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Autoportrait de l'auteur en coureur de fond
Author: Haruki Murakami
Publisher: 10 * 18
ISBN: 2264052007
Pages: 220
Year: 2011
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Le 1er avril 1978, Murakami décide de vendre son club de jazz pour écrire un roman. Assis à sa table, il fume soixante cigarettes par jour et commence à prendre du poids. S'impose alors la nécessité d'une discipline. La course à pied lui permet de cultiver sa patience, sa persévérance. Courir devient une métaphore de son travail d'écrivain. Journal, essai, au fil de confidences inédites, Murakami nous livre une méditation lumineuse sur la vie, qui, comme la course, ne tire pas son sens de sa fin inéluctable.
1Q84 - Livre 3
Author: Haruki Murakami
ISBN: 2356414525
View: 753
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Privatdetektiven Ushikawa bliver den tredie hovedperson, Aomames og Tengos livshistorier og tidligere handlingstråde bindes sammen, så de kan vende tilbage til virkeligheden i 1984
What I Talk About When I Talk About Running
Author: Haruki Murakami
Publisher: Vintage Canada
ISBN: 0307373088
Pages: 192
Year: 2009-08-11
View: 1299
Read: 1162
From the best-selling author of The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and After Dark, a rich and revelatory memoir about writing and running, and the integral impact both have made on his life. In 1982, having sold his jazz bar to devote himself to writing, Haruki Murakami began running to keep fit. A year later, he’d completed a solo course from Athens to Marathon, and now, after dozens of such races, not to mention triathlons and a slew of critically acclaimed books, he reflects upon the influence the sport has had on his life and–even more important–on his writing. Equal parts training log, travelogue, and reminiscence, this revealing memoir covers his four-month preparation for the 2005 New York City Marathon and includes settings ranging from Tokyo’s Jingu Gaien gardens, where he once shared the course with an Olympian, to the Charles River in Boston among young women who outpace him. Through this marvellous lens of sport emerges a cornucopia of memories and insights: the eureka moment when he decided to become a writer, his greatest triumphs and disappointments, his passion for vintage LPs, and the experience, after the age of fifty, of seeing his race times improve and then fall back. By turns funny and sobering, playful and philosophical, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running is both for fans of this masterful yet guardedly private writer and for the exploding population of athletes who find similar satisfaction in distance running.
Flanagan's Run
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1467006831
Pages: 438
Year: 1982
View: 988
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Kafka on the Shore
Author: Haruki Murakami
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 1400079276
Pages: 467
Year: 2006
View: 1200
Read: 839
An unlikely alliance forms between Kafka Tamura, a fifteen-year-old runaway, and the aging Nakata, a man who has never recovered from a wartime affliction, as they embark on a surreal odyssey through a strange, fantastical world.
The Elephant Vanishes
Author: Haruki Murakami
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0307762734
Pages: 336
Year: 2010-08-11
View: 715
Read: 285
Coming this October: Killing Commendatore, the much-anticipated new novel from Haruki Murakami In the tales that make up The Elephant Vanishes, the imaginative genius that has made Haruki Murakami an international superstar is on full display. In these stories, a man sees his favorite elephant vanish into thin air; a newlywed couple suffers attacks of hunger that drive them to hold up a McDonald’s in the middle of the night; and a young woman discovers that she has become irresistible to a little green monster who burrows up through her backyard. By turns haunting and hilarious, in The Elephant Vanishes Murakami crosses the border between separate realities—and comes back bearing remarkable treasures
Dance Dance Dance
Author: Haruki Murakami
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0307777685
Pages: 416
Year: 2010-11-17
View: 315
Read: 1086
Coming this October: Killing Commendatore, the much-anticipated new novel from Haruki Murakami Dance Dance Dance—a follow-up to A Wild Sheep Chase—is a tense, poignant, and often hilarious ride through Murakami’s Japan, a place where everything that is not up for sale is up for grabs. As Murakami’s nameless protagonist searches for a mysteriously vanished girlfriend, he is plunged into a wind tunnel of sexual violence and metaphysical dread. In this propulsive novel, featuring a shabby but oracular Sheep Man, one of the most idiosyncratically brilliant writers at work today fuses together science fiction, the hardboiled thriller, and white-hot satire.
Heteroglossia as Practice and Pedagogy
Author: Adrian Blackledge, Angela Creese
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400778562
Pages: 327
Year: 2013-12-17
View: 776
Read: 425
This volume presents evidence about how we understand communication in changing times, and proposes that such understandings may contribute to the development of pedagogy for teaching and learning. It expands current debates on multilingualism, asking which signs are in use and in action, and what are their social, political, and historical implications. The volume’s starting-point is Bakhtin’s ‘heteroglossia’, a key concept in understanding the tensions, conflicts, and multiple voices within, among, and between those signs. The chapters provide illuminating accounts of language practices as they bring into play, both in practice and in pedagogy, voices which index students’ localities, social histories, circumstances, and identities. The book documents the performance of linguistic repertoires in an era of profound social change caused by the shifting nature of nation-states, increased movement of people across territories, and growing digital communication. “Our thinking on language and multilingualism is expanding rapidly. Up until recently we have tended to regard languages as bounded entities, and multilingualism has been understood as knowing more than one language. Working with the concept of heteroglossia, researchers are developing alternative perspectives that treat languages as sets of resources for expressing meaning that can be drawn on by speakers in communicatively productive ways in different contexts. These perspectives raise fundamental questions about the myriad of ways of knowing and using language(s). This collection brings together the contributions of many of the key researchers in the field. It will provide an authoritative reference point for contemporary interpretations of ‘heteroglossia’ and valuable accounts of how ‘translanguaging’ can be explored and exploited in the fields of education and cultural studies.” Professor Constant Leung, King’s College London, UK. "From rap and hip hop to taxi cabs, and from classrooms to interactive online learning environments, each of the chapters in this volume written by well-known and up-and-coming scholars provide fascinating accounts drawing on a wide diversity of rich descriptive data collected in heteroglossic contexts around the globe. Creese and Blackledge have brought together a compelling collection that builds upon and expands Bakhtin’s construct of heteroglossia. These scholars help to move the field away from the view of languages as separate bounded system by providing detailed examples and expert analyses of the ways bilinguals and multilinguals draw upon their linguistic repertoires for effective and meaningful communication." Wayne E. Wright, University of Texas at San Antonio, USA.
Author: Haruki Murakami
Publisher: Bond Street Books
ISBN: 0385669445
Pages: 944
Year: 2011-10-25
View: 1047
Read: 1067
The long-awaited magnum opus from Haruki Murakami, in which this revered and bestselling author gives us his hypnotically addictive, mind-bending ode to George Orwell's 1984. The year is 1984. Aomame is riding in a taxi on the expressway, in a hurry to carry out an assignment. Her work is not the kind that can be discussed in public. When they get tied up in traffic, the taxi driver suggests a bizarre 'proposal' to her. Having no other choice she agrees, but as a result of her actions she starts to feel as though she is gradually becoming detached from the real world. She has been on a top secret mission, and her next job leads her to encounter the superhuman founder of a religious cult. Meanwhile, Tengo is leading a nondescript life but wishes to become a writer. He inadvertently becomes involved in a strange disturbance that develops over a literary prize. While Aomame and Tengo impact on each other in various ways, at times by accident and at times intentionally, they come closer and closer to meeting. Eventually the two of them notice that they are indispensable to each other. Is it possible for them to ever meet in the real world?
Run Or Die
Author: Kilian Jornet
Publisher: Viking
ISBN: 0241004853
Pages: 192
Year: 2014-08-07
View: 1040
Read: 1075
Kilian Jornet has conquered some of the toughest physical tests on the planet. He has run up and down Mt. Kilimanjaro faster than any other human being, and struck down world records in every challenge that has been proposed - all before the age of 25. Dominating ultra marathons and races at altitude, he has redefined what is possible in running, astonishing competitors with his near-superhuman fitness and ability. Jornet adores the mountains as fiercely as he runs them. In Run or Die he shares that passion, inviting readers into a fascinating world rich with the beauty of rugged trails and sweeping high-altitude vistas, the pulse-pounding drama of racing, and a consuming desire to tackle tests that push him to the very brink. In turns inspiring, insightful, candid, and deeply personal, this is a book written from the heart of the world's greatest endurance runenr, for whom life presents one simple choice: Run or Die. Trail running's first true breakout star . . . [Jornet] has yet to find a record he can't shatter.' Runner's World
Author: Joël Abécassis
Publisher: JC Lattès
ISBN: 2709635917
Pages: 204
Year: 2010-09-08
View: 1327
Read: 441
L'homme qui voulait maigrir Apesanteur met en scène la métamorphose d’un homme qui décide de perdre du poids. Avec autodérision et suspense, l’auteur raconte ses aventures dans le monde étrange et pénétrant des régimes minceur. Il devra choisir la bonne méthode, et s’y tenir. Il devra surtout partir à la recherche de ce mystérieux changement qu’il faut opérer en soi pour réussir à maigrir sans regrossir. De sa pesanteur à sa légèreté, de son surpoids à son envie d’exister, l’auteur nous livre ici le vrai roman de son parcours.
Author: Haruki Murakami
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1473548470
Pages: 128
Year: 2017-06-08
View: 589
Read: 275
You’ve just passed someone on the street who could be the love of your life, the person you’re destined for – what do you do? In Murakami’s world, you tell them a story. The five weird and wonderful tales collected here each unlock the many-tongued language of desire, whether it takes the form of hunger, lust, sudden infatuation or the secret longings of the heart. Selected from Haruki’s Murakami’s short story collections The Elephant Vanishes, Blind Willow Sleeping Woman, Men Without Women VINTAGE MINIS: GREAT MINDS. BIG IDEAS. LITTLE BOOKS. A series of short books by the world’s greatest writers on the experiences that make us human Also in the Vintage Minis series: Love by Jeanette Winterson Psychedelics by Aldous Huxley Eating by Nigella Lawson Summer by Laurie Lee
Urgency and Patience
Author: Jean-Philippe Toussaint
ISBN: 1628970790
Pages: 90
Year: 2015-05-16
View: 1235
Read: 464
Both a sense of urgency and a goodly amount of patience are required for any writer to produce a novel. Moving between these two poles, Jean-Philippe Toussaint here collects a series of short essays on the art of writing, both his own and that of writers he's admired, for example Kafka, Beckett, Dostoyevsky, and Proust. As Toussaint himself has said, "It's only natural for writers... to say a word about how they write and what they owe to great authors."
Author: Éric Faye
Publisher: Gallic Books
ISBN: 1908313757
Pages: 96
Year: 2014-04-14
View: 858
Read: 802
In a house on a suburban street in Nagasaki, meteorologist Shimura Kobo lives quietly on his own. Or so he believes. Food begins to go missing. Perturbed by this threat to His orderly life, Shimura sets up a webcam to monitor his home. But though eager to identify his intruder, is Shimura really prepared for what the camera will reveal? This prize-winning novel is a heart-rending tale of alienation in the modern world.
We Were Young and Carefree
Author: Laurent Fignon
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1407075217
Pages: 304
Year: 2010-06-16
View: 398
Read: 654
'Ah, I remember you: you're the guy who lost the Tour de France by eight seconds!' 'No monsieur, I'm the guy who won the Tour twice. The international bestselling autobiography of the legendary French cyclist Laurent Fignon Two-time winner of the Tour de France in the early eighties, Laurent Fignon became the star for a new generation. In the 1989 tour, he lost out to his American arch-rival, Greg LeMond, by an agonising eight seconds. In this revealing account, the former champion spares nobody, not even himself, and pulls back the curtain on what really went on behind the scenes of this epic sport - the friendships, the rivalries, the betrayals, the parties, the girls and, of course, the performance-enhancing drugs. Fignon's story bestrides a golden age in cycling: a time when the headlines spoke of heroes, not doping, and a time when cyclists were afraid of nothing. ‘Sports book of the year: He's ruthlessly honest, about himself and about cycling, and he provides a gripping insight into an unrelenting hard world’ Independent

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