504
Read: 900
In the fifth book in the bestselling Royals Saga, Belle and Smith play a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the dark forces determined to destroys the Royals and tear them apart forever.

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