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The Black Cloth
Author: Bernard Binlin Dadié
Publisher: Univ of Massachusetts Press
ISBN: 0870235575
Pages: 140
Year: 1987
View: 910
Read: 1100
First published in France as Le Pagne Noir: Contes Africains in 1955. The writing of such chronicles of an African childhood was the author's way of coming to terms with the questions every sensitive colonized person educated in the Western tradition would sooner or later have to ask: Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? While giving poetic and fictional expression to the tensions of independence and the events that led to it, the writer realized that he would at the same time have to rediscover his oral tradition. It was a natural development of what the new African poetry and drama in French, English, and, later, Portuguese, were already doing--probing the inner mysteries of indigenous mythology and symbolism. Only in this way could the enlightened African restore a sense of equilibrium in his people's culture. From the foreword by Es'kia Mphahlele, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
Performance Management and Control
Author: Hélène Löning, Véronique Malleret, Jérôme Méric, Yvon Pesqueux
Publisher: Dunod
ISBN: 2100745263
Pages: 224
Year: 2016-01-20
View: 249
Read: 307
This textbook introduces the tools and systems of management control currently used in organizations. The focus is on how managers implement and use management control systems. The book emphasizes the social, behavioural and situational dimensions of management control. It offers many practical examples and case studies, with solutions or discussions. This textbook provides students with insights on business life and a better understanding of control practices. Cet ouvrage est une traduction et adaptation en anglais du livre de référence du cours de contrôle de gestion d'HEC. Il présente les outils et méthodes actuels du contrôle de gestion, sous l’angle de leur mise en œuvre. L’accent est mis sur les aspects humains, comportementaux et contextuels du contrôle et du pilotage dans les organisations. De nombreux exemples, cas d’entreprises ou exercices corrigés illustrent le cours.
Films that Work
Author: Vinzenz Hediger, Patrick Vonderau
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
ISBN: 9089640134
Pages: 491
Year: 2009
View: 864
Read: 834
Industriële films worden gezien als een apart filmgenre van de twintigste eeuw. Ze werden geproduceerd en gesponsord door de overheid en grote bedrijven en moesten vooral aan de wensen van de sponsors voldoen, en niet zo zeer aan die van de filmmakers. In de hoogtijdagen werkten er duizenden mensen aan deze industriële films. Zo zijn er vakbladen en filmfestivals ontstaan door samenwerking met grote bedrijven als Shell en AT & T. Daarnaast hebben belangrijke regisseurs, zoals Buster Keaton, John Grierson en Alain Resnais, aan deze films meegewerkt. Toch lijkt de industriële film geen spoor te hebben achtergelaten in het filmische culturele discours. Films that Work is het eerste boek waarin de industriële film en zijn opmerkelijke geschiedenis worden onderzocht.
Knowledge of Life
Author: Georges Canguilhem
Publisher: Fordham Univ Press
ISBN: 0823229270
Pages: 200
Year: 2009-08-25
View: 1049
Read: 274
As the work of thinkers such as Michel Foucault, Franois Jacob, Louis Althusser, and Pierre Bourdieu demonstrates, Georges Canguilhem has exerted tremendous influence on the philosophy of science and French philosophy more generally. In Knowledge of Life, a book that spans twenty years of his essays and lectures, Canguilhem offers a series of epistemological histories that seek to establish and clarify the stakes, ambiguities, and emergence of philosophical and biological concepts that defined the rise of modern biology. How do transformations in biology and modern medicine shape conceptions of life? How do philosophical concepts feed into biological ideas and experimental practices, and how are they themselves transformed? How does knowledge undo the experience of life so as to help man remake what life has made without him, in him or outside of him?Knowledge of Life is Canguilhem's effort to explain how the movements of knowledge and life come to rest upon each other. Published at the dawn of the genetic revolution and still pertinent today, the book tackles the history of cell theory, the conceptual moves toward and away from mechanical understandings of the organism, the persistence of vitalism, and the nature of normality in science and its objects.
Education For Rural Development
Author: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Unesco
Publisher: UNESCO
ISBN: 9280312200
Pages: 406
Year: 2003-08-31
View: 154
Read: 545
Most developing countries seak to provide their school-age children with universal access to a first cycle of education. However, little attention has been paid to the consequences of enrolment expansion at primary level on future educational demand above that level. With present cost structures, a number of countries will find expansion of secondary education unsustainable. This book explores the problems, issues and policy options that surround secondary school financing through case studies in Asia, Latin America and Africa.
Life Coaching For Dummies
Author: Jeni Mumford
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470687002
Pages: 344
Year: 2009-09-11
View: 632
Read: 1152
Trusted advice on finding a coach and getting more out of life Life coaching is a popular, though unregulated, personal development tool. This no-nonsense guide debunks the myths behind life coaching and gives expert advice on incorporating it into daily life. Whether readers want to self-coach or work with a professional, this savvy resource provides essential tips on getting priorities straight, being more productive, and achieving goals. Jeni Mumford (London, UK) is a qualified personal life coach and an accredited NLP practitioner.
Xenophon's Cyrus the Great
Author: Xenophon
Publisher: Truman Talley Books
ISBN: 142990531X
Pages: 320
Year: 2007-04-01
View: 899
Read: 540
In 1906, a stilted English translation of Xenophon of Athens' story about Cyrus the Great's military campaigns was published. Now, a century later, a much more accessible edition of one of history's most extraordinary and successful leaders is emerging. Among his many achievements, this great leader of wisdom and virtue founded and extended the Persian Empire; conquered Babylon; freed 40,000 Jews from captivity; wrote mankind's first human rights charter; and ruled over those he had conquered with respect and benevolence. According to historian Will Durant, Cyrus the Great's military enemies knew that he was lenient, and they did not fight him with that desperate courage which men show when their only choice is "to kill or die." As a result the Iranians regarded him as "The Father," the Babylonians as "The Liberator," the Greeks as the "Law-Giver," and the Jews as the "Anointed of the Lord." By freshening the voice, style and diction of Cyrus, Larry Hedrick has created a more contemporary Cyrus. A new generation of readers, including business executives and managers, military officers, and government officials, can now learn about and benefit from Cyrus the Great's extraordinary achievements, which exceeded all other leaders' throughout antiquity.
Mental Health Policy And Practice Across Europe
Author: Knapp, Martin, McDaid, David, Mossialos, Elias
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)
ISBN: 0335214673
Pages: 452
Year: 2006-12-01
View: 781
Read: 1223
This book maps the current state of policy, service provision and funding for mental health care across Europe, taking into account the differing historical contexts that have shaped both the development and the delivery of services.
The New Rules of Corporate Conduct
Author: Ian Wilson
Publisher: Praeger Publishers
Pages: 213
Year: 2000-01-01
View: 817
Read: 440
Corporations operate under the terms of largely unwritten, constantly changing social charters--as forceful as their written legal charters. Wilson explores the new rules that have come to govern corporate performance, rules that dictate higher standards and new behaviors in seven areas of corporate conduct. He argues that corporate social responsibility is not only a peripheral public relations activity but an integral part of corporate strategy. His book is a detailed analysis of the seven new rules and what their impact will be. Many initiatives have already been taken but there must and will be others--and Wilson provides the detailed agenda.
The English Malady
Publisher: Gale Ecco, Print Editions
ISBN: 1379784506
Pages: 286
Year: 2018-04-19
View: 274
Read: 1216
The 18th century was a wealth of knowledge, exploration and rapidly growing technology and expanding record-keeping made possible by advances in the printing press. In its determination to preserve the century of revolution, Gale initiated a revolution of its own: digitization of epic proportions to preserve these invaluable works in the largest archive of its kind. Now for the first time these high-quality digital copies of original 18th century manuscripts are available in print, making them highly accessible to libraries, undergraduate students, and independent scholars. Medical theory and practice of the 1700s developed rapidly, as is evidenced by the extensive collection, which includes descriptions of diseases, their conditions, and treatments. Books on science and technology, agriculture, military technology, natural philosophy, even cookbooks, are all contained here. ++++ The below data was compiled from various identification fields in the bibliographic record of this title. This data is provided as an additional tool in helping to insure edition identification: ++++ British Library T053890 Each part has its own titlepage. [Dublin]: London printed, and Dublin re-printed by S. Powell, for George Risk, George Ewing, and William Smith, 1733. [6], xxiv, [2],256p.; 8°
Petit Manuel D'Autocoaching
Author: Jean Doridot
Year: 2006
View: 495
Read: 1113
Résolument orienté vers l'action, ce livre est un manuel d'auto-coaching permettant au lecteur de lever les freins immédiats à sa réussite. En trois phases progressives, il aborde les enjeux fondamentaux du changement personnel et permet au lecteur de devenir l'acteur de sa propre transformation. La force de conviction de l'ouvrage repose sur son pragmatisme et la capacité des auteurs (un coach et un thérapeute) de vulgariser les axiomes classiques du changement sous une forme parlante et directement opérationnelle. Des exercices et des cas complètent la démonstration.
Turbulence Et Déterminisme. Grenoble Sciences
Author: De Verdi231, Yves Colin Re, Jean-Pierre Hansen, Karim Helal, Marcel Lesieur, Guy Pelletier, Ren232 Moreau, Jaques Demongeot, Jean Gayon
Year: 1998
View: 379
Read: 1325
The objective of this work is to offer a rather broad vision of the study and the behavior of turbulent processes. It prompts the reader to reflect about determinism. It gives the opportunity to understand matters that are at the heart of science.

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