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Emporte-Moi... (Vol. 3): Le Nageur au Corps de Rêve
Author: Analia Noir
Publisher: Analia Noir
ISBN: 8826491178
Year: 2017-09-25
View: 1280
Read: 389
Emporte-Moi... (Vol.3) Qui pourrait résister à un Nageur médaillé Olympique et à son corps de Rêve ? Alicia est une jeune cavalière française qualifiée pour les jeux olympiques. A seulement 19 ans, cette jeune fille de bonne famille partira pour la première fois loin de sa famille au cœur du sulfureux village olympique de Rio. Elle y rencontrera au hasard Vincent, un superbe nageur de l'équipe de France dont c'est déjà les deuxièmes jeux. Il a 26 ans, un corps d’Apollon et une réputation sulfureuse. Il sait user et abuser de son charme, de son palmarès et de son regard bleu gris pour séduire la jeune cavalière. Elle tombe immédiatement sous son charme et il l'entraîne dans les tréfonds de ses perversions... avec ses coéquipiers de l'équipe de France de natation... A suivre dans "Emporte-Moi"...
Forbidden Texts
Author: Jean Marie Goulemot
ISBN: 0812233190
Pages: 167
Year: 1994
View: 831
Read: 201
Goulemot approaches the erotic book as a literary genre, and suggests that in early modern France, it could be found alongside accepted forms of literary practice. He argues that erotic literature was ousted from the marketplace with the arrival of a codified elitist conception of art, examines various narrative techniques, and discusses rules of production of erotic literature and its modes of consumption, including its use in brothel waiting rooms. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR
Taken Over by the Billionaire
Author: Miranda Lee
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460343506
Pages: 192
Year: 2014-12-01
View: 465
Read: 358
Driven to distraction… Hotshot entrepreneur Benjamin Da Silva is used to being in the driver's seat, but when he finds himself in need of a chauffeur, beautiful, straight-talking Jess Murphy proves that sometimes taking his foot off the pedal can be equally pleasurable! Jess isn't impressed by his wealth, but each glimpse in the rearview mirror has her aching to climb into the backseat and submit to Benjamin's every command. His recent takeover cost her her job, and she knows she should steer clear—so why can't she get off the collision course leading right toward Benjamin?
Veterinary Gastroenterology
Author: Neil V. Anderson
ISBN: 0812106326
Pages: 720
Year: 1980-01-01
View: 1014
Read: 249
Veterinary gastroenterology; The history; Signs of gastrointestinal disease; General physical examination of the gastrointestinal system; Physical findings in gastrointestinal disease; defining gastrointestinal problems; Laboratory examinations; Gastrointestinal radiography; Endoscopic examinations; The exploratory laparotomy; Principles of symptomatic therapy in gastrointestinal disease; General topics in veterinary gastroenterology; Comparative anatomy; Comparative physiology of the gastrointestinal system; Microflora, mucosa, and inmmunity; Pathophysiology of diarrhea; Feeding, nutrition, and gastrointestinal disorders; Gastrointestinal function testing; Concepts of gastrointestinal parasitism and strategies for designing corrective / control programs; Gastrointestinal pharmacology; Antimicrobial drugs; Gastrointestinal diseases of domestic animals; The mouth; The esophagus; The stomach and forestomachs; Small intestinal diseases; The colon, rectum and anus; Diseaes of the liver; The pancreas; Peritonitis and acute abdominal diseases; Metabolic and endocrine disease and the gastrointestinal system; Gastrointestinal manifestations of urinary diseases; Congestive heart failure and the gastrointestinal system; Sources of endoscopy instruments.
Double De Palma
Author: Susan Dworkin
Publisher: Newmarket Pr
Pages: 212
Year: 1984
View: 1068
Read: 457

Lord of Raven's Peak
Author: Catherine Coulter
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 110121418X
Pages: 400
Year: 1994-04-01
View: 232
Read: 1009
Merrik Haraldsson, the younger brother of Rorik, the Lord of Hawkfell Island, embarks on a journey that begins in Kiev where he comes away with two slaves--Laren and her younger brother. Laren wants to tell stories to earn enough silver and gold to buy her and her little brother from Merik, only he refuses to sell her. And now that she's his, he must protect her when she's accused of murder, then save her yet again when he discovers her secrets.
Eight of Swords
Author: David Skibbins
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1429908785
Pages: 272
Year: 2007-04-01
View: 304
Read: 830
A strange thing was happening to Warren Ritter. He certainly didn't believe in the tarot. He was a businessman, setting up a folding table on a San Francisco street where a stream of passersby could bring him as much as a hundred dollars a day when the weather was right. But he was beginning to notice more and more that what he had learned to predict from his tarot cards seemed to be coming to pass with an unsettling regularity. It made him do odd things. Like stop teenage Heather Wellington's tarot at nine cards instead of ten. The first eight had been ominous, the ninth more upbeat, so Warren simply stopped the reading there. It was only after Heather had left that he looked at number ten-it was the Death card. The Death card does not automatically doom the person whose tarot it turns up in. But it doesn't mean there are good things ahead, either. So Warren, the scoffer, couldn't help feeling horror later that day, to see Heather's face on a pizza parlor TV screen with the word Kidnapped! slashed across the top. Guilt, that was what gripped him, as though he could have done something, warned her-but didn't. "Warren Ritter" is not the name he was christened with. He is a fugitive of sorts. Everyone, including his family and the New York police, believes he died in a mysterious incident thirty years ago, and he has no intention of changing that. Now, on top of the guilt he lives with, is the feeling that somehow he is responsible for young Heather Wellington's capture-that it is his call to find her, and to get at the people who took her. Eight of Swords is an astonishing debut novel, and a very different novel from the old notion that a traditional mystery is along the lines of "a dead vicar in the library." Warren's exciting and often dangerous quest through the streets-some of them quite mean-of San Francisco to find the girl and rescue her is more than just a suspenseful tale, it is also a moving portrait of a man returning to the world he had turned his back on three decades earlier.
Author: Jay Sekulow
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501123084
Pages: 336
Year: 2016-02-02
View: 882
Read: 732
"Updated with two new chapters" --Cover.
Race and the Unconscious
Author: Celia Britton
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351197770
Pages: 124
Year: 2017-12-02
View: 927
Read: 530
"Freud is often accused of eurocentrism - of making unjustifiable generalizations on the basis of European family structures. Although French Caribbean intellectuals such as Fanon, Cesaire and Glissant have joined in these criticisms, they have also made strikingly positive use of psychoanalysis. Much intellectual energy has been invested in notions of repression, the Oedipus complex and the psychoanalytic cure, while at the same time Freudianism has been no less vigorously criticized for its political quietism and its potential as a means of social control. Thus Freudian theory, and the controversies it arouses, remains a surprisingly persistent cultural element. The crucial issue is the link between the unconscious and race. In this groundbreaking study, Britton looks at the different ways in which Freudian psychoanalysis has been incorporated into arguments about racial identity and difference in the French Caribbean."
Ez Pharmacology
Author: Walt Alan Stoy, Ph.D., Walt A Stoy
Publisher: Mosby Incorporated
ISBN: 0815179502
Year: 1996-07-01
View: 501
Read: 741
Introduses the fundamental concepts and practical applications of medication administration. Discusses calculating drug dosages and preparing medications.
Grimm Pictures
Author: Walter Rankin
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 1476604797
Pages: 217
Year: 2007-08-31
View: 381
Read: 1224
Though Grimm's Fairy Tales was published about 200 years ago, the revered collection of folk stories remains one of the most iconic pieces of children's literature and has had significant influence in modern pop culture. This work examines the many ways that recent films have employed archetypal images, themes, symbols, and structural elements that originated in the most well-known Grimm fairy tales. The author draws similarities between the cannibalistic symbolism of the Grimm brothers' Little Red Cap and the 1991 film The Silence of the Lambs and reveals Faustian parallels between Rumpelstiltskin and the 1968 film Rosemary's Baby. Each of eight chapters reveals a similar pairing, and film stills and illustrations are featured throughout the work.
Bloody Dawn
Author: Thomas Goodrich
Publisher: Kent State University Press
ISBN: 0873384768
Pages: 207
Year: 1992-01
View: 1129
Read: 943
Describes the events leading to the August, 1863 attack on Lawrence, Kansas by William Quantrill and his Confederate irregulars.
Astrology of Midlife and Aging
Author: Erin Sullivan
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1440649820
Pages: 256
Year: 2005-05-19
View: 494
Read: 364
The first in-depth analysis of how an individual's natal horoscope reveals the unique challenges and opportunities of midlife. Between the ages of thirty-seven and forty-one, something mysterious takes place within the psyche. Jung called this phase our "unlived life," assuming rightly that midlife did not inaugurate a time of rapid decay, loss of libido, and inevitable death—but rather ushered in a period in which one might review one's life and build upon a strong foundation toward the next phase of adulthood. Acclaimed astrologer Erin Sullivan takes us through the vast changes that astrology reveals as we reach middle age. It is a moment in life that is characterized by the planet Uranus, one filled with opportunities to both rethink the past and move forward toward the future, "witnessing" our lives in the way Uranus connotes. There exist no maps of the terrain—except the natal horoscope.
Vera Vera Vera
Author: Hayley Squires
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1408172720
Pages: 80
Year: 2013-11-06
View: 1203
Read: 1068
The boy who comes back from a war far away in a wooden box is glorified and called a hero. As the funeral plans are made in a small Kent town, his siblings squabble over who he was. Maybe the fanfare isn't needed for this heroic martyr. Vera Vera Vera is a blackly comic play about what we are willing to fight for. Her first work for the theatre, Hayley Squires is a bracing new voice, clear eyed and loud, looking at violence, neglect and apathy. Depicting a gritty slice of social realism, Vera Vera Vera portrays the disjunction between the lives of the surviving family against the memories and patriotic commemoration for the dead. Looking at drug addiction, crime, verbal and domestic abuse, engrained racism, the characters' downtrodden and trapped lives are exposed with honesty and verve. This brave and uncompromising play questions both the validity of the myth of the martyred soldier and the true worth of survival for those left behind.
Tarot Mirrors
Author: Mary K. Greer
Publisher: New Page Books
ISBN: 087877131X
Pages: 206
Year: 1988
View: 290
Read: 1128
Shows how to use the tarot cards to examine one's personality, describes the limitations of tarot, and suggests how to interpret the cards.

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