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Castiel: with Lies
Author: K. L. Donn
ISBN: 1717243398
Pages: 160
Year: 2018-04-20
View: 304
Read: 483
With lies, nothing comes easy.With lies, love is hard.With lies, trust is broken.With lies, comes the deepestPain you'll ever know.With these lies, I'll own you.**WARNING**The Adair Empire is a dark and graphic romance that will push your buttons, and maybe your boundaries. Each book contains a new couple but ends with a plot cliff-hanger. Series must be read in order of release.
Luther: 2 Truths and a Lie
Author: K. L. Donn
ISBN: 1986595234
Pages: 166
Year: 2018-03-16
View: 1075
Read: 531
2 TruthsI was ready to dieHe saved meAnd a lieRock bottom is your breaking pointOr is it?**WARNING**The Adair Empire is a dark and graphic romance that will push your buttons, and maybe your boundaries. Each book contains a new couple but ends with a plot cliff-hanger. Series must be read in order of release.
Author: Josi Russell
Publisher: Future House Publishing
ISBN: 0989125386
Pages: 308
Year: 2015-09-02
View: 394
Read: 332
Fifty years in space—alone. Ethan Bryant was supposed to fall asleep on a ship leaving Earth and wake up fifty years later with his family on the planet Minea. Instead, after the ship’s caretaker—the lone human in charge of monitoring the ship’s vital systems—suddenly died, the ship’s computer locked Ethan out of his stasis chamber and gave him the job. Ethan is resigned to his fate, until the ship suddenly wakes up another passenger: a beautiful engineer who, along with Ethan, soon discovers a horrible secret—a navigation room hidden from even the ship’s computer. The ship is not bound for Minea—but to somewhere far more dangerous.
Author: RC Boldt
Publisher: RC Boldt Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 0996893857
Pages: 336
Year: 2018-04-03
View: 542
Read: 523
He’s playing for the heart she’s had sidelined for years. ————————————————— IVY HAYES Dating can be a rocky journey. Once the new shine wears off, you may end up with a case of buyer’s remorse. That’s where I come in. I set the backdrop and coach you through the breakup. Don't want overblown drama, hard feelings, or a drink tossed in your face? Then I'm your fairy godmother, child. BECKET JONES As an NFL quarterback, endorsement ads and the media pandering after me are all part of the game. Ivy Hayes is the first woman who doesn't care about my money and the notoriety that goes along with it. But I'm a long-term guy, and she operates strictly in the now. Which means I need to bring my A-game. Otherwise, I’ll end up getting ditched.
A Separate Peace
Author: John Knowles
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476777039
Pages: 204
Year: 2014-04-22
View: 811
Read: 853
An American classic and great bestseller for over thirty years, A Separate Peace is timeless in its description of adolescence during a period when the entire country was losing its innocence to World War II. Set at a boys' boarding school in New England during the early years of World War II, A Separate Peace is a harrowing and luminous parable of the dark side of adolescence. Gene is a lonely, introverted intellectual. Phineas is a handsome, taunting, daredevil athlete. What happens between the two friends one summer, like the war itself, banishes the innocence of these boys and their world.
Savages Within the Empire
Author: Troy Bickham
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 0199286965
Pages: 301
Year: 2005-12-08
View: 1286
Read: 1209
Savages within the Empire explores how Britons perceived and represented American Indians during a time when the empire and its constituent peoples began to capture the nation's sustained attention for the first time. Troy Bickham considers an array of contexts,including newspapers, imperial policy, museum exhibits, the Enlightenment, missionary records, and the public outcry over the use of American Indians as allies during the American War of Independence. He thusreveals the prevailing pragmatism with which Britons of all ranks approached the empire as well as its impact on British culture.
Time For Me to Come Home
Author: Dorothy Shackleford, Travis Thrasher
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698145623
Pages: 272
Year: 2013-10-29
View: 950
Read: 1299
“It’s funny how going back can get you back to where you belong. It’s the difference between just a melody and my favorite Christmas song.” The fireplace is lit, the snow is falling, and sleigh bells echo in the distance—it’s Christmas, and it’s time to come home. Thirty-five-year-old Heath Sawyer has finally made it to the big-time as a country music star. After a year full of the kind of success he could only dream of, it’s December 23, and he’s headlining a sold-out show at Madison Square Garden. It’s only as the lights on the stage go down and the Christmas lights outside come on that Heath realizes there’s just one place he wants to be for the holidays: back home in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. But journeying anywhere on Christmas Eve is never easy, and with flight delays, inclement weather, and the unexpected company of a feisty young woman who’s about to become his traveling companion, Heath will need a Christmas miracle to make his way home in time to open presents. Filled with touching anecdotes inspired by the real holiday memories of Blake Shelton and Dorothy Shackelford, Time for Me to Come Home is a sweet and funny story that celebrates the spirit of Christmas and the true meaning of finding your way back home. Sometimes the best gift on Christmas is sharing it with the ones you love. From the Hardcover edition.
Until Arsen
Author: K. L. Donn
ISBN: 1986677796
Pages: 166
Year: 2018-03-19
View: 753
Read: 370
Love is a novel creature.Mysterious, heart pounding, like smoke on the wind.We find it, only to lose it.Until Arsen Daniels...Marina Parks didn't think she'd ever have it.
Beyond C. L. R. James
Author: John Nauright, Alan G. Gobley, David K. Wiggins
Publisher: University of Arkansas Press
ISBN: 1610755340
Pages: 393
Year: 2014-11-01
View: 363
Read: 809
Beyond C. L. R. James brings together essays analyzing the intercon¬nections among race, ethnicity, and sport. Published in memory of C. L. R. James, the revolutionary sociologist and writer from Trinidad who penned the famous autobiographical account of cricket titled Beyond a Boundary, this collection of essays, many of which originated at the 2010 conference on race and ethnicity in sport at the University of West Indies, Cave Hill in Barbados, cover everything from Aborigines in sport and cricket and minstrel shows in Australia to Zulu stick fighting and football and racism in northern Ireland. The essays, divided into four sections that include introductory comments by each editor, are written by some of the more well-known sport historians in the world and characterized by a focus on the role of culture and sport in society in the context of both political economies and the state as well as colonial and postcolonial struggles. Included also are discussions on how sport at once brings people together, shapes the identities of its participants, and reflects the continuing search for social justice.
Cloud of Sparrows
Author: Takashi Matsuoka
Publisher: Delacorte Press
ISBN: 0440333970
Pages: 416
Year: 2002-10-01
View: 331
Read: 1307
Once in a great while a new novelist comes along who dazzles us with rare eloquence and humanity, with flawless storytelling and a unique understanding of another place and time. Takashi Matsuoka is just such a writer. His magnificent new novel, set amid the violence and beauty of nineteenth-century Japan, takes us beyond the epic tradition of James Clavell’s Shogun and into a majestic realm of samurai and geishas, ninjas and Zen masters. Brilliantly imagined, gloriously written, Cloud of Sparrows is at once a sweeping historical adventure and a love story of almost unbearable poignancy. It is storytelling on the grand scale from a novelist of astounding depth and grace. Cloud of Sparrows It is the dawn of the New Year, 1861. After two centuries of isolation, Japan has been forced to open its doors to the West, igniting a clash of cultures and generations. And as foreign ships threaten to rain destruction on the Shogun’s castle in Edo, a small group of American missionaries has chosen this time to spread the word of their God. Among them, Emily Gibson, a woman seeking redemption from a tormented past, and Matthew Stark, a cold-eyed killer with one more death on his mind. Neither realizes that their future in Japan has already been foreseen. For a young nobleman, Lord Genji, has dreamt that his life will be saved by an outsider in the New Year. Widely reviled as a dilettante, Lord Genji has one weapon with which to inspire awe. In his family, one in every generation is said to have the gift of prophecy. And what Lord Genji sees has struck fear in many around him. As the Shogun’s secret police chief plots Genji’s death--and the utter destruction of his entire clan--the young and untried lord must prove that he is more than the handsome womanizer of legend, famed lover of Edo’s most celebrated geisha, Lady Heiko, and that his prophetic powers are no mere fairy tale. Forced to escape from Edo and flee to his ancestral stronghold, the spectacular Cloud of Sparrows Castle, Genji joins his fate with Emily and Stark, unaware of the dark forces that drive them. Together with Genji’s uncle, Lord Shigeru, a legendary swordsman knee-deep in the blood of his own kin, and the enigmatic Lady Heiko, the unlikely band embarks on a harrowing journey through a landscape bristling with danger--to prepare for a final battle. Here, on a snowscape stained with blood, horror will mix with wonder, secrets will unravel, and love will duel with vengeance--as East and West, flesh and spirit, past and future, collide in ways no one--least of all Genji--could have imagined. From the Hardcover edition.
Anguish Of Snails
Author: Barre Toelken
Publisher: University Press of Colorado
ISBN: 0874214750
Pages: 216
Year: 2003-12-01
View: 875
Read: 857
After a career working and living with American Indians and studying their traditions, Barre Toelken has written this sweeping study of Native American folklore in the West. Within a framework of performance theory, cultural worldview, and collaborative research, he examines Native American visual arts, dance, oral tradition (story and song), humor, and patterns of thinking and discovery to demonstrate what can be gleaned from Indian traditions by Natives and non-Natives alike. In the process he considers popular distortions of Indian beliefs, demystifies many traditions by showing how they can be comprehended within their cultural contexts, considers why some aspects of Native American life are not meant to be understood by or shared with outsiders, and emphasizes how much can be learned through sensitivity to and awareness of cultural values. Winner of the 2004 Chicago Folklore Prize, The Anguish of Snails is an essential work for the collection of any serious reader in folklore or Native American studies.
Hot Ride
Author: Kelly Jamieson
Publisher: Kelly Jamieson Inc
ISBN: 1988600154
Year: 2011-10-01
View: 1332
Read: 778
Courage is feeling the fear…then pouring on the throttle. Abandoned or betrayed by everyone she ever loved, Sera Manning’s life spiraled out of control until a near death experience left her with a mission. Now a DEA agent, her sole focus—and her first undercover assignment—is to take down a drug cartel that’s manufacturing seductive, deadly angel sugar. To do it, she needs access to Operation Black Abyss to establish a connection between the cartel and the Death Angels outlaw motorcycle gang. Which means going deep undercover, pretending to be the girlfriend of another agent. ATF agent Ryan Thomas desperately needs a female agent to maintain his cover in the gang, but the last thing he wants is a rookie agent jeopardizing his op. Especially one who’s a sexy reminder why it’s a bad idea to get involved while on a case. Living together, surrounded by crime, pretending their sizzling sexual tension is just for show is getting harder by the day. But as the mission comes to a head, the two fiercely independent warriors must decide which fear is worse. Losing their quarry…or losing each other.
Keeley's Fight
Author: K. L. Donn
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1515232735
Pages: 202
Year: 2015-08-04
View: 527
Read: 272
Heartache and betrayal are two things Keeley Stone is very familiar with. Born into a life she never wanted, betrayed by her own parents, she never saw a way out. Until one day, two men who know nothing of her or her life step up and protect her when she's in need of a savior. Loyalty and respect are not just something earned for brothers Nathaniel and Tyler Maxwell, but a code they live by. A chance encounter with a gorgeous young woman has left them enthralled with her. Can they convince her they're worth fighting for? Or will she let demons of her past control her future? Note: This is a stand alone HEA M/F/M contemporary romance novel. There is no touching for titillation between brothers.
The World's Worst Boyfriend
Author: Erika Kelly
ISBN: 098599049X
Pages: 370
Year: 2018-04-03
View: 892
Read: 193
From award winning author Erika Kelly comes a passionate story about an elite athlete whose terrible mistake six years ago cost him the love of his life. When she comes back in town for her brother's wedding, he's determined to pull out all the stops to win her back.
What He Always Knew
Author: Kandi Steiner
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1986732673
Pages: 322
Year: 2018-03-21
View: 697
Read: 1289
THE EPIC FINALE IN THE WHAT HE DOESN'T KNOW DUET Left or right. It's that simple, and it isn't simple at all. If I turn left, the road will lead me back to the man I promised my life to, the one I'd imagined building a family with, the one who's done everything in his power to get me back. If I turn right, the road will take me to the man I loved first, the man who brought me back to life, the man who would do anything to keep me. I knew the fork in the road was inevitable; it was the decision I never wanted to make between choices I didn't know I had. And I love them both. My heart is destined to exist in two equal halves - one with each man. But one half beats stronger, the vein running deepest, and holds my choice in silence long before I know it for myself. The realization of what I have to do, of the heart I have to break, just might break mine too. Left or right. All I have to do is take a breath and turn.

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