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Author: Kenneth Oppel
ISBN: 1439547386
Pages: 501
Year: 2008-08-11
View: 915
Read: 756
Set in the early twentieth century in a world where the airplane hasn't been invented, a young boy takes to the skies aboard an airship where he plays an important role in fierce battles that are fought high in the sky. Reprint.
Author: Kenneth Oppel
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061968323
Pages: 544
Year: 2009-09-22
View: 1021
Read: 340
Sailing toward dawn, and I was perched atop the crow's nest, being the ship's eyes. We were two nights out of Sydney, and there'd been no weather to speak of so far. I was keeping watch on a dark stack of nimbus clouds off to the northwest, but we were leaving it far behind, and it looked to be smooth going all the way back to Lionsgate City. Like riding a cloud. . . . Matt Cruse is a cabin boy on the Aurora, a huge airship that sails hundreds of feet above the ocean, ferrying wealthy passengers from city to city. It is the life Matt's always wanted; convinced he's lighter than air, he imagines himself as buoyant as the hydrium gas that powers his ship. One night he meets a dying balloonist who speaks of beautiful creatures drifting through the skies. It is only after Matt meets the balloonist's granddaughter that he realizes that the man's ravings may, in fact, have been true, and that the creatures are completely real and utterly mysterious. In a swashbuckling adventure reminiscent of Jules Verne and Robert Louis Stevenson, Kenneth Oppel, author of the best-selling Silverwing trilogy, creates an imagined world in which the air is populated by transcontinental voyagers, pirates, and beings never before dreamed of by the humans who sail the skies.
Air Born
Author: Jessica Pawley
ISBN: 0994138792
Pages: 365
Year: 2017-10-02
View: 256
Read: 445
Air Born is the first book in a new international YA series - Generation Icarus. Seventeen-year-old Tyler Owen is smart, handsome, and destined to be a fighter pilot. He's mapped out his life and knows exactly where he's headed. That is, until his first solo sky-dive, when he undergoes a terrifying transformation. Caught on camera, Tyler becomes a viral hit. Everyone wants a piece of him, including the sinister Evolutionary Corporation and a religious cult known as the Angelists. But the worldwide media coverage also alerts others like him. Driven by instinct, they come together and form the Flight. The first of an extraordinary new species, they have only one way to survive. Fly.
Author: Kenneth Oppel
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061975141
Pages: 400
Year: 2009-10-06
View: 239
Read: 1199
"Mr. Cruse, how high would you like to fly?" A smile soared across my face. "As high as I possibly can." Pilot-in-training Matt Cruse and Kate de Vries, expert on high-altitude life-forms, are invited aboard the Starclimber, a vessel that literally climbs its way into the cosmos. Before they even set foot aboard the ship, catastrophe strikes: Kate announces she is engaged—and not to Matt. Despite this bombshell, Matt and Kate embark on their journey into space, but soon the ship is surrounded by strange and unsettling life-forms, and the crew is forced to combat devastating mechanical failure. For Matt, Kate, and the entire crew of the Starclimber, what began as an exciting race to the stars has now turned into a battle to save their lives. Award-winning and bestselling author Kenneth Oppel brings us back to a rich world of flight and fantasy in this breathtaking new sequel to Airborn and Skybreaker.
Author: Kenneth Oppel
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0060532270
Pages: 369
Year: 2006
View: 503
Read: 400
Matt Cruse, a student at the Airship Academy, and Kate de Vries, a young heiress, team up with a gypsy and a daring captain, to find a long-lost airship, rumored to carry a treasure beyond imagination, in the sequel to Airborn.
Air Born
Author: Timothy Trimble
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1536873292
Pages: 316
Year: 2016-09-02
View: 1226
Read: 1094
After thousands of years, the ancient 18th of Ahmose are still on the hunt for the secret of flight, forcing Avitorians to hide in fear. Facing the threat of capture, Leif's dreams are shattered and he is forced to decide between hiding or embracing his heritage. -- Air Born is a Young Adult, Urban Fantasy novel.
Wetlands soil and drainage mapping using airborn sensing techniques
Pages: 155
Year: 1979
View: 496
Read: 1272

Floors #2: 3 Below
Author: Patrick Carman
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 0545469716
Pages: 240
Year: 2012-09-01
View: 630
Read: 885
Charlie had his chocolate factory. Stanley Yelnats had his holes. Leo has the wacky, amazing Whippet Hotel. Now that Leo has uncovered a few secrets behind the wacky Whippet Hotel, he'll have to save it! Leo has explored the zany, wonderful Whippet Hotel from basement to top floor, with trains, flying goats, and mazes (among other things) in between. But even Leo doesn't know every secret of the Whippet - and when he discovers that there's more beneath the hotel than he'd thought, it doesn't take long for more adventures to unfold!
Kenneth Oppel Airborn Series: Three-Book Bundle
Author: Kenneth Oppel
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 1443441791
Pages: 1104
Year: 2014-12-02
View: 465
Read: 601
In Airborn, enter a past in which airplanes have never been invented, giant airships rule the skies and the glittering skyscrapers of Lionsgate City, Canada’s greatest metropolis, rise near the Pacificus Ocean. When Matt Cruse, the cabin boy on the luxury airship Aurora, fearlessly performs a dramatic rescue to save an old man from his damaged hot air balloon, he doesn’t know what events he’s setting in motion. Will he and the balloonist’s fiery granddaughter, Kate de Vries, be able to solve the mystery of impossible flying creatures seen among the clouds? And will they figure it out before pirates and shipwreck end their voyage forever? Pushed high into the sky by a storm over the Indian Ocean, the decrepit training ship Flotsam makes an astonishing discovery before being forced to descend. Adrift at 20,000 feet is a tattered, ice-crusted airship bearing the name Hyperion. Could it really be the legendary lost craft, now a vast treasure and a frozen mausoleum to a ghostly crew? Matt Cruse is the only member of Flotsam’s oxygen-starved crew able to remember the ghost ship’s coordinates—and it seems as if everyone in the fabulous city of Paris wants them. In Skybreaker, Matt and Kate de Vries are challenged with another thrilling adventure, this time among the icy dangers and strange wonders of the upper atmosphere. At long last, Matt Cruse is at the helm. Though it’s only a summer job piloting a humble aerocrane, he’s thrilled to be helping to build the Celestial Tower, Paris’s extraordinary gateway to outer space. But Matt’s idyllic summer is short-lived. He narrowly survives a deadly attack by the fanatical Babelites, who are opposed to humans reaching the heavens. Worse still, his nights spent stargazing with Kate de Vries must end when she’s summoned back to Lionsgate City by her parents. But then the chance of a lifetime boosts Matt’s hopes of being airborne once more. Canada wants to reach space first, and the Canadian Minister of Air has asked Kate to join the first expedition as an expert on aerial zoology. There’s a place for Matt, too—if he can pass the gruelling tests to become one of the world’s first astralnauts on board the incredible ship Starclimber.
Author: J. L. Ormord
Publisher: Kingdom Books
ISBN: 9810973136
Pages: 238
Year: 2015-11-19
View: 188
Read: 733
AIRborn-born with Artificial Intelligence Robots in their bodies. A super race genetically engineered by the Dark One. Adopted as babies by unsuspecting families in America. Now, eighteen years later, their destiny is in their hands... will they choose to serve their evil master, or will they fight on the side of right? As the forces of good and evil gather for a final showdown, the fate of mankind hangs on their decision. The story of Roni and Ryan... a story of redeeming love and the forgiveness that finally sets them free. An exciting, enthralling story... but more than that, a story that will warm your heart and stay with you, long after you have put down the book.
Author: Kenneth Oppel
Publisher: David Fickling Books
ISBN: 1910200700
Pages: 336
Year: 2015-05-07
View: 359
Read: 275
Kenneth Oppel concludes the Silverwing trilogy in this amazing story where the stakes could not be higher - The earth heaves and splits in a terrible quake and Griffin, a Silverwing newborn, is sucked into a fissure deep below the earth. Shade, Griffin's father, soon realises that his son has been drawn into the Underworld, and embarks on the most dangerous of journeys to rescue him. Shade knows he must find Griffin quickly, but something else is hunting Griffin - a deadly foe Shade hoped he would never see again. Who will find Griffin first? And will they survive the perilous journey back to the land of the living?
The Boundless
Author: Kenneth Oppel
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 144247288X
Pages: 336
Year: 2014-04-22
View: 574
Read: 950
Aboard "The Boundless," the greatest train ever built, on its maiden voyage across Canada, teenaged Will enlists the aid of a traveling circus to save the train from villains.
Author: Laura Power
ISBN: 0989479242
Pages: 322
Year: 2013-09
View: 695
Read: 464
"Flesh to stone and ash to fire As night must precede morn; Whatever's gained, whatever's lost Become more than you were born . . ." Can two outcasts save the Realm? Banished in disgrace after losing a priceless heirloom days before her coming-of-age ceremony, Amber's search takes her far beyond the borders of Fairymead and sends her stumbling into a Goblin plot of sorcery and savagery. Giving up her ability to fly in order to rescue Racxen, a swamp-dwelling, claw-handed young Arraheng man who is battling demons of his own, Amber joins forces with him to both thwart a monster long consigned to legend and carve her identity anew.
Author: William Frank Buckley
Pages: 252
Year: 1978
View: 1241
Read: 491

China Airborne
Author: James Fallows
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 1400031273
Pages: 268
Year: 2013-02-05
View: 307
Read: 921
From one of our most influential journalists, here is a timely, vital, and illuminating account of the next stage of China’s modernization—its plan to rival America as the world’s leading aerospace power and to bring itself from its low-wage past to a high-tech future. In 2011, China announced its twelfth Five-Year Plan, which included the commitment to spend a quarter of a trillion dollars to jump-start its aerospace industry. In China Airborne, James Fallows documents, for the first time, the extraordinary scale of China’s project, making clear how it stands to catalyze the nation’s hyper-growth and hyper-urbanization, revolutionizing China in ways analogous to the building of America’s transcontinental railroad in the nineteenth century. Completing this remarkable picture, Fallows chronicles life in the city of Xi’an, home to 250,000 aerospace engineers and assembly-line workers, and introduces us to some of the hucksters, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and dreamers who seek to benefit from China’s pursuit of aeronautical supremacy. He concludes by explaining what this latest demonstration of Chinese ambition means for the United States and for the rest of the world—and the right ways for us to respond.

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